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Clint Eastwood is a Genius

Having enjoyed his speech again today a couple times, reading some of the response on the internet and remembering my own grandfather, it is clear Clint Eastwood is a genius. The media is all in a hissy over it, not talking about Romney. The left says he is senile and crazy, the Romney folks are on the defense distancing themselves from responsibility.

You know why it makes no sense to them? They think Clint is on the right. He isn't, he is an individual just like us. Libertarian. Forget the chair being Obama, the chair could be any anyone, he is attacking the corruption on the left and the right.

How embarrassing for Romney a rich multi-millionaire to be referenced as a lowly employee that should be fired if he does a bad job. Reminding people to vote for something more than someone who seems nice. What an introduction, the ultimate troll by Clint, like in all his movies. Watch it again and listen to the parts where Clint is talking, when he is not joshing, just being himself. Genius. He did not endorse Romney, he said there was a lot of work WE needed to do and Romney and Ryan could come along...

Edit: Video of the speech


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    He was Ron Paul...

    It was a character skit!
    He didn't get to give his speech,
    so he did one better - let a Hollywood Icon give it,
    and steal the show even as a surrogate...

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    I really do believe he was promoting Dr. Paul. All the quotes that we know are Dr. Paul's....the soviets in Afghanistan, bringing the troops home, us being the power and that Romney could "come along"...it's all there. And Romney wasn't the only business man in the race...Dr. Paul had a thriving business in his own right.

    Plus where he says "we don't have to vote for someone we really don't like"...and how he basically tells Romney to "go F%$# himself" via the imaginary Obama...

    He never once says anything like "Romney is our man" or "I support him" or anything like that....so I truly believe his intent was to subtly stick it to Romney.

    good points, and IMO Ron Paul

    good points, and IMO Ron Paul FOUNDED and maintained a sucessful business from the ground up with just enough working capital to made a go. Ron Paul did it the hard way, the American way. Has Romeny ever done that, or was he born with a silver spoon and HANDED the reins of businesses established by others or had so much money he was assured success?

    In my book, that is NOT a businessman. His Dad was, not Mitt. I am a small business founder and owner, I too had to do it the hard way, and I do not think he has a clue what I go through...but Ron Paul does.

    If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

    I thought it was so subtly brilliant

    Invisible Obama is odd, but I still liked it. It garnered a lot of attention from the left. They dont understand.

    He says the word Liberterian(He is thinking of us when making the speech) ultimately he is endorsing Romney, but he just wants us to know that just because someone seems like a nice guy doesnt mean they stand for the real issues.

    Calling them public servants was awesome and true. Its a real slap to the face of the emotional politcal game we know.

    Good on you, Clint. You coy bastard, none of those GOP fat asses knew in the crowd you were condeming them.

    It made me happy how he started with Obama's inauguration. I voted for Obama it was a happy moment for everyone, however the veil of truth has been shown to me by the humble Ron Paul and i will never stop spreading his message.

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    That WAS brilliant.

    Subtext is a strange bird....but it worked.

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    A true American Icon!

    The man really is amazing. One of the very few who is truly worthy of the following title: American Icon! And even at his current age I would rather trust Mr. Eastwood with the Presidency than willard romney, rick "I deserve to be in a sanitarium" santorum, the gingrich who stole…well, everything he could, michelle totally mad bachman, etcetera…combined. Because if you added up all of the integrity of all those that I have mentioned, it would not come close to the amount of integrity that Ron Paul or Clint Eastwood possesses.

    Larry in North Carolina
    The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

    Clever Clint!

    I like what he had to say about the Afghanistan War. He was talking to both parties there and also putting Romney on the spot to do something about it(as Obama did not). Also what he said about us being the employers of government...something needed to repeat more often nationally!

    Yea, alot of people didnt

    Yea, alot of people didnt immediately get what he had done and many still dont. Starting later in the speech, you can get the idea he isnt talking about a single person, hes talking in general.

    To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

    Invisible Obama...

    ...was invisible because if he would have had a fake Obama sitting there, the media would have accused him of being a racist.

    His New Movie...

    is coming out in theaters Sept. 21.

    He stars in it (does not direct this one).

    Check out the trailer and see if you think he's senile.


    Don't you think==

    Clint may have once said Ron Paul's name if he was not there for Mitt?

    Of course, I have not heard what the snewzzhoundzz have said, because I don't waste my time on their tripe. Give me a link to what these freaks said, ok? - or a google term?

    We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

    Loved it!!!

    He is not senile. He knew exactly what he was doing. He doesn't like the injustice of what happened at the RNC debacle and made a point of saying so (in so many words). I loved it when he said "yea, politicians just comin around every 4 years wanting your vote. Same ol thing." and "Policitians work for us."

    Did you see Jana Ryan. She was not happy at all!!

    I loved the part

    where he said he never thought it was a good idea for a lawyer to be president, when Romney himself has a law degree. I was disheartened by his speech though really because he was up there for Romney at the end of the day. Still a great actor tho and he did crack me up.

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    -Thomas Paine

    Eastwood ain't

    Eastwood ain't nothing...Romney gets punked every morning he wakes up and faces his world...

    Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

    Maybe some of you are right but...

    I'm just still miffed that earlier in the year, when asked who he favored for president, Dirty Harry didn't have the guts to answer "Ron Paul" even though he obviously agrees with him on several key issues.

    If A Great Actor Wanted...

    to play a certain role...say, an aging and slightly rambling old geezer...
    ...do ya think Clint Eastwood could play the part?

    Brilliantly. As executed. What a howling good show!

    He Sure Had Me Fooled and How Many More Millions - Boy You

    are so right on about your entire comments!


    His speech was greatness

    It was truly greatness, because everyone is talking more about Clint's speech than Romney's acceptance speech. It was suppose to be Romney's moment, and instead, Clint stole the show completely. They probably should have closed with Clint instead of Romney :)

    He was smart enough to be the

    He was smart enough to be the only speaker there who did not get his speech edited. He knew Ron Paul was the one who said we should get out of afganistan right away and he must feel the same way. He outsmarted romney's whole crime organization.

    You Can Say That Again, "He Outsmarted Romney's Whole Grime



    It was a rambling mess.

    Extremely awkward. The funny thing is that Romney wants to bring the troops homeon day one! He's clearly unresearched and knows a lot less than he thinks he does. What he did last night was endorse the republican ticket. If he did that for Paul we'd be posting memes about how he moderated Ron. No question about it.

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    I think Clint knew exactly

    I think Clint knew exactly what he was doing to Romney and he couldn't have cared less! We all know Romney isn't bringing anyone home, That's Dr. Paul's plank and Clint knows that.

    It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

    I agree. And catch Clint's

    I agree. And catch Clint's line after the 'bring 'em home' bit. He says, "I'm not gonna shut up. It's my turn to speak."

    Just plain awesome.

    So Since Romney & Obama Are the Same, It Could Have Been Romney

    in the chair. How brilliant, I have to watch it over again and visualize Romney in the chair now. Clint knew exactly what he was doing and I don't think he had a teleprompter either.

    PS It would be funny to see someone put Romney in the chair and have it go viral on youtube. Yahoo news today it said the Romney liked Clint's speech. Just another lie by Romney to save face. HaHaHa


    They allow go Clint Eastwood

    They allow go Clint Eastwood to go unscripted and it was embarrassing for GOP leaders to watch it happen.

    Just imagine what in the world would happen if they allowed Ron Paul to go unscripted...oh my goodness