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So I'm going back and forth with a friend of mine on facebook... He says this, "By telling others that they have to follow the constitution Paul is telling others how they are to live their lives. Fail! the rest of what ever it was you said is irrelevant since your basic premise is wrong."

Essentially I told him that this is America and the constitution gives you the freedom to move to another country where it won't apply.

Anyways... this is the crap I deal with. I'll get through eventually, I have with others before. Just a matter of finding how to reach the individual... Oh well... I'll never quit. Long live the rEVOLution!

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I had to re-read FIVE times

I had to re-read FIVE times your friend's point ... even though it's just 3 lines of text on my screen. I couldn't believe what I was understanding.

I have bad news for you:

I think your friend is braindead.

He R.I.P.

By which magical device can you even communicate with who he once was, btw ?! That's where you just lost me !

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