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The Free Market Doesn't Work!

.... is what even more people will be saying if Mitt Romney wins the presidency. Here's why:

1. Like it or not, Romney/Ryan are the faces of the Free Market & Capitalism as far as the average person in the country is concerned. Whether Romney/Ryan practice it or even understand it is irrelevant.

2. The Economy will continue to struggle and drag on under a Romney presidency because he doesn't understand the real problems and will not be pushing the reforms that are necessary.

3. Confidence in the dollar will be lost. When exactly, who knows. It could happen tomorrow or 8 years from now.

4. As previously stated, the economy will continue to struggle due to more QE stimulus and other factors that we all know about. If the big crash (the dollar crisis) comes during the Romney presidency or even just after, the Free Market and Capitalism will be blamed and the people will BEG for even more government intervention and control of the economy! Even if the dollar crisis doesn't come during a Romney presidency, the struggling economy will still be blamed on the Free Market.

5. The Republicans control the House and will likely take the Senate in Nov. If Obama wins, the Federal Government will likely be in gridlock for the rest of Obama's presidency. This is a good thing!

6. In my view, a Romney presidency must be avoided at all costs in light of this. Because he's the "face of capitalism" all of the economic woes during his tenure will be blamed on the free market and capitalism.

7. I'm not saying go vote for Obama, but Romney cannot win for the sake of restoring the Free Market, Capitalism, and the country!

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Thank you OP.

Thank you OP.

To such "Free Market doesn't work!" claims, here's my approach with those folks, telling them :

1. make sure you have, or go get a useful item (still legal to be purchased right off the shelves)

2. continue with two relevant online resources on how to interpret the word "market" :
a) http://mises.org/etexts/austrian.asp
b) http://paul.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&view=arti...

3. question : when was THE LAST time you think "Free Markets" were enabled, in a decently understandable way ?

Hint : it was significantly before Janurary 1st, 2000, though after January 1st, 1900.

Finally : neither Mr. Romney or Obama is anywhere close to defending the idea of Free Markets, as, say, a mafia hitman in a super busy day is to a little boy hugging his teddy bear.

For Liberty.

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That's why we need to wake up more people.

Educate, educate, educate.