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Why Do Some Ron Paul Supporters Hate Gary Johnson?


It's one thing to hate a NeoCon or a Socialist who's trying to outright destroy our country, but some Ron Paul supporters hate Gary Johnson with a passion. One comment on my FaceBook wall the other day read "Gary Johnson can go get high and choke on his hookers c--t until he denounces and reverses his stances with keeping military bases overseas and stopping Predator drone strikes into sovereign nations." Over on DailyPaul.com a post about Ron Paul saying kind words about Gary Johnson had this reply "GJ is a CFR Republican running to STOP the rEVOLution in the name of choice. HE IS NOT A CHOICE."

“Not a choice”? “Go get high and choke on hookers?” This is the kind of rhetoric that’s usually reserved for people like Dick Cheney, who are despised. Not a candidate that wants to end our wars, end the IRS, end the War on Drugs, Audit the Fed, and someone who Ron Paul speaks kindly about.

Is Gary Johnson perfect? Nope. Gary is misguided in some of his choices, like his stance on “humanitarian wars”. But he certainly does not deserve this kind of rhetoric from the Liberty movement, especially when Ron Paul says he’s “wonderful”. Ron Paul may not have endorsed Johnson, but he certainly would not endorse this kind of behavior towards Johnson.

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If you want my honest opinion?

Well. Personally...........I don't really know a whole lot about GJ but that's not because I'm not a proactive individual!
Indeed. I am.

But mentally.....I placed my trust in a man whom I still consider to be the best chance we will have in a long time coming. My brain somehow refuses to let go of it and no one else will do for me.

So yes, you may say to me, "You're going back to sleep! How sheeple of you!"

I am not. I have now focused my energy on my own life and those around me and make new advances toward Liberty being reclaimed. I am a positive force to be reckoned with, however much at times by myself I can fall to zero optimism.

I have no ill will toward or bad things to say about GJ.
The reason I cannot drag myself into actively supporting him is because I simply don't see how my second, or fifth, or twentieth choice for president will ever matter. If GJ is really on the side of Liberty, then great. But if so, then how am I to expect his treatment by the world to be anything other than RP take 2 and I have no more energy, time, money, or skill left to deal with such utter let downs. I am devastated, like the world at my feet, and few things can change this.

Thanks for your honest

Thanks for your honest opinion I felt much like you and was not going to vote until I finally decided maybe I better take a hard look at Gary Johnson. I was pleasantly surprised and decided to support him. Ron Paul will be forever a great Icon of Liberty and I am grateful for him being the figure head of liberty these past several years however it's time to move forward IMO.

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Because some Ron Paul supporters are jackasses.

Throughout the entire campaign there was a small percentage of Paul supporters (probably about 10% of RP supporters) who were and still are some of the most vile, hateful, self-centered bigots anyone could possibly imagine. They're the ones spamming any reporter who dared not kiss Ron Paul's feet, they're the ones who have given the rest of us a bad name by attacking anyone who was not completely sold out to voting Ron Paul in the primary and then writing Ron Paul in if Paul didn't win the primary. The ones that hate Johnson are the same ones that hate Rand Paul. The kind you're describing are the type that would make death threats to "traitors."

I'm not voting for Gary Johnson, I'm voting for Romney. But, as far as political positions go, Johnson and Romney are real close on my personal ideological radar. I've got nothing personal against Johnson.

Some of them are GOP shills

Some of them are GOP shills trying to keep the liberty movement divided by stirring the pot, ignore them. Others are just misguided and still acting like GOP party blind loyalist but have just transferred their blind loyalty to Ron Paul the man instead of logically looking at what will move liberty forward.

The CFR and other BS comments have no basis in reality and are used to justify the irrationality.

As Ron Paul said its not about him or any one man its about liberty! Gary Johnson as President would be a huge step forward in liberty!

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Gary the twitt

Gary acts like Romney lately saying a Paul vote won't COUNT!Johnson is a LOSER just like Romney.I can't believe he is that cocky STUPID to piss off the Ron Paul people.Stupid is as gary the stupid does!

GJ could have endorsed RP as

GJ could have endorsed RP as his preferred Republican candidate after he dropped out of the GOP candidacy. But he chose not to help support RP.

The LP could have taken action to officially endorse RP for POTUS considering that 95% of libertarians were RP supporters. But the LP also chose not to support RP (I'm not referring to the individual LP members but the organization officially supporting RP).

So, what we have is GJ and the LP both not endorsing RP and not helping to get him the GOP nomination.

They didn't officially help our cause but now they are wanting our support? I'm finding some difficulty with all that.


Yes, BUT while still in the debates, Gary was asked

who would you ask to be your VP running mate, Gary stated very firmly on national TV "I would ask Ron Paul"! So lets be fair here!

The Winds of Change!

He did endorse Ron Paul as the GOP nominee.

He said he was providing "Plan B" and he would step down if Ron was to be the GOP nominee.


Gary Johnson wants to reform our slave system.

Ron Paul wants to dismantle it.


Natural Order

So it's all or nothing for

So it's all or nothing for you? You would rather do nothing then take any steps forward? Seems pretty irrational to me.

A little reality. Gary Johnson wants to do all the things that Ron Paul wants to do that are within the scope of presidential authority. End the wars bring the troops home cut spending balance the budget etc. Most other thing are not within presidential authority.

