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Gary Johnson, Ron Paul Revolutionary!

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Really don't

understand why people are getting so anti-johnson here....the guy has been nothing but but positive about paul and the liberty movement. No, he isn't Ron Paul...but who really is? Think we should embrace anyone who embraces us.


Gary is a Republican who prooves the Libertarian Party is still under control of the GOP, by adopting speaking points from Ron Paul, so the cowards among us, ie, those who refused to do what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do, (join the GOP, get a committee seat, and become a national delegate) a candidate.

GJ embraces us like a spider embraces flies. He's a net to catch those who did not commit to Ron Paul rEVOLution.

Ron Paul is a Libertarian who joined the GOP and told us, we CAN take this party, we don't need to be a third party, it will be a good fight, but you have the constitution tio fight with.

Ron Paul was 100% TRUTH. GOP is a MSM farce, it's why they had to lie, cheat, steal, break bones, because they are desperate. So insteadd of storming the GOP and holding them to the constitution, those who have come to GJ, ran away. They refuse to fight.

Has GJ asked you to join the LP? Has GJ asked you to get a committee seat? He was nominated by a VERY SMALL group of Republicans who wear LP suits in the GOP. He's NOT asking you for anything but your money and vote, because he's not in the rEVOLUtion but protecting the GOP. GJ IS PROTECTING THE GOP.

In my county of 36K, we have 71 registered LP members, there is no committee, there is no meetings, there is no agenda. GJ took twenty one votes for the primary election.


So for me, and others who WERE LP members and are sick and tired of the scam, NO to GJ.

Many of those who are FOR GJ, were NEVER for Ron Paul. They were like vultures hoping we would fail, and the bash the GOP, but won't join us to FIGHT.

So to me, if you're for GJ, you are either working against Ron paul in the name of Ron Paul, a coward who won't join Ron Paul's rEVOLution and FIGHT the GOP from the inside, or you want to be part of the crowd (sheep).

GJ is a Republican who took the LP nomination by those in the LP that are PROTECTING THE GOP.

Wake up!

Ron told us this when he believed rules are real and if we

play by the rules we are in. I think even Ron is surprised by what has happened. It is now obvious to me that this party is run from the top down and we will never be successful with this approach as they can toss us delegates out with the stroke of the pen.


Those of us who did what Ron Paul asked are IN

And it comes at NO surprize, a lot of disappointment, but NO surprize, that the DESPERATE, MSM inflated, GOP would lie, cheat, steal, break bones to STOP THE REVOLUTION.

Ron Paul KNOWS that what we have is the Constitution, which they, and WE, also took loyalty oaths to, and THAT is what we are going to hold them to at our meetings when we return.

This FIGHT for liberty is NOT over.

It never began for those who NEVER did what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do, they wanted us to FAIL and they have exposed themselves for being just another arm of the liars, cheats, and theives.

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It's Romney Trolls

Romney trolls are hugely anti-Johnson.

Of course they are, they know the Ron Paul Revolution can back Johnson and demonstrate a show of strength that the GOP will be forced to recognize in 2014 and 2016. They want Ron Paul Republicans to go quietly away (after voting for Romney of course).

That's why it is *imperative* that we all back Johnson, donate to his moneybomb on Sunday September 2, and vote for him in November. Nothing we can do in 2012 is as important as backing Johnson with the whole weight of the Ron Paul national army.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

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Gary Johnson Moneybomb:

Gary Johnson Moneybomb: Sunday September 2, 2012

Dig deep for Gary Johnson, and together let's carry the message of liberty forward!


Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof