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So what's next?

So what's next liberty brothers and sisters? Now we all have come together, let's not disband ourselves after Dr. Paul retires. We need to start organize, identify the ones who have earned our trust to lead the movement, and makes real impacts in the coming years, 2014 and 2016.

No doubt the liberty movement is only getting stronger. All kinds of political opportunists will jump on the liberty wagon as they see fit. The good thing that comes out of the many setbacks is that people have showed their true color. Let's start from the 200 plus delegates who just fought through a battle that they probably knew they were going to be crushed beforehand. Let's remember the names of Brent Tweed and Alex Jones. They have earned our trust and should be the core leaders of our new organization. And someone like SC senator Tom Davis, who threw all his support behind Dr. Paul without any perceivable political gain.

There will be disagreement. There are people who think we should stay within the GOP and try to take it over. There are people who completely give up the GOP and believe a third party is the way. Let's call it the liberty caucus of Republican party in the first scenario, and simply Paul's party in the second scenario. Either way, this cannot be a loosed associated party like dem or gop, which are simply political vehicles without true ideologies that politicians use to ride to high power. People belongs to this new organization should make two pledges: 1. Vote according and ONLY according to constitution. 2. Receive no money from lobbyist or any special interest group. Let's make our impact in the coming election of governors, senates, AGs, judges. Let's have our first liberty caucus or Paul's party governor in next four years.

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Learn to grow/store

Learn to grow/store food.

Elect local liberty minded people.

Make friends in your community. Many friends.

Remember the movie 1984? Buy a copy of Hunger Games.

You may cast your vote in November for self satisfaction. Just know that it will be flipped.

This is the way of history.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul