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How Hyperpowers Rise to Global Dominance – and Why They Fall

It is a great book foretelling the future of the US empire, I read it many years ago and she tells it like it is, and Holy Cow, her prediction was correct,


the United States is on a massive decline, no matter how hard the elite or chickenhawks push for war, no matter how invincible they believe they were, they will Fall, It is what happened with Britain and Rome,(MAJOR REASON ROME FELL BECAUSE THEY DEBASED THEIR CURRENCY!?, OH YEAH, and Especially with militaristic states like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, so much for the 1000 nazi empire,

Any way enjoy the read

"Do we seriously believe the world hasn’t noticed that American democracy has been eaten out from within, like a cotton boll infested with weevils, and that American consumer capitalism, cruel as it can be, bears almost no resemblance to the “free markets” inflicted on the developing world? After surveying the global wave of anti-Americanism that flowed from the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and the xenophobic post-9/11 backlash within the U.S., Chua concludes that transforming the country into “an aggressively militaristic hyperpower” would be massively costly both in human and financial terms, “without any of the benefits that accrued to empires of the past.”

That’s a fine conclusion as far as it goes. Chua’s mistake, I believe, is to assume — naively, after all the reading she’s done — that political leaders in 21st century America still possess the will, the ability or even the power to stop the inexorable process of imperial decay.