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The GOP Committed Suicide At RNC And Showed What We Knew All Along.

All along there have been those of us that warned from the beginning about the hostile GOP against the lone Ron Paul..

How many times were people called names, chided, scolded, rebuked...when they proposed that 'infiltrating' the GOP from within was a really bad idea?

What further evidence did we need from a a whole campaign season of constant lies, smears, cheats against Ron Paul. From the media and from the GOP ITSELF.He was always an outsider. Let in the door to rub some elbows at the party and maybe have a glass of champagne, but not 'one of the crowd'.

The mistake that Ron and campaign made was thinking that the GOP would play fair. They haven't, they don't, they won't, they'll stop at nothing to having it a contest between status quo LEFT or status quo RIGHT. Delegates now don't even matter as we have witnessed at the RNC, the GOP has gone into full authoritarian mode and the best efforts of good people have been flushed down the toilet by very powerful connected people.

So what now?

It seems now the only option is Ron Paul write in.. or a Gary Johnson vote. Of which I am unsure what the right choice is.

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Yes Pax - I fully agree with you.

They sure as hell committed suicide with me.

I'm DONE with the republican party which means I will no longer VOTE
for any republican NOR will I give them another PENNY.

I will pull my name out of my PCO candidacy (of which I won the last 2 terms).

I'm ending all further affiliations with the republican party.

If I vote at all anymore it will be Libertarian. Unless I write-in Dr. Paul one more time in November.

It was Ron Paul who got me involved in republican party politics 5 years ago, and it is their treatment of him which will get me OUT of it now.

They're a bunch of rotted, corrupt liars of which I want no part.

They don't even follow their OWN PARTY'S RULES.

They are NOT about limited government amd personal liberty.

They are about big-government, corporate/foreign nation/foreign central bank bailouts.

They support unlimited foreign interventionism, wars and foreign occupations

They support anti-American international organizations like the U.N., World Bank, IMF, U.S.A.I.D., WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA etc.

And most importantly they do NOT follow the Constitution, nor do they force their elected officials to uphold their oaths to defend it.

Nothing more need be said.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

When they say 'Follow the Money',

Just look at the fact that both Romney & Obama are of course supported by a lot of the same big banks.

I heard someone say that it seems like Romney is the Republican version of Jon Kerry 2004. He's set up as the guy to fail, and boy did he ever do a great job of that, as he and his cronies have successfully divided the Republican Party.

I heard Glenn Beck months ago say along the lines, that a paper bag should be able to beat Obama. How the Establishment picks a guy that would then be 50/50 in polls is beyond me. Romney has ZERO chance of picking up the swing states now either.

Eww I feel like I've got Elephant brains all over me

after watching their display at the their "kangaroo court' convention.

Reminded me of the scene in Animal Farm where they says four legs good, two legs better.

I say we point back to this stuff over and over and use it to shame what shreds of humanity might be left in the Teocon idiot contingent into waking up.

That was funny but...

...elephants are as smart as chimps and dolphins...so I would say elephant turds!!!LOL!!!

I am still up for working in

I am still up for working in the GOP. In my county people are pretty honest and fair. I was almost going to vote for Romney, even, but when Newt said what he said, I knew I never could. If Ron does not run 3rd, I will vote for Johnson just so another party gets 95 million dollars that is shaved off what the other two get. Libertarians (I am not one) will get that if they get 5% of the vote, so a purpose would be there. I could care less about whether Romney beats Obama. I can't stand either of them. They are both for socialized medicine, the NDAA and tarp. The first things Romney said he would cut is subsidies for PBS, and Center for Humanities, and all the other things that are for the PEOPLE, nothing foreign, Screw him.

Politics won't work

because the worst will always rise to the top. Voting will legitimize their criminal tyranny. Better to opt out. Find ways to live avoiding the state as much as possible. They are killing the hosts upon which they feed in their thirst to control all. The lie that a monopoly on aggression by some people to use against against others can be controlled and used for "good" to "govern" and "protect" the powerless, or that "we" can elect "good" leaders is more obvious every day. Opting out and educating others to the lies and illogic is the only course left and makes the most sense.


I expect the RNC to continue to be presented in the MSM as a thriving and growing party. It's all fake, just like Rombamas "support" was miniscule and hired.

Infilitrating the GOP Isn't A Bad Idea

It's a good idea, but not enough. Due to recent changes in the rules, the process will just take longer. Hence, I believe in using external pressure as well, i.e. 3rd parties.

