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The GOP's pickle state.

The GOP WRONGLY assumed that "permission" to have a tribute to Ron Paul at the RNC would smooth over ruffled feathers. What they fail/ed to realize is that just because Robamaney was granted the official nomination, does not result in the Liberty Movement quietly sulking away with their tails between their legs.

The GOP is soooooooo very stupid. Because of their own tribute to the good Dr. they will look like absolute fools to ever say anything disparaging against him in the coming days.

Whether all this hubbabaloo about GJ stepping aside etc. is true or not (and I so very much hope that it is true), we all know that the good Dr. will be a part of the national political scene for the forseable future as will all of us.

They cannot bad mouth him, call him (us) crazy kooks with any credibility whatsoever as they themselves honored him and the speakers in the video admitted "He has been right all along."

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