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Jesse Benton Tried to Derail “Paul Fest”, but Ron Paul Attended Anyway

A recap of GOP scamming and some kind words from Alex Jones for Dr. Paul.
Thanks Allegory for link.


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Well, yes, I have to admit

Well, yes, I have to admit :

it's an embarrassing FAIL from Alex (SunDome vs. PaulFest attendance) I guess that'll follow him for a while.

But, hell, who NEVER fails in good faith ? Not I, if one asks me. (Even though I often claim to my wife I'm always right. :p)

Anyway. I suspect Alex was too busy trying to make his point against Jesse that he forgot one of his own basics, about events verification.

AJ doesn't always fail that much, or AT ALL, though :



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Alex Jones

getting something wrong!? shocking!
Still waiting for that Iran war that you said would happen within days 8 months ago.. (secrete source inside the pentagon)

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eww, you got your pentagon source all over

*mops off* how'd you even do that?

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Jesse didn't sabotage Paulfest AND RP did not go to it.

AJ wrong.

Video has been removed - here it is


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Thanks for that working link.


AJ has confused...

...Paulfest with the SunDome Rally. Benton succeeded in keeping RP from Paulfest, so AJ's praise of RP is, unfortunately, misplaced.