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That's it. I'm done. No more GOP, LP, GJ, or any of it. I'll tell you why - you can tell me why not.

First of all, thank you guys for all of your efforts so far. I'm sure you know this is only the beginning. For me however, I am finished with the "politics" of this age in history. After this week, I know that we have already crossed the event horizon and that the system is beyond repair. I should have known this already. Yet I still canvassed neighborhoods, went to Tea Party rallies to try persuade folks, went to Republican committee meetings and tried schmoozing with fake/shallow people, watched every debate, checked DP frequently and the whole nine. When I voted for Dr. Paul this year it marked the only time I have voted for a president, even though I vote frequently on local races and issues. I should have learned from what my father went through in "politics". Today, when I saw this video, I thought of him and made my decision:


My father spent most of his adult life trying to make a difference politically. He ran for office countless times. He wrote countless letters. He was illegally removed from the ballot in 2008 and tried to sue in federal court, but his case was dismissed on ridiculous grounds. He descended into depression and only came out of it when he got up and walked away from that life. He left New Mexico and bought a house with no pipes and no furnace for $9000 in Springfield IL, and lived a simple life pursuing his passions on a daily basis. When I was cleaning up his things after he died last year I found a letter he was writing to a close friend saying that he loved his new life, calling it a writer's paradise and comparing his house to Thoreau's cabin on Walden Pond.

My father told me - "you never know if you're living in a democracy unless you see your name on the ballot". Did you see Dr. Paul's name on any ballots at the convention this week? Even when he received ACTUAL VOTES they would not even say his name into the microphone. Search for #honestmistake on youtube. You know all this already. This is not a democratic process. And if we're not living in a democracy, what is the point of wasting time and money on a farcical democratic "solution"?

I know that a lot of you will disagree with me. Perhaps you will say that we have made inroads with the Republicans and that liberty candidates will carry the torch going forward. If they try, I hope it works out for them. But I know it won't. Thinking that we can somehow play by their rules to take away their power is as ridiculous as hoping that Obama will wake up one day, realize he is a tyrant, revoke his executive orders, bring the troops home, and allow alternative currencies like gold and silver to circulate alongside debt-free US notes.

This is a "Kobayashi Maru" moment. If you're not an expert on the history of the Star Trek universe, the Kobayashi Maru test is a Starfleet test that cadets are subjected to - the catch is, there is no winning scenario. No matter which option the cadet chooses, it is the wrong one. Captain Kirk beat the test by thinking outside of the fictional scenario and reprogramming the computer so that he could win. THE ONLY ANSWER WAS TO NOT PLAY THE GAME BY THEIR RULES, BECAUSE IT WAS RIGGED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Now, I'm not bashing Dr. Paul or the movement here. I'm just providing a practical suggestion going forward. It is time to let Dr. Paul retire so that he can finally relax, and we can pick up the torch and finish what he started in a way that he was not prepared to do. He lived most of his life in a time when it might have been possible to change the system from within. I'm pretty sure that he might tell you something along the lines of "this is your time now". Remember, all of the picketing and begging the elites for redress of grievances did almost nothing to end apartheid in South Africa. It was only deleveraging their economy that brought it to a natural conclusion.

My suggestion is to take your intellectual capital, your political capital, and actual capital and leave the old system behind. Reince Preibus and all the others will be throwing temper tantrums in the corner when no one is paying attention to them anymore. We had better shift our focus away from the republicons and from the system in general, because right now we have great intellectual firepower in our movement, and people who feel like me will have no choice but to walk away if the GOP is the best we can do. And I know I'm not the only one he feels this way. I would love to see this possibility become a topic that is more often discussed on DP.

Sorry if this comes off as stream-of-conciousness spam, but I've had this feeling building for a while. I welcome your criticisms and thoughts and maybe you can change my mind. Tear me up, call me names, whatever - just don't call me late for dinner ;)

Have a good weekend guys, Peace.

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revolution is coming...this country has failed

you are spot on, bcg!

this is no longer a constitutional republic

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

You can ignore the system, but the system won't ignore you.

Don't like the TSA? Don't go to the airport.

Don't want to participate in the Fed's fiat currency scheme? Don't use dollars.

Don't want to be subject to warrant less wiretaps? Don't use a phone.

And rejoice in your 'freedom' as you scurry around like a frightful little insect, like a man who is a stranger in his own home.

