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We have to put the turd in the Oval Office

We may have a slight chance at a libertarian ticket or a third party ticket where we sit now, but it is still unlikely. We could pull the trigger for Obama to send a message or third party, but in the consideration of time and in consideration of the threat we pose, sending a message is not going to do squat but sending the message we have already sent. They know we are awakening obviously. Now, I know the two party system is the one party system, I have been here a decently long time. If Obama wins, it is a gloves off Presidency, definitely toast for all. If we vote outside the two party system to send a message, we are still toast, they get the message, that is why they did everything they could to stop us. The message is already sent. There is no new message, they know we are here, so we need to stop thinking about sending a message to a controlled system, either party wins and they win. I don't know if we have time and I realize Romney is Obama, same person, but the difference is the R and the D. They created the difference, not us. All we have to focus on is the R and the D, not the names. Our goal should be to define the R and the D with this election, to show them as different or the same. They have an infinite list of people who will put a R or a D next to their names and run for President. A vote for Romney may be the same vote for Obama, and it may all go up in flames here, but we have to think about voting based on the system they created. We need the R in office now and if the R's don't change it, we will have successfully shown the R's for what they are, that will allow us a D into office next round which will allow us to finally expose the D's for what they are. Romney may squash us like a bug if we use this strategy, but then again Obama is definitely going to squash us like a bug in the next four years. We need a Romney win at this point which may be a self inflicted death blow, or it may buy us time to expose the D's, I cannot tell you for sure, but I am willing to starve with you all and try to survive with you all if I am wrong. A lot of people are hurting to survive right now and they think the R's can save them so Romney will either have to produce or cook us all if he gets in. This is an election about exposure nothing more, nothing less. Voting Romney could end it or buy us time, either way we are ended or we get more time. You can track my history on here and check all of my posts and comments to see if I am trolling for Romney, I am just thinking we need to think like they think, and this is my opposition strategy to what they believe we will do.

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You are right

And for that, the establishment trolls (frauds for GJ) will vote you down.

I'm actaully far tooo......

...too drunk, it's far too late, but based on the headline I'm assuming that I should vote for Varrack Obammmer... because when the inevitable collapse happens he'll be the one to blame. Yes? So what if it's Rommulous? Stop with the "strategy."

Be principled. Be full of heart. Let the chips fall where they may. Personally, I'm Gary. I welcome your questions and comments.


The only Turd I would vote for at this point is Turd Ferguson over at TFMetalsreport
but he is not running.I too have been around here for a while, I have read the daily paul just abut every one of those days been up been down we have won some things lost some others.
I don"t know what the future will bring, but I am prepared. The only thing that stays the same is change.
Good fortune be with you Tog

I know we are pissing in the wind

either way, we have no idea of the final plan of these knuckleheads, either one of them, but I think we need to piss in the direction of Obama, it is our safest bet. They have every system backed up every strategy backed up, how do we fight that kind of think tank?

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!