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It Is Time For The Ron Paul Revolution To Move Beyond Politics


Brandon Smith - another Paulite who has seen the light -

"Ultimately, politics has been warped into a mechanism by which the masses can hand over their responsibility to affect change within the system they live, and pass the buck on to others. It is time to move away from this failed dynamic. It is time for the Ron Paul revolution to mature, and to embrace the pain of doing what must be done. It is time to take matters into our own hands".

This is going to be a hard read for all you "true believers"...just be honest with yourself and read it...and be sure to watch the video about ass-clown Jesse Benton.

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If you haven't noticed...

....you live in a socialist society.

That means that the entire economy is politicized.

As things get worse and the fist tightens, more of life will be politicized until everything is politicized.

There is no way to escape politics. You either fight now or fight later. Fighting now is far, far more civil.

Good article

I agree for the most part. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the system is rigged and we'll never be allowed to vote a decent human being into the white house. I think a nullification movement is the way to go. And peaceful mass civil disobedience.

I respectfully suggest

I respectfully suggest you read and seriously consider this post by Dr. K Research:

Continuing the Legacy: Announcing, RonPaulConvention.com


1984 doublespeak

Ignorance is bliss
War is peace
apathy is power.

Another headline for this article should have been:

"It is time for the ron paul revolution to stop trying"

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Objecting is what I like about you!

Thanks for those links.

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Reality is tough to deal with, but this is a truer reality than

the pipe dreams I've been reading lately, words like "we are going to change the party from within."

The world is going to change drastically before the republicans or politics in general will ever change, IMO.

Thanks for sharing and others need to give this a serious read.

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Excellent read!

I couldn't agree more with the author.

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Jefferson, We are rapidly becoming Ron Paul dinosaurs.

Where do you plan to spend your time once you are exiled from the Daily Paul? I'm still deciding. Liberty and Constitution are becoming rare birds here. Like this for example:

Do you know what side you are on? Are we the sneaky imbedded opposition? How about that.

I hope that all is well with you, bro.

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I pretty

much take those comments with a grain of salt.

Who's "side" am I on?

I strive to be on the side of truth, wherever that may be. I simply seek the truth.
If RP is not on the side of truth, then I am not on the side of RP.

I will not sacrifice my principles for party politics. I will abstain.

The only way I see myself being "exiled" from the DP is if MN decides to cut me loose. I would hope that our relationship is stronger than that, and that he would give me a bit of warning before doing so. I don't see myself being exiled by a few people who I may disagree with.
The only other way I could see myself implementing self exile is if my personal life requires my time to be spent elsewhere.

I truly felt like this was RP's destiny. I couldn't see a better set of circumstances that would require a man of his life experience to be called upon. I guess the rest of America didn't see it that way. The blackouts and beatings we took in the media didn't help either. It was a worthy effort nonetheless.

It is a bit disheartening to see the DP devolve into a circular firing squad. I hope that some consensus can be built, and we can move forward with a common purpose.

I'm personally going to take Wayne Paul's advice and continue with contingency plans, with efforts focused at a more local level. I hope you are doing the same and wish you well during these upcoming trialing times. I've always felt we were kindred spirits, and hope to keep in touch regardless of what happens.

Thank you for the well wishes. I am currently writing this flat on my back in a hospital bed, so I am learning to take things a day at a time. It is a bit unnerving to see these storms brewing on the horizon and be in a helpless situation. Fortunately I have strong support of friends and family, and will make the best of it.

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Things change. People typically need a rallying focus.

They aren't content with sometimes being just an individual without a leader. We don't need to invent a leader if one presently does not exist. For me, I would be content with remaining on the sidelines and bringing down both corrupt parties and as independent instead of overlooking the hypocrisies of the just one of them in order to be accepted and try to change it from the inside. From what I currently read on the DP, the purest message of Ron Paul is being diluted. This being exiled stuff was just a joke, but who knows with the way that things are changing around here. "The Daily GOP" or "The Daily Republican" maybe next. "Local" is the way to continue this fight, you are right about that. The system is totally rigged above the local level.

My sincerest wishes for your full recovery and soon. I tell my complaining patients that if someone is in good health, they are not millionaires, they are really billionaires (due to inflation by the Fed!). I wish that I could telepathically send you some of mine. I am very fortunate that I've avoided any health issues at 60. Take care, and get better.