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Ron Paul Sticker Bomb Campaign

In light of the recent RNC shenanigans, I have decided to start a Ron Paul Sticker Bomb Campaign.

I live in Hawaii and my offices are right above the Hawaii Republican Party headquarters. Every day, I walk by their office and get incensed at their signs proudly displaying support for Romney.

So I have decided that starting this week, I will affix a Ron Paul for President 2012 bumper sticker (the blue ones from RonPaulProducts.com) to the trash can that sits directly in front of their office doors, EVERY DAY until the November elections. (they remove the sticker every day)

The sticker is affixed to the trash can bag liner, which is usually folded over the rim of the can and provides a good surface to adhere to while at the same time avoiding any spurious charges of vandalism or destroying property.

I urge everyone else to bomb their local Republican Party headquarters/offices with Ron Paul stickers placed in strategic places. Don't forget to make sure you put it on a surface in a way that won't invite unwarranted vandalism charges.

This is my own small way of giving them the middle finger. It makes me feel very awesome!

In Liberty.

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That's a great idea

I've done similar but usually I print out RP stuff and set it out on mailboxes in my complex with a rock on top.

But I think it's great to put it on the outside of trash bags. Ron Paul wouldn't appreciate vandalism. I really think that idea is great!

Even with Romney vs Obama people still should find out about Dr. Paul. It could sway people to realize the status quo isn't working and it could sway people to vote for local liberty candidates. I wish we had some stickers that say Youtube Ron Paul or something to that effect.

I've been watching Ron Paul videos since dial up died. I even did watch some with a great dial up provider based out of Texas.

fellow HI RP supporter

I have some stickers too if you need. lmk.

That's a good idea, but I

That's a good idea, but I would prefer Rigged bumper sticker. Just a thought.


For about the last 4 months anytime I go into a fast food style place after I pay I slip one of the small Ron Paul 2012 circlejust in front of the cash register. This way the employees will not see it for a while but still making it plenty visible for others to see. As you said, it is important to me that I am not actually sticking it to anything so I just leave it with the paper backing and all.

Fun stuff.

Even better would be to bring

Even better would be to bring the Ron Paul Tax Free Tips cards and hand them to the employees or just leave them there on the counter.

-Ryan Freeman
Founder & Creative Director @ Stoked Industries LLC

Smart Idea!

But you night need to skip that fast food - not so smat.