For 2012, the better course of action is probably for Ron to run on a 3rd party ticket if possible in an attempt to deny Romney the election. Yes, the clown Obama will be reelected in the process for just 4 more years if he's prevented from anointing himself king by our moronic congress. In the process of losing the 2012 election, Romney will be a footnote in history and the RNC significantly weakened along with our significantly INCREASED chance of controlling the GOP and reverting the recent changes to the rules. I also think that formation of a new political party or combination of several existing 3rd parties with a streamlined platform would also accelerate the process of change within the two dominant political parties. With each passing day, I'm more convinced than ever that an outright ban on political parties will eventually be necessary.

The only option

seems to be to encourage Ron Paul to run 3rd party.

What a way to show the GOP/RNC they made a terrible mistake.

Taking the GOP was Ron Paul's idea

There are 36 registered third parties, which is impossible to get on all 50 state ballots, just look at the LP. As for going Indy.. Nader sewed that up tight, as our campaigns worked to achieve ballot access and open debates, wound up in dozens of law suits, in dozens of states, and we needed SEVEN third parties to get all 50 states, that gave tptb a way to close all the loop holes so they would not have to worry about another Ross Perot again.

Ron Paul's PLAN was to take the GOP. It is THE best plan there is, and anyone who is not with Ron Paul, who is not a dictator, and tells us, do you're own thing.. good luck whatever that may be... but, his plan is the best plan, and why Palin's Earthquakers are storming the GOP and taking those seats, hoping we don't wake up anytime soon, but continue to not be able to get past our doubt, hatred, repulsion, anger, fear and loathing to actually become a force.

The RNC prooved how weak and desperate the GOP is... that's why they had to steal, lie and cheat, as ther was no other way for them to win.. what we should be doing is storming the GOP prepared to fight.. but too many among us are not ready, able, or willing to do that.. it's not Ron Paul's fault or the GOPs.. it's ours.. as we didn't have the numbers... too many refused to do what Ron Paul asked us all to do in hopes he would fail and do it their way.. Their way is not based on expoerience but taste.

I fully agree

We should take the GOP back to its roots. That is the plan and everybody should get on board.

At the same time I hope Ron Paul decides to join up with Gary Johnson (if the offer still stands). It will show even more people how powerful our movement is and help more people wake up. This is what it is all about. To get the numbers we need, people need to be more aware of the reality of what is going on.

It is all about educating the people and Ron Paul on the libertarian ticket would do more than anything else that can be done from now to November.

The result will be more recruits who will get involved in their local GOP to take it back to what it used to be about.

That offer never came from GJ

and in fact it was that offer being made by others running for the LP nomination which caused the establishment to send their puppet on his mission to get the LP nomination to block it from happening.

That sure is a possibility

My point is that it is impossible to know unless we have direct access to GJ and the leaders of the Libertarian Party.

I see my job as encouraging Ron Paul to pursue this opportunity if there indeed is an opportunity. I don't know and I will never know for sure.

What I do know is that I will support Ron Paul 200% if it was to happen and it seems to me that a large percentage of the Ron Paul supporters would do the same and this is the message I would like to get across to Ron Paul.

Ron Paul will then do what he thinks is best withing the realms of the possible. And I support his decision whatever it may be, because I will never have all the facts.

Because I was a Libertarian for 17 years

What used to really piss me off what how the Republicans would suddenly pop up during nomination time and take over OUR Party.

We had some good fights about it because what was the point of having our own party when all we get is a Republican?

I would love to see who Ron paul would pick.. I think it would be Chuck Baldwin.

True libertarians in the libertarian party

...would be very happy to see Ron Paul as part their ticket, don't you think?

Yes and NO

With ALL due respect, many Libertarians have a dream of a genuine Libertarian that has had NOTHING to do with the GOP. I don't blame them, I was once one of them.

Yes he endorsed Baldwin last time

This time there's no one worthy of his endorsement

Balwin died?

There are many people, who are censored, like RP has been.

Your right Granger

It is the best plan there is BUT it is also good to weaken the GOP so that it makes our job easier to take over the party. Any way you slice it a Romney win hurts and will disenfranchise this movement and THAT is what makes a RP third party run a good idea. Pick up seats in Congress , infiltrate the party at the base level and vote against Romney!...and if Paul runs third party, we get behind him and who knows, we might get Paul in office to keep it all in check...
A republican majority in congress with a Mitt Romney spells tragedy

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Kathleen Gee's picture

Demographics will naturally make the GOP weaker.

