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I think we need to leave Dr. Paul ALONE!

I see many posts here encouraging people to bombard "President" Paul with requests that he run third party and/or team up with Johnson.

I think this is being EXTREMELY selfish and short sighted on our parts.

President Paul has given his whole life to this cause.
He has been threatened by Romney with character assasination on a scale that would color his entire career - for GENERATIONS to come and RUIN the Liberty Movement that he has ignited (WHICH IS HIS ONLY CONCERN)....and Romney has the money and the media friends to do it.

I don't even rule out that he or a member of his family was physically threatened - AND ESPECIALLY NOW that I read the article by Doug Weed.

HOW DARE WE ask this of him. It will make him the "candidate that made Obama win" in the eyes of "conservatives" for YEARS.. It will ruin the Liberty movement in the eyes of many for decades to come (think Ralph Nader).

I think we need to GET REAL HERE.
Did you SEE the crowd in the convention hall?
DO YOU UNDERSTAND that 80% to 90% of the populous are ABSOLUTELY IGNORANT about a better foreign policy and are still gleefully falling down and worshiping the god of the Empire and war?

This run for office was an attempt to WAKE MORE PEOPLE UP. And compared to 2008 we DOUBLED or TRIPLED our numbers. But take a look at that filled arena..... and try to even FIND the Ron Paul Delegates. THOSE ARE THE TRUE PERCENTAGES RIGHT NOW.

WE HAVE TO CHANGE THE MINDS OF THE MASSES before one election is going to make any difference. We are NOT going to finsh this Revolution nice and neat with one election. THIS IS GOING TO TAKE THE REST OF OUR LIVES. And it is now up to US!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have GOT to stop looking for a QUICK FIX to a hundred years of corruption.

And asking "President" Paul to do this is absolutely thoughtless and disrespectful. HE..... AND WE..... WOULD BE RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!
He would be BROKEN if the Liberty Movement is made to look petty and petulent and the VILLAIN in the fall of the US.


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It's too late

It's too late to get on the ballot in almost every state.

I don't think it's

I don't think it's necessarily bombarding him... He is not personally getting these calls and emails. It is his staff that is getting the calls and emails. They are just going to report to him that if he decides to go for it he has our support. What is wrong with that?

As indicated in another post, there are sources close to Paul indicating he has not ruled out going for it. He is just worried that the grassroots would not fully support him due to the flack that Rand and Benson have been perceived to create.

If he can get into the debates, he will reach his largest audience of all time. Just look how many people he was able to wake up the bast 4 years by working in the Republican debates. He would have the attention of the entire nation. He has to know that an opportunity like this is very rare indeed. He can do just as much as he has done in the last 4 years in the next two months by running.

This Is NOT About One Man.

This is about our r3VOLution. This is about standing up and pushing ahead. This is about letting those who promote tyranny know that, win or lose, WE WILL NOT STOP.

This is about ALL of us, America, and the world!

We ASK Dr. Paul to lead the way. HE will choose for himself whether he is tired or not.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


Dr. Paul is an agent. He wants to stay out of the personal liberties of other Americans, so it would be only following the golden rule to stay out of his personal liberties--

I'm sure there are others in their 70s on this board, but spouse and I are in our 60s, and we're already tired--

I agree wholeheartedly--

anyone trying to 'push' anyone to do anything doesn't understand the principles of liberty!

Waking people up is the big thing, and there will be a huge awakening (I predict) after the November elections--

and if not, Dr. Paul and we did our best; nobody can ask for more. The battle is not over, but the front line troops need some R&R--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


Elviejo, love most of your posts, but I take issue with this one mainly for three reasons.

First, there is too much at stake (i.e. the world).

Second, when one willfully takes a job as serious as this, YOUR IN, unless there is some very serious circumstances to do otherwise.

Third, there are MILLIONS of people who have vested far too much time, money and effort in this to let down.

That said, IF there were any SERIOUS reasons to back out, I don't have a problem with it.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

I think that my biggest problem was

the attitude of bombarding him with emails pushing him to do this.
To me it was asking too much.

