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Clint Eastwood is a Genius

Having enjoyed his speech again today a couple times, reading some of the response on the internet and remembering my own grandfather, it is clear Clint Eastwood is a genius. The media is all in a hissy over it, not talking about Romney. The left says he is senile and crazy, the Romney folks are on the defense distancing themselves from responsibility.

You know why it makes no sense to them? They think Clint is on the right. He isn't, he is an individual just like us. Libertarian. Forget the chair being Obama, the chair could be any anyone, he is attacking the corruption on the left and the right.

How embarrassing for Romney a rich multi-millionaire to be referenced as a lowly employee that should be fired if he does a bad job. Reminding people to vote for something more than someone who seems nice. What an introduction, the ultimate troll by Clint, like in all his movies. Watch it again and listen to the parts where Clint is talking, when he is not joshing, just being himself. Genius. He did not endorse Romney, he said there was a lot of work WE needed to do and Romney and Ryan could come along...

Edit: Video of the speech


  • Defending Dirty Harry by Daily Pauler MarcMadness
  • Clint Eastwood PUNKS Mitt Romney and the RNC!

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    It Sure Was!!

    Clint Eastwood...... MADE MY DAY!!

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    topic, and probably insignificant, but did anyone notice that Clint's suit coat fits similar to RP's? It raises off the back of the neck in the same way. Just an observation for those who were calling on RP to get a new suit. Maybe RP and Clint have the same build.

    It was funny to watch the neo-cons squirm in their seats not knowing what he was going to say next. It was also funny to watch them scratch their heads trying to extrapolate some deeper meaning.

    I just took for granted that that is from the

    bullet proof vest.

    ~Your perception becomes your reality~

    Agreed. It was not a wholehearted endorsement of Romney nor Ryan

    at all and Eastwood clumped them both politicians for votes just the same...we own them politicians and needs to be fired just the same for not doing the job right. Also, the "nice guy" looking reference from ads..well, you know who he is referring to.

    Spoken true from his heart.

    Btw, have you noticed Ryan was annoyed throughout...from his brief camera pan with wifey in tow.

    I LOVED Clint's speech!!!

    An actual masterpiece!!! I just loved the nobody, Obama in the chair!!! Beautiful! Unscripted! Fantastic:^)

    That was pretty good

    I was surprised how well that went.

    That Afghanistan line was something.

    Can't believe all the applause he got. Why were Rudy, Huckabee, Santorum all over Eastwood for that one? :/


    Maybe cause their sheep and the rest of the room liked it...

    They probably weren't analysing it to much, I bet pissed now some advisers have likely explained what just happened to them...

    Maybe He Cast a Spell on Them and They Will Want to Bring Our

    troops home now. Better yet, they will vote for Ron Paul if he decides to run 3rd party.


    That was Clint unloading the ole six shooter on all of them

    both parties and the media. It was a masterpiece.

    Paul Ryan's wife didn't seem to enjoy Cliint's speech, er, well,

    at least not until she realized the camera was on her.

    God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. – Daniel Webster

    lol i saw that too and

    lol i saw that too and thought the same thing. i had to go back and look twice cuz she smiled at the last second just before they went back to clint. it was so fake

    It is possible to read too

    It is possible to read too much into this speech.

    Clint is not just an actor, he is a businessman, and a sometime poltician. And he is Clint Eastwood: we all looked for his endorsement early in Ron's campaign because of things he said. He is no man's man, and I don't think cheerleader type speeches are his thing. They should have asked for Justin Bieber to do that. We know Clint is no dyed in the wool Republican. Why they asked for him, who knows. What they got was more than they bargained for, as is apparent from the mindless clapping of people who didn't hear what he said, or just passed it over, cos,

    the actor who is a lower-case-L libertarian on social issues (pro-gay marriage, pro choice, pro-ecology) and a fiscal conservative is hardly one to toe a party line.

    This space available

    In Conclusion:

    I think Ron Paul and Clint Eastwood went to school together, so I don't think he liked it very much when the RNC was picking on his classmate. =P

    He called out the hypocrisy

    He called out the hypocrisy of both parties. Also using a chair, he was able to not only call out the hypocrisy but used it as symbolism to illustrate what they did to Paul's supporters this week (all with one chair and his own words). I don't care how old he is. That was genius!

    Ryans Wife

    Did anyone else notice Paul Ryan's wife at about the 9:25 mark, she stands clapping, but it seems lackadaisical, she was kinda frowning, then it looked like she saw she was on camera, then a big smile appears. Maybe it was nothing, but just seemed a little fake to me.

    I thought the same thing.

    I thought the same thing.

    the 'make my day' sentiment

    ... shows the ugly police-state cheerleader side of the GOPers which is deeply offensive to me as
    I'm a victim of fraudulent family law as well as ridiculous petty revenge through creative application of the Cryptic Revised Statutes.

    Clear the Bench America

    good, but..

    it was good but why do so many want to keep GITMO open? Clint, what if the government said one day, "Clint Eastwood is a terrorist"... you wouldn't want a trial? OH?! you would.. i see... ok.

    I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

    Calling out Obama on ending

    Calling out Obama on ending the wars was applicable to Romney and the neo-republicans alike. What was weird was that everyone clapped. So let me get this straight, the crowd thought it was OK to clap for bringing the troops home from the quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan. hmmmm.

    I thought it was funny that he used a stool..

    an empty stool.



    I try to change people every day. Do You?

    Here's a shortened version/mashup with Paul


    Check out http://iroots.org/
    "If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

    The fact checkers

    are all pointing out that Romney said he would check with the generals first before making a decision about troop withdrawal. Only a few, I think one was the Daily Caller, point out that it was Dr. Paul. Thanks for the video clip.

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    Yep. Of course the RepubNeoCons were

    utterly clueless, as usual.

    a business man

    I think this time for a Statesman to be president!

    His name is Edward Snowden

    What is Capitalism?


    and maybe 4 more years of the empty chair will help enough folks to recognize the importance of the difference.

    Great speech!

    And it was not a romney endorsement. I love how he reflected the empty chair - classic!

    I suspect Clint decided to toss his vetted speech

    I don't think he was supposed to go unscripted like this - there probably was some vetted speech they expected to hear. Perhaps he found out something that made him change his mind about using the nice, approved speech?

    Some are equating the empty chair with the unresponsive chair - the one that ignored all the yells for "POINT OF ORDER!" and "DIVISION!"

    "In the opinion of the Chair the ayes have it!"

    Recall that the chair appeared to "tell" Eastward to "Shut up!" and "Go ---k yourself!"


    Clint also said to the

    Clint also said to the invisible Obama "Go tell Romney what? Oh - he can't do that to himself!" I'm amazed none of the Romney fans booed on that. Whoever asked Clint to speak got much more than they bargained for. Clint's talk was hilarious! Ha ha.

    This was not a Romney

    This was not a Romney endorsement. What I heard was that our nation is in big trouble and the president needs to be let go. He did not say Romney was the man. He did not referr to Romney as the next POTUS.

    anyone endorsing romney or

    anyone endorsing romney or voting romney cannot be called a genius, more like SELLOUT to a corrupt rnc,romney and gop establishment!!!!!

    Ron Paul 2016