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Rand Paul on RNC Scam: Ron Paul 'Represented Very Well'

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Based on the comments below I am not going to listen to the


I sat around being depressed for the last two days and moments ago thought of something exciting and "turned on" the DailyPaul.

I am excited because we have pee'od the establishment. There are more of us in the future if we chose to march forward than there are of them.

By definition. There's them at the top 5% and there's the other 95%. At the rate things are going we are going to outnumber them if we just keep marching forward and don't cave.

I look around at associates of mine, some of whom have marched forward and not deviated in life and they have done fairly well. The key in life is just NOT TO QUIT.

I asked a friend of mine once how he was so successful in business. His comment: "I have kept the same phone number my whole adult life!". Just show up.


If Rand

had been blinking 'SOS' in Morse Code.... Getting worried.

how sad...

i wish he wouldn't speak for all the Ron Paul people.

"What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man."
-Robert Green Ingersoll

The more Rand opens his mouth...

the less I like him. And it's not for lack of giving him second chances, benefits-of-the-doubt, repeated mulligans, etc....

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

For Rand to comment about Ron Paul being

over represented at the convention without commenting on how many votes were stolen and flipped is disappointing to say the least.

He seems happy with the crumbs the GOP is throwing our way (RNC tribute video) and will campaign for Romney (which likely means Ron Paul will not run 3rd Party).

It is evident he has aspirations for higher office. The tight rope he is walking with one foot in the liberty camp and one foot in the statist camp will likely lead to both groups being pissed off at him. You can't serve two masters.

Dear God. That video was a

Dear God.

That video was a slap in the crotch.

The way they did the rules violations...

It's not about us WINNING. It's about RESPECT.

Rand has become a propagandist for the mainstream GOP.