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moneybomb to make and air commercial of rnc corruption and air it on national channels

I think there should be a moneybomb to put together a commercial compiling some of the most egregious rnc corruption captured on video throughout this whole nominating process.

we should find a liberty-loving celebrity to narrate it, and we should have it run nationally on fox news as many times as the moneybomb affords.

I don't know who should organize it. I would hope someone that is prominent in the movement could make that happen, but if there is enough support for the idea and no one else stepped up, I would be willing to organize it.

I often see posts on this site about "why doesn't the campaign expose the corruption?" or "why doesn't the mainstream media report the truth?" but nothing ever comes of it.

Sure, we have the awsome Ben Swann, but he has a limited audience and, unless someone seeks out his videos, they will never see his exposing of the truth.

If we could buy airtime on a nationally televised network that is watched by the establishment backers, maybe more than just a few of them would be enlightened.

Get the truth out there in front of the people that really need to know the truth. I've seen how much money the liberty movement is willing to cough up for a good cause by means of a moneybomb, and this is as good a cause as there is!!

Not just one airing, but multiple airings of the commercial. Let people know that there is no choice when the party is run by corrupt authoritarians that poison the grassroots when they are threatened.

I know that people probably don't want to support fox news by purchasing airtime from them, but fox news has the audience that needs to be awakened.

I think it would be a wonderful tool to advance the cause of liberty!!

Let me know what you think.

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