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Clean Slate is Needed

In my honest opinion,

We need to start fresh. Say goodbye to the GOP, because they are beyond repair. Forget what in-roads you have made. Leave them in the dust to crumble as the war-mongering overspending zealous nuts that they are. Without us in their midst, they will have no support and will die off with the baby boomers. Ron Paul should start his own party PURELY running on the backbone of liberty. The name of the Republican and Democratic parties are forever tarnished and a 3rd party CAN WIN, because we will become the new 1st party. We can make this party what we want. Forget the GOP's tyrannical system and the insiders. The people will be victorious and revolution will come to this country. If the warmongering Lincoln could start a new party, why can't we?

Peace, Liberty and Prosperity. Let's really give Americans a choice this election. Ron Paul if you are reading this...start us fresh with something new and announce something HUGE on Jay Leno. This whole time we have been waiting for you to let us believe that we CAN change this country. We believe in liberty and a real choice this November!!!

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It might be nice, but you can

It might be nice, but you can bet the media will set new records at how hard they will ignore you.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

They can try to ignore us,

They can try to ignore us, but a true 3rd party choice of Ron Paul would be so FREAKING AWESOME - college students would light a fire under the old media, and besides the old media is irrelevant. They can't even sell a newspaper. Think about how many people watch a college football game compared to the RNC convention. That is what I call free advertising. Ron - DO IT...RUN 3rd party! You can't change a snake into anything else, but you can crush it with the boot of liberty!