Your Gandhi analogy is broken for one simple reason: a relatively small contingency of Brits controlled a relatively uniform group of hundreds of millions of Indians. The 'us vs them' was much easier for Ghandi to frame. The vast majority of the American people support the Fed's hostility towards those who value their liberty. Ghandi broke the Brits by getting a huge number of his countrymen to stop compliance. In the US, the oppressors look like us, talk like us, have been here for our entire country's history, and are believed to be necessary by the vast majority.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

You maybe right.

You maybe right. It may already be too late to save our Republic. The FED has been around for a hundred years.

Yet, I'm determined to leave a better future for my offspring.

Thanks to the internet, many people are aware of the FED. We have more work to do, but I think it's a critical time, because we don't have much time before the establishment takes control of the internet.

Vote. Just dont...

worry about the outcome. Enjoy life but don't let politics consume you. This isn't a cult, we're people who believe similarly enough to agree to vote in a reasonably similar fashion.

Personally, I'm gonna GJ come the election. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for. But I will tell you to vote, because I'd rather you participate in the process with me than not.

Whatever you end up doing...
pax vobiscum.

Doesn't matter because

The Breakaway Civilization has already left the paradigm they created. They are now in deep underground bases that their black budget world super secret technology built, or off-world using the exotic technology from the same super secret black budget world.

We are left with the "middle management" or the "prison guards" to deal with us. After all the trillions of dollars squandered and hidden away, this "middle management" is pissed off and will deal with us the best way they know how: marshal law and a police state. All evidence of their previous owners and their technology is gone, and this "middle management" low IQ existence feels abandoned and alone...with the Liberty Movement at its gates.

We are at the crossroads. We either confront these "middle management"/"prison guards" (which are very prepared for that), or we recede away into oblivion like the poster's (bcg) father. Either way, this is not a good time if you are not prepared for any of these scenarios. God bless you all.

See you when I see you if I see you.


"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
- Thomas Jefferson

Fundamentally disagree with the video

We are in the system right now. Removing ourselves by ignoring is all well and good but what about the rest of the 'victims' of the propaganda? Ignoring the system means being ignored by the people and policymakers. Policy then changes to ensure more control and regulations are in place against people. Soon owning a gun will be illegal and a chip will be required by law to be embedded in you. Purchasing will become impossible without a credit card and a credit card will be impossible without a chip. My not taking the chip you become a terrorist. All I can say is ignoring them will just allow them the play the game faster. Shouting out and waking people up whilst slowing the game down is the way. Really its a numbers game...once the majority of people know they are being and have been screwed then we win. Ghandi says take the moral high ground and don't fight them and let them imprison, torture or kill you. Well that will be exactly the end result of ignoring them but the difference is no one will know it is happening because the right to a fair trial and hearing will be gone cos you're just a terrorist!

Sounds like you need to take a break

But you have a passion for liberty, and that will never leave you.

When I was a teenager in the 1960's, we were facing the draft (well not me, I'm a woman), and Viet Nam. I mean they were just dragging young men out of their lives and sending them to war. I think about 58,000 Americans were killed if I remember right.

Those of us that wanted to end the war and the draft were in a very small minority. We couldn't even vote. You had to be 21 to vote. But to make a long story short we managed to end the war, end the draft, and lower the voting age to 18.

I lot of us had our lives changed, and not for the better by pushing these issues, but we did not stop.

I've gone in and out of political involvement for decades now. I became aware of Ron Paul in the 1980's, and got to vote for him for president in 1988.

We have Rand and Amash, and we will have more to work with. Like Dr. Paul said, what they are doing with our currency and war spending will come to an end, one way or another.

You've worked your butt off

Sounds like you need a well-earned break. Take the break and forget about all this stuff for a while. No shame in that.


The fact that Ron Paul (or whoever) had the Open Currency guys speak was disappointing. Selling over priced silver in a fake barter network is not the answer. Rob can say good things but he is not someone I want representing me or the future of commodity currencies. And some of their "employees" are/were con artists.

You are promoting basically a scam in this veiled endorsement. I could say a lot more but suffice to say, that company sucks.

You are also reacting to events in a short period of time, and fail to see what's happened over the last 5 years, 10 years and 30-years. Whatever you are proposing, the numbers are not with you. Get involved, participate, take over...bucking the system will never work.


In order to exit the para-dime you are already in, you must leave it, not ignore that you are in it. You are proposing we ignore them, but that still doesn't change the fact that we are still under the establishment. We must exit the rule of the establishment, then ignore them, not ignore that we are in it.

I propose that we continue to show the people of this nation the establishment for what they really are.

One man makes an internal decision, collective men make a collective decision. Collectively, we must exit the rule of the establishment and collectively un-collect to personal decisions. You see we can collectively support each other for being collectively different from ourselves.