If he DECIDES to go 3rd party.... I'm behind him all the way, but I think people have to STOP RELYING SOLEY ON HIM and see this Liberty movement as a much longer-term and constant thing.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

It IS asking a lot!

Just like asking George Washington to be the first POTUS was asking a lot, after he a had fought a revolution! However, sometimes the best man for a job must be asked to make great sacrifices! We have ALL asked a lot of each other! Ron asked us to endure the RNC nomination process. We did, despite being laughed at, injured, marginalized, and ignored! However, this is time for the winter soldier. I ask nothing of Ron Paul that I would not give myself if I thought anyone would listen to a 48 year old Mom from Oklahoma! America is on the brink of distruction!

Little Bit Farm


My question for all Ron Paul followers: "Are you in or are you out?"

We have a perfectly good third party sitting there waiting for our support, that agrees with 90% of our philosophies.

And we have a dirty, rotten, corrupt neoconservative party that hates us and wants us to leave, and it will use voter fraud and tampering to make sure no libertarian ever makes it within a mile of the White House. As we just witnessed.

Which do you choose?

Support the Constitution of the United States

I'm in!

In it 'till the end.


Your perfectly good party has 71 members in my county, 21 voted for your REPUBLICAN candidate, you have NO committee, NO mmeetings, No seats, NO officers, here and so what is perfectly good, that you didn't need to COMMIT to Ron Paul in the GOP because a tribute candiidates is perfectly good? Your perfectly good candidates isn't asking you to join, or get on a committee or grow the LP.. he's only asked to help him get 15% of the vote so he can collect matching funds from the state. He;'s a GOP plant to STOP RON PAUL rEVOlution.. and that's all perfectly good for you.

I wish I was a cartoonist, I'd make a picture for you.

Not interested in another big tent party.

I would rather be associated with a small party of like minded individuals, that may be underfunded and not as organized, than be part of your big GOP machine that crushes its own members.
The GOP:
Reince Preibus.
The Granger.
Rand Paul.
John McCain.
Eric Cantor.
Justin Amash.

What do you all have in common besides party label?

The Granger

LMAO!!!!!! No offense Ranger. ;0)

GJ is a Republican

GJ was in the GOP race against Ron Paul earlier in the nomination process.. he dropped out to replace the LP choice,, and why he did lousy with REAL Libertarians who see him for what he is.

I consider Rand and Amash FOR Liberty, the rest I want to hold to the loyalty oath they took to that constitution.


I only voted GOP to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.

My vote for Ron in the May 27th Texas primary was my last Republican vote.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Dr. Paul is a grown man. You are not his mother. If, 5 years

from now, I am at a picnic with him and I ask "why didn't you run third party in 2012?" and he answers "I didn't hear the support for it" - then it will be the fault of people who listened to you.

There is plenty of time to leave him alone when he has made his final decision. He has been used to the spotlight for a long time.

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

If he can get on the ballots of enough states,

I think he should keep running and the focus should be on hammering the point that his supporters aren't going to vote for (either dictator.) anyone that will continue to shit all over the bill of rights or continue funding terrorism around the globe.

If enough of the GOP zombies are so rabidly anyone-but-Obama and Dr. Paul were to poll at over 10%, they would have no choice but to throw their energy and support behind the only true conservative in the race or blame themselves for Obama's second term. Even if it doesn't work, they'll have a four-year sentence to serve in which they can think long and hard about what they did.

In this scenario, we're assuming that votes are actually counted and it's not all just scripted by tptb, which doesn't sound crazy to me at all.

Paul will not be running

Independent or Libertarian because he does not qualify get over it!!!!

Now I KNOW he should run, this is how the GOP trolls talk

who suddenly are out in force. It means we should double our efforts because they are petrified.

[substitute whatever issue they are trolling HERE] because [substitute patently false reasoning here, like "doesn't qualify"] THEN [insert emotionally-laden hysteria implying you are crazy here..."GET OVER IT!"] ...end with lots of exclamation points and frantic punctuation.

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

Where's the proof? Not according to post "It's Still Possible

Go post you comment there please.


You are so right and so wrong

You are right that we should not demand or even ask more of this wonderful man who has given his entire life to fight for the freedom of people who don't even want to be free.

