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Is there a single location documenting primary and RNC fraud and unethical behavior?

I am looking to provide Romney supporters with a list of all primary and RNC fraud and unethical behavior along with supporting documentation/video. There is so much education that needs to be done, and I am sure a lot of what I am looking for has already been done and is better than what I could come up with. Just want to make sure I am not reinventing the wheel if I set out on this endeavour.

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I found this place that had good amount of info


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Thanks for the info

I will use both resources - with a heavy dose of Ben Swann, of course.

Watch the Vote 2012 has been

Watch the Vote 2012 has been keeping track of it all since the elections began.



Edward True, a Ron Paul delegate, started it along with Jeff Liberty to try to keep our elections honest this year. They tried to enlist help here at the Daily Paul, but didn't get a great reception here. It amazes me how we eat our own on this site sometimes.

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Try this and of course hit them with some Ben Swann youtubes

Here is another

Here is another source:


This all happened before the theft at the RNC


This is amazing! Just what I was looking for.