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Vote: Would you accept a 5% VAT for a $1trillion cut in the first year?

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Talk about a false choice...

Talk about a false choice...

if we could cut 1 trill. in a

if we could cut 1 trill. in a year, why would we need a vat tax?

Sounds like the deal Reagan accepted, tax increases now,

but future spending "cuts" never appeared.

Besides, I have to add this from an economic perspective.

Since 100% of government expenditures are borrowed, VAT or not VAT, 100% is borrowed (taxes go to pay old bonds), every PENNY of government expenditure "crowds out" private credit in the credit market, thereby reducing future productivity gains for the economy.

Future productivity gains, of course, are the primary driver of general prosperity.

In other words, government spending reduces future prosperity of the nation.

So, what would a 5% VAT do? No no no.

Hear Hear!!

Well said!

Fudge a Vat Tax

No, because within 10 years.

They will have re-spent that trillion, added a couple of more and increased the VAT to 10% or more. So no!

As Ron Paul taught us....

The cuts never come...the cuts never come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and the taxes never go)


Was this part of the plan all along? Intentionally run this country into the ground so you could make deals that you knew you couldn't get before, all the while enjoying the ride that destroying the country afforded to your bank accounts?

Would you cut a trillion out or risk civil war?

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I'm afraid the trillion won't be cut

I'm afraid the trillion won't be cut for sure, and the civil war is very likely. Just a matter of

Tick tick tick tick tick ...

Not that call for the latter of course... civil wars are the nastiest. Hopefully, we may be able to wake the sheeple up before too late. Let's keep the faith!

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