But you are so wrong in my opinion about the effects of a third party run.

Now is the time.

Ron Paul's strategy has been just right and until now it was right to fight within the GOP to support the delegates and to maximize the impact of the freedom movement.

This run is now over.

Now is the time to team up with Gary Johnson in whatever way possible, bring in other candidates who respect freedom like the Judge, Peter Schiff, Tom Woods and even Dennis Kucinich or other democrats.

Get the word out there, continue to wake up the masses.

As Doug Wead says it is not about left and right or up and down. It is the insiders against all of us. We need to unite all the outsiders to fight the establishment machine. Ron Paul you are the man to do it, we need you now more than ever.

I am not asking this of you. You are a free man. I am showing you my support for everything you have done and I strongly believe that it would be a major new step for the freedom revolution if you could find it in you to spend the next few months continuing what you have started.

And if you choose otherwise for whatever reason I respect you just as much.

ytc's picture

I totally agree with you, elviejo!

**Let's leave Dr Ron alone**

Yeah, who are we to demand

Yeah, who are we to demand anything of this very wise man. I, for one, would not presume to second guess his plans. He has proven to be right and visionary on everything. I'm sure he has great plans for himself once he gets beyond the shackles of Congress. I think his development of C4L was genius and a great use of the 4M left over in 08. I'm sure he has even bigger plans for himself and the 2M left over this time. I trust this man, his wisdom, and vision better than anyone that is trying to tell him what to do.

Great comment, Have you seen post "It's Still Possible?

I do believe that Ron needs to know if we will support him on the Libertarian ticket. Please check it out and see if you agree. ( :



Dr. Paul will make up his own mind.


Of course, if he chooses to go third party, he'll have a thriving grassroots movement already righteously indignant to carry his flag and fund his coffers.


Born to RUN!

Bless you all. What a beautiful movement that wishes to protect a man of peace, but recognizes how deserving he is of leadership. Let's take a deep breath and continue kicking ass.

Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail. -Friedman

Here's the thing though.

What if Dr. Paul does want to run, but feels like we wouldn't support him in a 3rd party run. Because of benton or the disastification of some in the movement dissing rand, which i think is just plain stupid.. He's one of the few prople we have fighting in congress for Us. And apart of this movement. Asking is absolutely selfish and just plain uncaring about him, but telling him that we would support him if he decided to do so, I think is the right course. To take. I don't think Dr. Paul wanted to end his campaign on the note of the GOP and RNC vote stealing, using corruption, manipulation, and force against the whole liberty movement and the good Dr himself. We also need to call and write Dr. Paul and thank him for EVERYTHING he has done for so many years...... GOD BLESS HIM for being the lone voice in congress and fighting for this country, when many didn't....!!

Let him speak for himself.

What happened to "No One But Paul"? How am I supposed to vote for no one but Paul when he won't run? Isn't that what he's already hinted at, that he'll run third party if the RNC screws us over, that none of these other candidates will represent us as conservatives?

Any chance of getting real representation is better than none. Maybe it won't take a negative PR campaign from Romney to end Ron Paul's legacy? Maybe he should start worrying about the people who supported him?

Maybe what he meant by 'No One But Paul' is 'don't bother supporting anybody who'll fight like he wants to win our point out when you get cheated'?

Remember don't wear any Ron Paul buttons or shows of support?

Romney is the last person he needs to worry about. He needs to worry about all the people he told to show the RNC respect while they cheated the system, planted their puppet candidate, and set up a future where they openly rig our parties primaries. Why is he ignoring it in his interviews and showing these criminals respect?

If you want to roll with the truth, do it, or don't act like you're ready to.

I look at it as a compliment.

Dr. Paul can handle himself and will put an end to all speculation if it bothers him. Nobody is going to talk him into anything he does not want to do.


Asking him to run is not forcing him to.

He has his own free will. Asking and encouraging him to run is not forcing him to do anything.


No other person running for president has been as loved and respected as Dr. Paul. With us at his side, I could only imagine how happy and proud he must feel.

Ron will make his own decisions. Meantime, we humbly ask him to cross the finish line with us. His message has always been "never give up". Let us show him that we will never give up.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul