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Why I intend to vote for Mitt Romney for president.

This will get shot down by most here and to be perfectly honest, I understand. If you want to vote for Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode that is your business. But, I would like to voice the reasons why I will be voting for the Romney/Ryan ticket in November and will encourage everyone I meet who intends to vote, to do the same.

I had hoped that once Romney won the nomination that Ron Paul supporters would just let the presidential race go and concentrate their efforts on funding the campaigns of the dozens of Liberty candidates we have around this country this year on state ballots. Kurt Bills could sure use our help, but, because he and most other Ron Paul-endorsed candidates are supporting the Republican nominee, many Paul supporters now want nothing to do with them - which is why we have to keep talking about the sorry choices we have for president this November.

I will be voting for Mitt Romney because I believe Barrack Obama is THE worst president in U.S. history. He makes Keynes look like a Monetarist. Romney and his mushy, moderate supporters make me sick, but, it's either a mushy, moderate, status quo president, or an Alinsky radical. I will hold my nose any day of the week for a mushy moderate if it means buying a few more years time. Nixon was no fiscal Conservative nor classical liberal, but, if Hubert Humphrey had won in 1968, the United States today would be a mirror image of the crappy condition of the EU states, only worse (at least they don't have an empire to manage). Nixon managed to buy the Conservative movement time - time to build at the grassroots and eventually take the White House in 1980 and hold it for 8 years, not to mention dominating local politics.

We're not going to force the GOP to embrace us by giving the Kenyan fascist, wannabe socialist four more years. That will only cause them to hate us more and want us out of their party even more.

I'm 21 years old and a junior in college. Lord-willing, I have most of my whole life ahead of me in this country and I care too much for the U.S. and my future to do anything that could potentially give Barrack H. Obama, whose policies, agenda, and unconstitutional shenanegins make Lincoln look like Jefferson four more years to finish transforming America into his father's dreams.

I'm sorry if you disagree, but, it's Romney or Obama and I would take 20 years of the former before accepting one more year of the latter.

In Liberty, Dixie-Paleocon

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And how exactly is that relevant?


Join the military

that way you can fight Romeny's Israeli war. As an added benefit you will not have to worry about the next 20 years....cause you will be dead and Romney will make a $1 off your spilled blood.

I accept your reasoning but the fact is, your wrong

Mitt Romney is FAR worse than Obama, you need to do your research. Obama is a smooth talking puppet, romney is a warmonger with actual agendas, all of which, as he has said in many interviews, is only to line his pockets with more money.

Chuck Baldwin did a great sermon on the "rulers of darkness" back around fathers day, i dont believe its free to watch anymore but he made a clear cut case on exactly how we will lose FAR more under Romney, than we will under Obama, just like we lost far more under Bush, than we did Clinton.

I can like 95% assure you that Romney = full blow police state, Obama is slowed down by Republicans. It will not be the other way around. Democrats will pass all the Republican increases in warpower.

Romney is well documented, even in interviews on youtube, for wanting our military in every country on the planet, which in my opinion is a form of, or will lead to World Domination.

I accept your reasoning as to why you think Obama is the worse, but completely reject it, you havent done enough research.

20 more years of Mitt Romney

20 more years of Mitt Romney over 1 year of Barack Obama oh my goodness I'm ready to kill myself.



Why Don't

you and your pal "The Granger" just head on over to the Romney for President website. You aren't fooling anybody.

In case you haven't heard Ron Paul isn't

a candidate any more. I voted for him in the primary and would vote for him if he ran third party, but, he's not.

And after romney goes to war

And after romney goes to war with Iran and thousands of women and children are killed you will be complicit in their murders.

I'll worry about that if and when the debate comes up

in the Congress next year on that issue. Obama could just as easily do the same.

Back to this garbage huh?

If Romney wins, it does nothing but prove that a neo-con, crappy candidate, can STILL win a general election.
I can't help that happen.
If he wins we will get more like him in 2020.


If Obama wins it will show that a Wilsonian Socialist

can still get elected in this country.

If -

the neocons that back Romney are the progressive republicans and the democrats are progressives and both back more spending and war - there's a problem. I am not a Bircher but the 15th declared goal of the communists movement is to capture one or both political parties in the U.S. and is recorded in the Congressional Record. And after what we saw in Tampa - you have to wonder who scripted it. What was done to the delegates by no means was equal representation.


Alert!!! World War III

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World War III ?

World War III ?

Er.. I'm afraid it's obsolete nomenclature.

