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Poll: How many here supported Bob Barr?

"Support" doesn't necessarily mean you registered L and voted for him. I just mean, did you try to campaign/create influence or otherwise show support for him in 2008?

Please state why (or why not).


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Heck, no!

That was when I realized the LP was controlled opp.



Barr turned me off with his grandstanding at the Ron Paul/

Ralph Nader/Chuck Baldwin/Cynthia McKinney joint press conference. Barr again showed his true colors this year by supporting Mitt Romney.

I was registered Libertarian for 34 years

and I voted AGAINST Barr in 2008. He's a warmonger, and I sorta didn't want to be complicit in the murders he planned to commit. I changed my registration to Reptile in 2007 so I could vote for Paul in the primary -- and in the general election, I wrote in Ron Paul/Gail Lightfoot.

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I did

I voted for Bob Barr in 2008 because he was on the ballot as a libertarian. I knew nothing about the man then; I know very little about him today. I don't care to know much about him today, frankly. So, if you consider that "support" in 2008, then consider me a supporter.

Unlearning and self-teaching since 2008. Thanks, Dr. Paul!

Basically exactly this. I

Basically exactly this. I "woke up" in 2007, but no Ron Paul on the ballot so I just voted Libertarian.

I wouldn't vote for Bob Barr for DogCatcher

I AM voting for Gary Johnson, as, unlike Bob Barr, he actually has liberty in mind with most of his positions. Bob Barr was part of an attempt to throw out all principles in the "Party of Principle." Gary Johnson is not an ideal LP candidate. I think the most principled one was Harry Browne. But if Gary Johnson is about X non-libertarian, Bob Barr was at least 10X non-libertarian.

I support ALL third parties

ALL third parties and Indy's should have the right to be on the ballot and in debates.

That's the extent of my support.

No, because he stiffed Ron

No, because he stiffed Ron Paul at that third party event at the National Press Club(which I attended).

Ventura 2012

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I did not

There was something fishy about him from the getgo.

I remember that he tried to get a Bob Barr fan site shut down. Somebody out there had a site like the Daily Paul for Bob Barr. Once ge got the LP nomination, he threatened them with a lawsuit.

Needless to say, that was all I needed to know about Bob Barr.

Yes, he was fishy. Ex CIA

Yes, he was fishy. Ex CIA (can anyone really be ex CIA?) and when Blitzer asked Ron Paul what he thought of Barr at the time, RP said "well he's saying the things I like to hear," which I took to mean "he talks the talk, but I doubt he'll walk the walk." Of course a bit latter, Barr showed his backside when he wouldn't be part of RP's 3rd parties thing. And that Barr has endorsed Romney in 2012 is just icing on the sh1t cake.

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Bob Barr was little different that GJ

Both are Republicans running to keep people that might change the GOP out of the GOP. For Bob Barr, he was the guy who went after Clitnon, had him impeached for lying to a judge, based on alligations most folks didn't care about. Boib Bar was no Libertarian, but he did confirm for many of us, that the LP had been co-opted and was run by Republicans who had a reason to attract people from the GOP and to a marginialized third party vote. Chuck Baldwin who returned to the GOP did this for the Constitution, Bob Barr did it for those who sincerely had issues with Clinton, GJ is doing to to reduce the Ron Paul Republican infiltration and their Restoring the Republic scheme to hold everyone to the constituion.

yuck! Bob who?

Eww no. Bob Barr just wanted some revenge on Libertarians for tossing him out of his seat in Congress.

It took him 6 rounds of delegate voting to win by 5 votes over Mary Ruwart. Imagine if Paul and Romney went 6 rounds at the RNC and Mitt won the nomination by a handful of votes. One could hardly hold the entire Republican party responsible for Mitt winning, nor with any legitimate argument claim the GOP to be "a lost cause" in that scenario.

The difference between Johnson's nomination and Barr's nomination, is when Barr won the nomination Lee Wrights looked uncharacteristically red faced angry enough to black someones eye, didn't shake hands to congratulate the Barr team, and half the delegates left the convention in protest. Steve Kubby and Lee Wrights had to go outside and convince people to stay. The atmosphere of "party division" in the room was clearly obvious in 2008. But the 2012 convention had more of that old familiar atmosphere and when Johnson won the nomination it was completely the opposite reaction. Lee Wrights even came to the podium and said "Lets get this man elected".

Party over principle

Unfortunately, the LP has become the party of political expedience in order to rise to prominence. Russo and Badnarik were good for the party, but the likes of Barr and Johnson are holding principle captive to name recognition. If you paid attention to the LP nomination process, it's easy to see why they chose Johnson. He is more well-known, and it was an easier row to hoe riding the the wave of Ron popularity. Lee Wrights was a much better candidate; I sincerely hope libertarians can see that.

I'd like to see Wrights run for Governor to unentrench Perry's sorry butt and restore some independence in Texas.

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."

Bob Barr was a joke... but

Bob Barr was a joke... but Johnson is principaled and deserving of the nomination.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...

Ah yeah, I supported the idea

Ah yeah, I supported the idea of him being tossed out of the Libertarian party! He's a turd!