Did anyone notice how geriatric the crowds looked on TV coverage of the GOP convention? The people in the GOP are aging. Eventually they will die off. If not another person gets involved with the GOP from now on, in 20 years the organization will literally die, like the Shakers. No new blood = death.

Helping Liberty candidates, crowdfunding campaigns, and entrepreneurs get the publicity they deserve.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

tptb forced Romney on all of us

The solution is to storm the GOP, not run away. Tptb want to end the GOP, and the Republic, and feed us to Obama to take us into a NWO corporate controlled oliarchy.

It's a shame that so many are doing exactly what tptb want them to do.. Run away.

As for third party.. I've been there too long, I know what we are up against and I for one am not wiilling to challange the patriot act from the street.

I wish all who want to take that challenge, thinking the Democrats will not team up with the neocons to personally hurt you, and will do nothing, the best of luck.

Been there done that.. Ron Paul has the best plan and why I'm so adament. I don't want to see people hurt like we were hurt, and we didn't have the Patriot Act to deal with. You will.

Storm how?

Did you miss the rule changes? There is no more pressure from grassroots only from the top. Yes Ron Paul had a plan, for taking over a completely differently structured party which as of last week no longer exists. Might be possible to retake the LP party from the Koch brothers but not in time.


I did not miss the RNC rules change. Please don't confuse the RNC with the GOP, or their committees. Each central committee has it's own by-laws that are registered with where they preside, county and state, and then there's the national...

Grassroot can help, If they choose.

By storm, grassroots, especially those who are RepubliCAN, would go to the next county central committee meeting, have a "sit-in", ask to be put on the agenda to discuss the RNC the next month. ask questions, like to see the by-laws, the Resolution Committee report, Inniatives committee report, and Draft Platform. Ask for copies. Show up to the next meeting and tell them what you saw and how you feel about what you saw at the RNC, especially concerning YOUR state.

The LP is structured to keep good people OUT of the POWER structure.

You will never hear about the LP on National TV like you do the GOP, so why waste our time?

I totally agree Granger

i think where we get sideways with one another is Romney. Most people i see in here talking third party are doing so to have somebody to vote for besides Romney. The serious folks know the best plan is to keep taking over the party. That doesn't mean we have to vote for Romney though. I will not under any condition vote for him so that leaves me with staying at home or voting 3rd party to split his vote and watch the plastic man melt away....nothing i would like more than to see that man lose his ass in November after what all he did to us....It would also be nice to have a voice in the debates, even if that voice is GJ. He isn't Ron paul but he sure isn't Romney either...everybody knows GJ wont win but he can sure keep the Ramrod out of office and thats good enough for me.....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

I don't disagree

It's just for me, it's NOT about Romney.. it's about all those Ron Paul Republicans on committee seats who deserve a chance at controlling Romney the way Hillary's seats control Obama. Obama had no one on the committees.. and she's made him into a massive liar, which is hard to do to a flip flopper like Romney.

LOL committee seats control nothing

Prior to the convention republican committee seats did control vetting of candidates at their local level. Thinking that committee seats control the presidents is bordering on delusion. Especially in the case of the Dems who have always been run top down. Dr Paul's plan was to take over a party that could be taken by the grassroots. Newsflash last week that party ceased to exist. What are our options now? The LP? Taken over by the Koch brothers and running a cfr assigned nominee. Constitution party? Maybe an option if we were the Santorum revolution. Our only option now is try to fight back through nullification and anti -Agenda 21 efforts.

I beg your pardon

YES they do. We didn't have the people in the upper levels. We will. We failed to take over the party. Nearly 800 people in my county voted for Ron paul in the primary, but I was the only one for over a year who bothered to show up to the central committee meetings.

I don;'t agree with you about the structure of the party.

Tell me, what is your experience in the GOP?

My committee now has 2 RP GOP, 2 Tea Party, 4 Palin grassroots are trying to be seated, that out numbers the Neocons and the UN Agenda 21 is on our agenda to be eliminated FROM MY COUNTY.

How is your committee doing on this?

careful what you wish for Granger

you might be to big for your britches just yet. All indicators are that if Romney wins he will make it a mission to snuff out all you Paul folks at all levels which is what i have been trying to tell you for a while now. Your not that strong yet as was illustrated at the convention. Any other candidate wont have that power...Romney is dangerous and enemy #1 to this movement...he has already proven it...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Well, I won't be the first

And I won't be the last, but someone needs to do it.

Here, this picture says it

Here, this picture says it all:

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.