Nobody DECLARES wars (even less "Worldwide-") any longer these days.

They just DO IT all over the place.

It's renamed as "Humanitarian Intervention". Or "War On Terrorism".

Conveniently enough, "Terrorism" turns out not being the name of a country.

That's how they don't need to declare it, nor need to have the people vote for (or... more likely, against ?) it.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

If you vote for Obama

there will be only 4 more years. A vote for Romney could mean 8 more years.

Romney is much, much better than Obama.

And if Obama wins, there's no guarantee that we won't get a Democrat just as vad in 2016.

Oh man, you obviously need to

Oh man, you obviously need to research Romney a bit better.

You are 21 and have time

You have time to build a life. Voting for a 'moderate' like Romney will solve nothing except the pace at which we arrive at Hell. Me? I'm 54 and I don't have 8 years to squander with another 'moderate' who will send us downriver on a slow boat. If my last 30 years are going to be good, I need to see things come to a head very quickly and get resolved. If our country needs to go to hell first before it turns in a liberty direction, then I say let it go to hell today. Tomorrow begins the rest of my life.

I am pessimistic about the near future of the U.S. regardless of which empty suit wins the election. I am more optimistic today than I was 40 years ago about the longer term future of the country because the ideas of liberty are spreading among the People. The People who have waked up have seen that the wheels are coming off the Machine. More people move in our direction the worse things get, so I say let them get worse quickly. Obama could be the best worst thing to happen to our ailing country.

Then the Ron Paul Revolution wins.

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Well spoken. Thank You.

Well spoken. Thank You.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Split the branches is the best strategy Dixie

We need to continue to fill the Senate and House with good people. Meanwhile we need to make sure the President and the majorities in Congress don't share a party. Otherwise we will be passing a lot more bills to find out what they contain.

I think we will be seeing an increase in Republicans in Congress this time around, so we need Ron Paul or Obama to win. My choice is Ron Paul. I didn't hear any fat ladies singing.

The fact that Romney was able to control the voting machines in the primaries to steal the nomination is important to remember as well. It indicates he is well connected to the puppet-masters and has no morals. He certainly will have no problems extending Obama's agenda and with Congress behind him picking up the pace of our destruction. If you take a serious look at what he is proposing he is planning to accelerate the spending even more than Obama and yes that will probably result in the economy collapsing in the next 4 years.

Mighty mountains in grandeur stand, but tiny raindrops turn them to sand! Noah, I think I just felt a raindrop!!

The only problem with this theory is that the current

president does his own thing by "executive order".

~Your perception becomes your reality~

You think Comrade Romney

You think Comrade Romney wouldn't be eager to immediately exercise those dictatorial powers? Obama's a lame duck for the next four years... That's a good thing.

I.e. you are voting for

I.e. you are voting for someone who lies, stole delegates, and acts like a tyrant and suppressed delegates from Ron Paul?

There is an even better argument to have Obama for 4 more years and make it so bad that next time the liberty candidate, whoever that may be, will win...

I wil, however be voting libertarian, as I always do.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Mitt Romney is an evil S.O.B.

Mitt Romney is an evil S.O.B. and I will not vote for him. I see that you are 21 years old…I don't know or remember which choice I would have made at that age. This isn't an entirely free country anymore, but you are still free to vote for whomever you choose. At least we can still do that. Though I honestly do not believe that it really matters anymore. I honestly believe that the powers that be have already decided who is going to win an election before that election is even held. Good luck.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

Why vote at all?

We've seen more than enough proof that the system is rigged. I think Ron Paul DID win, but through shenanigans including vote fraud, it was stolen from him. Besides, the establishment hates it when voter turn-out is low. We can help make it really, really low this time if we all just stay home this November.

I understand you Dixie-Paleocon!