I was thinking about it until Barr stood Ron Paul up.

Barr had promised to show up at a conference called by Dr. Paul at the National Press Club to allow 3rd party candidates some media coverage.

But Barr never showed.

So I voted for Chuck Baldwin instead.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Me too

more on that here:

All Ron Paul supporters should read this.

I did because I refused to

I did because I refused to vote for the two party system. I didn't like the fact that he supported the patriot act, but he was the person who put in the provision to let it sunset, regretted it, and has a decent record in congress on civil liberties otherwise. I liked his speech he gave at CPAC before Ron Paul. And, while he was far from perfect, he was a better candidate than John McCain and Obama. In retrospect, I wish I voted for Baldwin because of Barr's refusal to support Ron Paul or even the LP. His support for Gingrich early in the primary made me realize how low he has gone. He will never have the support of the liberty activists, and the establishment has forever cast him out. He screwed up big time.

But yes, at 2008 I voted for Barr and even posted a few audio interviews on my youtube page.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

Thanks for insight

I enjoyed reading the comments thusfar

Not I.

He was profoundly wrong about many things. Many TERRIBLY IMPORTANT things.
He showed himself incapable of good decision making while he was in congress.
I don't want representation that's only right in hindsight.

His libertarian rebranding smacked of a calculated political move.

Guilty as charged

of following the Libertarian party line and voting for Barr.

I've learned my lesson - vote for the man and not the party.

I'll be voting for Ron Paul this time around, just like I did in 1988 (and 2008 republican primary).

Never have, never will. ;)

Never have, never will. ;)

I couldn't support Barr either.

I saw him on Becks show. He sounded like an Israeli ambassador or something.
I didn't vote last election.
I almost pulled the trigger for Palin though. Then came to m senses and stayed home.

Palin was more libertarian

Palin was more libertarian than Barr was. Barr is a total fake.

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Bob Barr, Ron Paul, and the future of liberty

MY first choice for the 2008 LP Presidential nominaiton was, of course, Dr. Mary Ruwart, whose Healing our World showed her to be a far more consistant and well-informed Libertarian than was Barr. However, Barr received the nomination, and the choices became, NOT Barr vs. Ruwart, and not Barr vs. Ron Paul, but Barr vs. McCain and Barr vs. Obama.

Those choices made it necessary to vote for, and to campaign for, Bob Barr. He was no Ron Paul (who is?), but compared with the "Demoblican" candidates, he was an immeasurably better choice. He supported the Second Amendment wholeheartedly, he detested the Patriot Act, he was committed to ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (or at least he said that he was, and for a former GOPer, that counts for something too), and he supported (or didn't bitterly oppose) Ron Paul's efforts to END THE FED.

Me. Barr was still far too interventionist for mhy taste, but he seemed to be moving "freedomward" on most major issues, unlike both O'bomber and McDoofus were unabashed apologists for, and harbingers of, tyranny and collectivism across the board, civil liberties, economic freedom, and foreign policy. If Barr had won the Presidential election in 2008, we would still have a long way to go even for a Constitutionalist America, much less a really libertarian economy and society that would be recognisable to von Mises, Walter Block, Murray Rothbard, or Ron Paul--but we would almost certainly NOT be plagued with warmongering with Syria, Iran, Yemen, and Libya, we would NOT be plagued with the Patriot Acts I and II, we sould not have the odious and totalitarian NDAA authorization to contend with, and we would not be victimized by "obama/RomneyCare" infliction of medical fascism upon Americans!

Bob Barr a perfect choice? Nowhere and never! Bob Barr the best choice for 2008 compared with what we had, and the actual winner? I welcome him anytime!


"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi

He was the best candidate?

He was the best candidate? Ever heard of Chuck Baldwin, the guy endorsed by Ron Paul?

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I was saddened when he endorsed chuck.


You were saddened when he

You were saddened when he endorsed a guy who supported ending the fed, legalizing marijuana and other drugs, bringing the troops home, getting rid of the PATRIOT act, ending abortion, stopping forced vaccinations, ending the Department of Education, phasing out the IRS, ending all income taxes, bringing back the gold standard, withdrawing from NATO and the UN and stopping foreign aid.

So you wanted him to endorse a former neo-con who was barely fiscally conservative (who endorsed Gingrich this year), a current neo-con who wanted to blow Iran to pieces, a liberal who may or may not be from America or one of two crazy environmentalists. Those were the other choices.

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I never said I wanted him to endorse barr.

Barr was and is repugnant to me. I'll give him some credit for changing stances on some things, but all in all he's too much of a political creature to be trusted.

I would have preferred the greens and the libertarians and the constitutionalists et all uniting behind some sort of UNITY ticket. That's what I hoped for the day they had the joint conference. I wanted all the 3rd parties to say: We're here to run on civil liberties, and ending the wars. We'll fight out of differences on economics in congress.

I felt like RP shouldn't have endorsed anything but a 3rd party fusion ticket.

And with respect to Baldwin, I'm freedom uberalis-- if I remember correctly his stances on gay marriage, and abortion were anything but enlightened.