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Republican? What’s in a name after all? Everything!

Republican? What’s in a name after all? Everything!

Those including some of our most prominent, who in the face of all the goings-on of late are still considering support for a Mitt Romney 2012 ticket should take a moment of pause and reflect on the following;

The very historical foundation of our party’s name is what the Liberty Movement has always represented, republicanism. It is important before you choose to support Romney or leave the party altogether that you consider who really possesses the soul of the Republican Party us or the federalists that currently own our brand? Romney can not be defined as a republican by any real definition.

Yes, the Republican Party itself is ours and always has been.
We have simply, like the Democrats, let the Federalists grab the controls some years back... Hence the striking similarities we see today in Obama and Romney and the growing convergence of policy on all but a few divisive social issues.

We have shown with the Ron Paul movement, using the internet and accelerating smart phone technology that we as citizen journalist can educate each other and those who have yet to find the raw information that can compete with the long monopolized media.

This true revolution has helped many already to take control of their own realities and hence their political and civic lives. There are many more finding this power to contribute to their own destiny each day. It is now excitingly exponential in reach as we exceed our 10% tipping point!

A freedom of information exchange created by the internet has inspired a break from the historical paradigm unseen in human history. This technological window in time has provided a gap in the oligarch’s and their federalist supporter’s near 200 year stranglehold on information dissemination that we dare not loose.

Read your history and you will find that the decline of the federalists’ was a result of their ideas of nationalistic central control and banking being rejected by Jefferson, the early Republican party, and the vast majority of Americans, simply caused them to use their resources to seek other means of influence on and control of the direction of the new country.

Behind the scenes in both major modern American political parties, the federalists still today represent the wealthy self interested at the expense of liberty and freedom. Where traditional republicanism supports wealth generation and property rights for all under the liberty and freedom of a constitutional republic, these Federalist are bereft of any governing principle other than self interest unfettered.

Less of a party and more of what we would call a special interest or lobby, the Federalists of today for all intents and purposes have seized control of the political debate, leadership, and most importantly the funding of both major parties nearly completely while continuing to further the interest, power, and isolation from scrutiny of their central bank the Federal Reserve. For all purposes but occasional false rhetoric for the masses, Jefferson has been firmly expelled from both the Republican and Democrat parties by the same. In a shrinking World, it is not hard to notice the transition with this group from Federalist to Globalist in recent decades.

Over generations centralizing control of information distribution has enabled this result. During the 19th , 20th and early 21st centuries, from what went down the first railroads and telegraphs to early newspaper chains, the creation of the Associated Press (AP) and culminating with the overwhelming challenge to liberty of television and radio mega network consolidation, the shared interest of the federalists furthered their influence on the American populace and the Republican and Democrat parties. How does Mitt fit?

Yes the federalists and their globalist offspring have successfully co-opted the two party system for the last couple of hundred years but that is no reason to run away now as the information age offers a leveling field for liberating them. We need to continue to retake the wheel of the party machines. Maybe we should even reclaim the name Democratic-Republicans as well and invite our Jeffersonian brothers and sisters in from the co-opt Democrat party as well. This would leave the federalists with the socialists. Wouldn’t that be poetic justice?

So I hope this has helped you to choose as I have to write in Ron Paul in November and continue the fight to take back the Republican Party at every level!

This is my first post after many years of following and a few months of membership so please be kind on your comments. Feel free to re-post or reuse as you wish.
Cheers, with liberty for all!!!

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The worst, most dangerous 'federalists' are the counterfeiters

There's no central control, nor opportunity for corruption equal to central control of money. Many represents people's lives, or what they have accomplished with their lives and labor.

Tipping point is near

Don't turn back now. Join your local county central committee!