I am a huge Ron Paul supporter and probably will vote Ron, or write him in, or what have you come November 6th. That being said, I 100% understand the vote for Romney. It is not so black and white my fellow DPer's and I feel bad that you are taking so much heat! Ron Paul is the Sam Adams of our day, but Sam Adams could never have been President-he was too darn truthful, honest, and bold; yet he was 100% necessary. This is not a knock, as I will still be probably voting Ron if it's allowed in my state, but more an understanding of the chess game that is politics. You need the Sam Adams. You also need the politicians who will play the game and sell the illusions. Say what you will about Romney, in 4 years time, AUDITING THE FED has become the norm and that is HUGE. It takes time to steer the ship, and I believe Dixie-Paleocon's point is well made; their may not be an America left to even turn around if Obama is reelected. Ron simply won't win this go around, and I (as I must keep repeating, will probably still vote for him), contend it's because people are not ready to even hear him and understand him, let alone elect him. I hail from Los Angeles, and our state just voted in the high-speed rail under Jerry Brown! I mean, you gotta be kidding me?! You think they are ready to eliminate 5 departments?! lol. Anyway, if the progressives' think Ryan is going to cut too much (and we all know it's not even base-line budgeting), then where does Ron lie?! Ron, I believe knows this, because he believes it is up to the younger generation to understand, and keep on educating and fighting; steering the ship as much as possible, because our country is worth it. However, if Obama is reelected their literally could be no semblance of America left to even fight for. Need I repeat, I will probably be voting for Ron, but know that Romney is the 'salesman-like' guy who will at least allow the mainstream to think they are doing the right things, while the real grassroots votes for the local offices that matter, the legislature's, etc... continue, and we slowly get people to see the truth. And, I'm sorry if this offends, but you need that in politics. Also, Romney has admitted to Audit the Fed, and if it came to his table he would sign it. Obama on the other hand? Are you kidding me? The bill could totally pass both houses but then Obama could veto it on the spot. If Harry Reid is at all telling, then we can kinda guess what Obama would do. The movement has been effective, the movement is just getting started, but the movement is a marathon, not a sprint. People can change and grow, and so can parties with time. Romney and Ryan both GET it. They also get the game, and have made the sacrifice's we would probably never make, because we are the purists. BOTH are needed though. Not everyone can be a purist. Look in your own lives for this assessment. Are we as humans always doing the right thing, and always walking the walk and talking the talk? Romney is a business man, and a good one; you don't think he see's the balance sheets and is like ummmmm? Just think gang, 4 years ago the FED was OFF THE TABLE, and now the possible future President of the US has agreed it needs an audit?! In just 4 years, what was so fringe is now at our fingertips! That's incredible! Even if it's phony, I'll take it, because he said it and we can always hold him to that, which is better than Obama not saying anything and wanting more and more money spent. (Sidenote: I believe Geithner is speaking at the DNC! Really, how telling is that?!) They are talking the talk and speaking the language, and even though it's not to the degree we wish and the huge differences still amount, when it comes to the economy, if Romney/Ryan do not come through, then the Republican neo-conservative movement is over anyway, and we will be there waiting; but at least their will be a weaker America waiting as opposed to none with Obama. Try and remember that with politics it is never so black and white. Romney is a very decent man, way better than the DP sometimes makes him out to be, and I do not believe he would pull the victim card or will blame anyone else if he were to fail. I also believe that there is still a chance at Ron being one of his advisers, because although the Romney Campaign has been ridiculous, I believe the two men themselves respect each other. The ship can't turn on a dime, and if you know why you are voting for Romney, believing in what Paul says, and still educating your friends and family like Ron, then you get the chess game; which is opposed to the 180 degree choice with Obama which has no similarities or even common ground to start from. The average Republican doesn't know the full interworkings of the FED and if they did, they would demand to know more and to stop it. I saw the Convention and I said to myself "if they knew the true limited government candidate in Ron and what he stood for, they would 100% vote for him." They just didn't get the chance to know, because it's the whole machine being fought! I support you Dixie-Paleocon! Continue to stay open minded and as Ron has most recently said "vote, if you want, as you see fit!" You are not a traitor, nor a disgrace for trying to keep the country alive. You are not a sheep if you do. Forget all that if people come at you that way, even on this site. Peace and Light!

Los Angeles Paul

How Can Audit the Fed be "Huge"

If a dishonest scumbag like Romney hires the auditors? They will be working for him not us, and the audit will be meaningless.

Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill does not

givenot give that authority to the president, but, rather to the GAO, which answers to the Congress.

Hi Caardvaark

As you may have noticed, I found this instant-vote tool and created a poll online to supplement your polling thread.

Would you be interested in adding a link for the poll into the body of your thread? So far, more than 300 Daily Paulers have voted. Here's the link: http://strawpoll.me/2969/

Thanks for your poll thread. It's been a real eye-opener.

Thanks. What

some people don't see is the fact that Rand's budget didn't get any more than about 15 votes in the Senate and it only eliminates four departments. In order for Ron Paul to have been successful, America would have had to change overnight. Pure classic liberalism has been dead as a major, national party platform since1892. This isn't a hundred tar dash, it's a marathon - one that can be win in less than fifteen years with faithful pursuance of the finish line.