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After meeting with the delegates and

their supporters at Paulfest, one of things that both impressed and deeply moved me was to learn the extent to which they were taking over the GOP at their town, county, district and state levels. Remember Ron Paul won 13 states ( only 6 were certified). People are becoming empowered through jury nullification and voting in liberty minded patriots. The GOP is scared of losing control.

I say if you have to leave then leave. It's much easier to overthrow a weak system from the inside than from the outside. Most GOP members are in a blind sleep and just waiting for us to ask some relevant questions. I find that questions about kids and pot and prison, or speed traps designed to extort a weeks salary are great wake up tools which quickly lead to election fraud, ending, the war on drugs, IRS, income tax, bringing soldiers home and Ron Paul compared to Obamney. And all of a sudden the name makes sense and begins to have relevance.

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remember they are people

just like you and me.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

Well said.

With such careless disregard for the rules, and more importantly in their eyes, public perception, the only conclusion I can come to is that they must be really scared.