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Did your Vote Count? ...Will it?

Imagine bill boards, yard signs and people doing waves with signs. They all read:

Did your vote count? Will it? web address

On the Billboards and the larger signs two side by side graphics showing the 2008 and the 2012 Republican Primary vote counts ordered by precinct size (for primary states this should preferably be the local states graph). Add a caption "What do these graphs mean?".

At the web site a very simple discussion (fifth grade level) of why those graphs are significant. What they imply. And links to more in-depth information.

Then a discussion of the Spanish company that will be counting the votes in November. Romney's connection.

Then an explanation of how to be sure your vote is counted (early vote, notarized and return receipt plus register your vote "right here"). Include details on how to write-in Dr. Paul. (may need to be State specific).

Finally add a comparison of the candidates and urge a Ron Paul write in. Stick to the economy, bill of rights and personal liberty. The uninformed public can't handle the truth in one large dose, so just sell Paul as a better choice.

Is there somebody here with the skills and leadership to make this happen?

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