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70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

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If we take an all or nothing attitude,

we'll always get nothing. If Johnson were the Republican nominee and had a chance of winning, I'd vote for him. But, Romney will do some things that would advance the cause of liberty. True, they will be baby steps, but, at the end of the day, Romney and his moderate ilk are not the culprits, the American people are. This country is getting exactly what over 40% of the population wants.

"The perfect is the enemy of the good"

"In other words, pursuing the "best" solution may end up doing less actual good than accepting a solution that, while not perfect, is effective. One could also infer that the best makes that which is good seem to be worth less than it is."


This is the problem with our revolution.

We fight each other for this reason. We believe others are wrong because they don't subscribe to what we think is the "perfect" solution.

And in that we end up fighting our friends and helping our enemies.


GJ isn't even a good actor at trying to seem like he's on our side. The man has zero guiding principles and is the walking definition of an empty suit. And yes he is connected to the CFR, the CFR member who ran all his campaigns was quickly promoted into CFR leadership upon getting GJ the LP slot. Question who is paying for neocon sleazeball Roger Stone to act as GJ's strategist. Anyone can see GJ's campaign doesn't have the money so is it the Koch boys?

Even more reason to try to run with GJ

If they don't allow Ron Paul in the LP would be exposed as crooks as you suggest they are.

If they do let Ron Paul in I assume you were wrong.

Either way we win.

Similar to what just happened at the RNC. It was a no win situation for the establishment. They were stuck between a rock and a hard place. They could either let Ron Paul speak and help him wake up more people or they could cheat so obviously and help wake up more people.

This is not about winning and never was as the establishment still has too much under control. It was always about educating the people.

When people are educated we win.

Coming out and offering to run with Gary Johnson would have a similar effect. A no win situation for the establishment if you are right that they also have full control over the LP.

I think the real question is: Why do some GJ supporters hate it

when Ron Paul supporters remain loyal and committed to our candidate who is still running the most successful liberty consign for president in the past 200 years? I'm sure they have their own reasons for jumping ship. Those reasons just seem way premature to most of us here on the Daily Paul. I personally don't think that anyone here on the DP hates GJ.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

He is too eager to steal from Dr. Paul.

He and his campaign understand that many who supported Dr. Paul would gladly migrate to the Libertarian Party on principle. But the Johnson camp couldn't even wait for Dr. Paul to end his campaign; they tried to steal support even while he was active.

It's no surprise that many of us view Gary Johnson with suspicion, as a result of that activity.

I don't hate G Johnson

but he is prochoice and I like Dr. Paul believes life begins at conception. If you have ever seen a baby on a two month ultrasound, seen the heartbeat......

No hate here, just lack of respect.

(If you must know). Especially when compared to Ron Paul. BTW, Ron Paul hasent yet ended his race for presidency of the United States of America. His nomination was unjustly awarded to a neocon tyrant. Which means time for plan B not a different and weaker candidate.

Either get with the program or go get your neighbors to support your alternative candidate for liberty. Incase you havent noticed us Ron Paul supporters are pretty committed to our presidential candidate, Ron Paul.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

I don't hate Garry Johnson!

At least, not enough to disrespect him or his supporters by constantly promoting Dr. Paul over at DailyJohnson.com.

Oh! Hang on, there isn't one.

I would like to see Gary Johnson in the Presidential debates

It would make them worth watching, but I know both the other candidates would not allow that.

Me too. I even signed his patition t speak in the debates.

But I 100% support Ron Paul.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Why not just invite people to GJ's website

Instead of posting every tidbit of GJ news on a Ron Paul forum? I don't hate GJ, but I think some of his supporters here are being very pushy and a bit rude. I was aware of GJ before his supporters began pushing him here. If I decide to vote for him, I'll do it because I decided to on my own...not because of any campaigning you do for him here. Please go away.

I don't hate him...

I don't hate him, I don't even really know him. What I do know is that all GJ trolls on this site have done nothing but driven me as far as possible from having anything but a negative reaction every time I hear his name. They have done nothing but shoot themselves in the foot and alienate as many people as possible. I am so sick and tired of hearing his name I could scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Johnson Has Much to Learn

He reminds me of Glenn Beck who has an opinion about everything without having really thought things through very much, only to find out later that he was mistaken. Johnson needs to take a sabatical or live in a cabin in the woods. for a few years where he can do some serious reading. Undisturbed.

my reason is

not hatred of him or his campaign even... but go find your local libertarian party - it wont exist, there is no local - state - national organized party there is no chance the LP can make an impact. period. 1 campaign cant do it you have to be organized in every county. but. if the LP were to pick up RP on this ticket, itd prove alot to me, because ive watched the RP movement do exactly that, organize, quickly, locally, statewide, and natioanlly, and bringing RP on board would give me faith its not just a grab our money movement. I dont hate him, but since i think voting for him is fine for htis yr and not our overall goal, its starting to seem like the gary johnson crap is starting to give credit to gj for stuff he didnt do, im sick of it.


I don't hate him.

I'm just tired of seeing a million posts about him every time I come to DP. I come here to find out what's going on with Ron Paul, not Gary Johnson.

Word up...


Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Pssst he is a neocon and those are neocon positions.

Somebody isn't paying attention or is a neocon themselves.

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Don't give the RNC/GOP their way-

Whatever we do, we can't be all fragmented....Wait to see what Ron Paul does, and if he isn't throwing in the towel, get behind him.

Thanks for a calm voice in the wilderness.

Dr. Paul has never said he is finished. That guy has more courage and stamina then the whole RNC/Romney and GJ followers combined!