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The Gop killed themselves this week Time For The Liberty Party To Rise Up!

After watching the GOP shoot themselves in the foot this week I sit here and wonder why anyone would want the scraps from that table! It is time for a new Party!!! One that believes in our ideas, one that believes in freedom and truth, one that upholds the constitution and our founding fathers beliefs. It is time for the Liberty Party to rise up and take what is ours. It's time to organize,create and promote a new party on the beliefs we hold dear. The GOP is dead in my eyes and they will continue to die of corruption, greed and lies so let them. That is exactly what we need them to do. If we are the even 12% the mainstream media says we are then we are 30 to 40 Million strong!!! That is a perfect place to start. So rise up and let us crush the GOP with a new party!!! Nothing can stop us if we put our minds to it and just get it going and done. The only question is are you in? Let's do it and show the country what freedom really stands for!!! The time for change is now so we will have our candidates ready for local and state runs and for our new presidential candidate in 2016!!! Let's don't think about it, let's do it and do it now!!!!! F the GOP!! Let them fall, let us rise!!!!! Now!!! Are you in? Voice it here and now then!!!

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The Libertarian Party

already exists. Just join it.

No disrespect to that party

But they have had time enough and not gotten there. We need a fresh slate completely thought about before a platform is stated to the masses. Ideas are fine but when you tell the masses your platform you better be ready to back it up. Then fund it and spread it out for all to see. The main theme is Liberty and a promotion of the Constitution and individual rights and freedoms. You start at the State level and move up to a federal candidate for president who will carry the torch and be trusted to do so for the party. One all of us know inside and out before the party accepts him or her to carry the torch for the party.

I used to promote this idea.

I even thought a new third party should be called "the Liberty Party." As a person who has beaten that dead horse, let me say that I doubt the idea will ever be popular. People aren't interested in starting a new party.

Support the Constitution of the United States

It does not matter if 1 or 5 new parties are started.

What matters is this: when we KNOW which liberty candidate to support, we will pull our resources together to promote that person.

People must do what they must do. If they feel they should attempt a new party, so be it. You never know what could be learned along the way, both in what to do and what not to do. It all has value. You cannot stop an idea whose time has come.

For now, I will be considering my own options. I do not know where it will lead me, but when the time is right, I will be focused and ready.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

If we do nothing then nothing will happen

The Liberty Party used to exit in the 1800's. I am sure all those folks, long past from this earth, will not mind if we start it up again!The GOP will soon be meaningless. It is time for real change and now is the time!!!

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Unfortunately a new party would have to be run with an iron fist

even tighter and more dictatorily than the RNC/GOP's new rules, to keep it from being taken over by the establishment and used as a secondary establishment candidate launch pad.

This possibility is the

This possibility is the biggest danger, but the effort still seems viable since the multiple headed dragon will have to control them all eventually which will expend resources. Start a party. The establishment takes it over. Start a party ...

A Czech yesterday posted a story where this very process is ongoing in his country and the people are apparently capable of seeing through the shenanigans.

I agree so be it

We just have to be forever watching for the infiltration but given our vast differences and views they would be easy to spot.

You're your own worst enemy

Maybe you don't realize it, but divided we are weakened from our CURRENT unified state.


I beg to differ

The rules the GOP have now put in place by a false vote will NEVER allow another delegate movement to rise up so why waste time with these tools? Move on and form a Party of the people and by the people. There is NOTHING to gain in the GOP any longer. They now can replace delegates at will. What is the point in staying with this when they killed it at the convention? Makes no sense. Let's stay United and create our own!!! We have shown we can raise the funds to do as we please so why wait? Let's unite and do it!!!

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One response:

I think there will be, as usual in the Liberty movement, many many diverse directions taken from here. The RNC revelations are so fresh, many will need to step back and share ideas and think freshly -- with new energy to continue as before or with renewed clarity to begin anew.

Whatever will be the collective directions taken will be organic. Yes organizers can accomplish much. But so can vigorous individual efforts. I'm in a contemplative phase, still mentally digesting all that's recently taken place in the context of all we have explored in the past.

I personally take the pulse of the Liberty movement by reviewing a 4+ page list of websites and blogs, as I have time between my own productive activities. There is no dearth of creative ideas; the real action is in implementing them and making the ideas into working projects to assess the impact in the real world.

After romney loses the

After romney loses the election and people realize that the gop is over you might get a more receptive audience.

Even if Romney wins

We still do not have what we need and want. Rise now and let's take what we want. This election no longer matters. Let's move forward nad let us do it now!!!