This is what our nation was founded on, people supporting people, not because we share collective views, but rather that we share collectively opposite views.

Frankly, I'm not accepting

Frankly, I'm not accepting defeat. I will never accept it. This fight for liberty has been going on since the dawn of humanity. Looking at our success rate over the course of humankind, we'd be truly insane to continue fighting this war, thinking we could win, if it weren't for the fact that there really is no better alternative. Our principles don't allow us to "tune out". It's just plain selfish. I'm going to fight until the death for liberty, regardless of how futile my efforts may be, because I know that my efforts, and our collective effort, as least has the potential to make some positive difference, no matter how slight. And I know that any other option only feeds into the problem. Maybe the Buddhists are right. Maybe life is about suffering. But they also teach about letting go of one's ego. In doing so, it only makes sense to accept any additional personal suffering that fighting for liberty might take in the hopes that it might alleviate someone else's suffering.


Vote for the Lesser of Three Evils - Gary Johnson

I keep having friends tell me that I'm wasting my vote if not for Romney and that we have to vote for the Lesser of Two Evils just this one last time. They notice how screwy it's gotten too.

My reply? Nope, I'm voting for the Lesser of Three Evils. Why would I vote for the Lesser of Two Evils when Three are available?

If Obama wins it will be the end of our Republic and Constitution? Really? A Party that turns away its Representatives/Delegates is going to do better?

Gary Johnson is clearly the Lesser of Three Evils, he is the obvious choice.

But isn't a vote for any evil

But isn't a vote for any evil still evil?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I like your dad...

have been politically engaged for a while. I was a delegate for Buchanan back in the day. I have found that this whole process stinks. I say our goal should be to call ourselves RP supporters, and I am not saying Ron Paul Supporters, but the REAL PEOPLE SUPPORTERS (RPSupporters). Dr. Paul has my overwhelming gratitude, and thanks for sharing, and making me understand what our country is needing, and what we need to do to fix the problems, unfortunately, Dr. Paul and his campaign has thrown in the towel to Romney, and his minions. I was so sad to see that the GOP/RNC completely disrespected the more conservative part of the Republican party..ie..the Ron Pauler's, and the Tea Party folks. I don't even know if I can even vote this November, and if I do I might vote for Obama so our country can continue to be destroyed, and those of us that really care can rebuild when it collapses after Obama has driven our country into the ground. I think this is what it is going to take to rebuild our nation. If any of you are paying attention get prepared if you aren't already make sure you have food storage, and weapons to protect you and your family. If Obama gets re-elected our nation will be going to the crapper, and we will see civil war, if Romney is elected we will see civil war as well. I love you all here at the Daily Paul, but I will not let this movement go down without a fight. Say Yeah, if you are with me....

The Media is goading the D's adn R's into hatred and violence

I once was told that Revolutions were fought by two factions where one faction was attempting Independence and Civil Wars were fought by two factions where both factions were attempting to fight for control over both factions.

There is great evidence that the Central Bankers and the Media they controlled contributed greatly to the hatred between the Northern States and the Southern States in the 1850's. "Crimes of the Civil War; and Curse of the Funding System" (by Henry Clay Dean 1867) goes into detail about it.

The Central Planners need a War to reset the monetary and control system that has now failed.


To defend your side (original post) of the arguement.... Jesus essentially said that his "kingdom" was not of this world and was internal instead. He did not espouse civilizing the Roman government in order to attain peace and enlightenment. Lao Tsu, similarly, rode out of China when his government did not listen to his teachings. Lot's of wise folks have walked away from struggling with worldly power to embrace an internal higher power.

Maybe the compromise to these seemingly opposite viewpoints is that We are all called to different tasks in life. For some, it is civilizing the external world. For others, it is going spiritually inward and leaving the world behind. Find your calling. Perhaps both callings are spiritual and part of our evolution.

Glad to have spent some time in the RP campaigns....

Rocky Anderson is the answer


Build Somethig Positive!

I think that the RNC has done more to wake up American's than the R3volution has ever done. I am encouraged by all the Leaders of the Republic who have work hard and diligently on the fight for freedom. This bcg character who submitted this video is obviously a Mitten operative and has no backbone. Go ahead and drink the Cool-aid bcg and sit on your thumb as your country men continue the fight for their country with more vigor then the day before the RNC. I, on the other hand, will continue waking up Americans to the cause of Liberty.

Kent A Davis

Just because bcg

chooses a different way to react to the horrors of the current system, you accuse him of being a Romney operative?

