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Help: Reply to Romney request for donation

I received a letter from the Romney campaign asking for donations just the other day. Too late to make a real difference, but I want to send a short, simple straightforward response to them and hoping for feedback and suggestions from the DP bunch:


Dear Mitt Romney:

After witnessing what your campaign, with the help of the Republican party, did to fellow Americans during the primary and caucuses of Alaska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Michigan, Arizona, Massachussets, Louisiana, Maine, and finally at the national convention itself, I will not be supporting the GOP this election, nor anytime in the foreseable future.

I cannot with a clean conscious support the unethical and unamerican policies that the Republican Party and the Mitt Romney campaign clearly represent.

Instead, I will be donating to and campaigning for other candidates, making sure that everyone I talk to is aware of the fraud you have committed against the American people.


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Very well worded

I told the same thing to some Mormon elders that wanted to visit. I explained that I couldn't understand how Romney could remain a member in good standing their church based on his lack of integrity and obvious corrupt acts and that he is a bad reflection on all LDS.

I think you've nailed it.. I

I think you've nailed it.. I wouldn't change a thing. Love the bit about making everyone to talk to aware of his fraud. Nice job!