While I am of a different mind than bcg, the fact is that nonvoting could have an effect on things if done in large enough numbers. What if the winner received 10% of the votes of eligible voters? Now THAT would send a message!


Bones: Well Cadaet? Isn't that the message you're spreading?

Spock: Liberty brings prosperity by recognizing reality and rejecting superstition.

Kirk: Let's get this mission underway.

Free includes debt-free!


I haven't put the tube on in so long... I miss that show!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Roddenberry was libertarian leaning, if I remember correctly


Free includes debt-free!

You don't quit playing

because the rich kid in the neighborhood took the ball home do you? No you pick the little rich kid last so you can play with his ball. Then you ask to see the ball, go make your own ball better than his and then tell him you can still play but not with your ball. Then he does not have an advantage to play anymore, because we all have our own ball.
Don't give up the fight if you do now then we really didn't need you in the first place, but your still welcome to play.

James Steele Jr. Tennessee



You should change your sig if

You should change your sig if you're going to clock out.

Nah, I'm not changing my signature

however I am having difficulty in completely removing my account. I'd hate to accidently post another inflammatory comment on this site again. God forbid!

How quickly you give up!

How quickly you give up! We;ve been at this for about 5-6 years. Since the middle of 2007 until now. When we "started" this movement, and I consider the movement in it's absolute infancy after the first Republican debate of 2007, Ron Paul and his ideas were literally nothing more than an asterisk! Jon Stewart on the Daily Show called him "Mr. Pickles" because he had absolutely NO idea who he was. 5-6 years later... after a "google Ron Paul" and "who is Ron Paul" campaign, Most of the civilized world now knows who he is and people are strting to come around to his way of thinking. We need perspective. Most of Ron Paul's supporters are young. Young people have a tendency to be impatient and anxious. Many have only been in this world for 25 years. 5 years is 1 fifth of their entire life, so they think that's a long time. But it's NOT. It's a really short period of time! And look at what we've done in that short amount of time!
Something else that disturbed me is your comparison of the GOP to the English colonialists in India. It's not the same. The American Government is not systematically killing Americans and there is no foreign government occupying our lands. It's a bit of a stretch to compare the two. I'm not saying that the GOP is void of corruption, it's just not in the same league as an occupying military force in your own country. If CHINA was occupying the US... then I think you'd see Ron Paul quit congress if it was controlled by the Chinese....
I find that a lot of Ron Paul supporters misunderstand "corruption". You have to understand human beings. Imagine for a moment.... (like the great revpak ad) that we had a "Ron Paul Party" that was against the drug war, against the wars etc etc... everything we love. It's our party. Ron Paul and us wrote the platform. Let's say, for arguments sake, that we're a very powerful party. We've replaced the GOP. However, there is one person within our party that somehow got elected who feels that we need to fight the drug war and feels that the US needs a larger presence in the world etc... Then imagine that person ran an insurgent campaign within our "Ron Paul Party". He or she picks up a lot of delegates for our convention all supporting oversees wars, drug prohibition, higher taxes etc... Wuld WE not be upset about this? Would we not try to "squash" them as much as we can? Would we not put the "neo-con wing" or the Ron paul Party in the back of the hall? would we not try to strip them of delegates every chance we could? Would we not want to put them in front of a camera on CNN? We would be embarrassed! We wouldn't want them because we would feel that they don't represent our views and they would be the ones screaming foul!
It takes time. We have to convince people who have, for maybe their entire lives, believed things were a certain way into thinking a different way. This is NOT easy and takes years to accomplish. Many times we have to literally wait for a generation to DIE before we can enact change. People become extremely invested in their ideas. If you're a DEA agent you spent your college years and your whole life training to be a drug enforcer, and then someone comes along and say... you know what... we don't need you anymore. Drugs are legal now and you are irrelevant. Oh.. and by the way, you're out of a job and all that training you had... it's useless now. Same goes for military guys, same goes for Global warming advocates, same goes for foreign policy, education everything.... People hunker down and put their heads in the sand because they don't want to believe that they've been wrong their entire life. This is a pretty standard rule for all homo-sapiens. I'm not sure if that's real corruption. I think of it as closed minded. But corrupt is a very harsh word to use. (This was probably a longer post than it needed to be... It's just My stream of consciousness.

Posted earlier that the idea

Posted earlier that the idea is appealing but difficult for me to visualize in my personal life. However for those more adventurous, these guys were in Tampa and have an interesting idea. Here's the link if you're not familiar.