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Grassroots Press Conference On Youtube

Here is the Youtube link for the Grassroots Press Conference held on 8/30/2012


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The problem with being overly respectful is that only the choir is aware of all the shenanigans that went down at the RNC. We will be maligned, regardless of how we act. We should have taken better advantage of having the national spotlight, rather than resorting to bunch of "respectful" youtube protests.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

Fighting the G.O.P.

I think we are wasting our time and energy fighting the G.O.P. We should be using our time and energy to build the libertarian party into a major party. I cannot and will NOT vote for Romney/Ryan this November! Join me in voting for Gary Johnson and help keep the liberty movement rolling.

While this is nice....

What lasting effect will it have? I didn't see any microphones from ABC/CBS/NBC.

The party will gladly cheat if they know less than 5% of the people will know about it.

Which is why we have to be our own media. We need a documentary put together showing all the corruption, and distribute it through the internet, and by canvassing.

Criminals will only change behavior if there is a consequence to their actions. So far, they are rewarded.

Until the top of the party learns they cannot get away with fraud, our efforts to reform it will be wasted.

Reminds me of the Olympics in which a lady trained hard for 4 years, only to be tripped in the final race.

As Doug Wead said, as long as ten fat guys can overturn everything we worked for, there is no point.

whats the point of making a

whats the point of making a documentary if only 5% of the people watch it?

I think we should make a video of the corruption


I like your idea. We should also send it to some non-corrupt ppl at the Justice dpt.

it's all right that everyone has a different way of . . .

dealing with this (there's the libertarian in me)--

but I admire these people greatly, and I am praying for them. God bless them--

I can't be there, but I appreciate what they are doing.

I have been disillusioned with the Republican party for decades--

but I am glad there are those who are willing to try to change it; the fact is that the two-party system has too much control in this nation, but since it is that way, a certain number of Americans have to try to change at least one of the parties--

my 2 cents--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

the Good Guys are going to retaliate

From Bix Weir

Friday Road Trip: Plan B is Better Then Plan A

Snip: " Ron Paul is scheduled to be on the Jay Leno show Tuesday night and the rumors are that he will announce a 3rd party run."

I dont want to post the article because it is a subscription site.

Keep an eye on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday night and see what happens.

Go Ron Paul !

Tin Pan

indy run is not practical

indy run is not practical especially talking $$$. I predict you will see a Paul/Johnson or Johnson/Paul ticket. If there is a indy run. There better be a few billionaires backing it. I predict 100% a Johnson/Paul Ticket or Paul/Johnson ticket if that is legal because of loser laws. Johnson/Paul/ or Paul Johnson and i will be ready to stand in blizzards and give all the money i can except my oodles and noodles money. Johnson/Paul 2012 Legalize Libery&Freedom

Ron Paul 2016

I know that this comment is

I know that this comment is going to get "down-voted" a great deal. But here goes… I watched this video and I really tried to listen to what people were saying. I have been coming to a place where I am of a new or different opinion about something and after the events of this primary season and of this convention I am more certain than ever that I am completely comfortable with my change of heart. I did not really become interested in politics until 1990. I got married in that year and it wasn't until I began listening to and talking with my new father-in-law that I got interested in politics. In the beginning I was one of those people who listened to rush limbaugh and watched faux news; and I actually believed what I heard. I did deviate from that when I heard Ross Perot. I voted for Mr. Perot and I still believe that he was the best person for the job at that time. I began to see the error of my ways with rush, faux, and the republican party in general. As far as I am concerned, the republican party is dead. Everyone here believes that Ron Paul was and is a good and wise man and that he was the individual who was the best person to send to the white house in 2013. I believe that Ron Paul was wrong. Every time he ran for his parties nomination he was treated badly and cheated by the republican party establishment. But he never gave up and every time he ran the party treated him the same way. And in my opinion, the way they treated him this time was the worst. I see it in the same way as a married woman whose husband uses her badly, steals from her and beats her badly…and then after he beats her so severely that she almost dies, she ends up going back to him and repeats the whole experience again and again. In the 22 years that I have been interested and involved in politics, I have also become interested in history. And as far as I am concerned, one of the worst, if not the very worst president in the history of our great republic was abraham lincoln. What I am getting at is that I just don't see the republican party being any better than the democrat party. And both of them are taking our great republic to a place of ruin. We were meant to be a Constitutional Republic, but we have become an oligarchy and/or an empire. And we are following the exact same path that every other empire has taken. Neither party is going to change or stop that. And to think or believe otherwise is, in my opinion, naive at best. Both major parties are also oligarchies. And to think that by joining this institution that you are going to change that institution is just crazy. To use another relationship metaphor, this is like the woman who keeps getting robbed and beaten telling herself that it will all get better once they get married! You guys have to do what you truly feel is the right thing for you to do, but please, think, pray, meditate or whatever you do when deeply contemplating a major decision. I usually ask God for guidance and direction. Good luck to you all.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

so . . .

what does Dr. Paul do with the abusive 'husband'?

Leaves him, of course--

Dr. Paul tried that for decades; he tried running for president as a libertarian at least once--

Dr. Paul is like the woman who has an abusive husband but lives in a society that does not allow women to leave husbands--


Her option (the abused wife) would have been death--

Dr. Paul has, for all intents and purposes, quit the game--

I guess he chose, metaphorically speaking, 'death'--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Gary Johnson endorsement confirmed

Breaking news is that Ron Paul has effectively endorsed Gary Johnson for president. Lew Rockwell just reported it. This was the surprise we expected from Ron Paul post RNC. Now with the boost Gary Johnson will receive in the polls we may easily see him obtain sufficient
popularity to get into the national debates. It is a tremendous day for libertarians.

He didn't outright say or call this an endorsement.

This is what I found on the Lew Rockwell page: Ron Paul was quoted as saying the following in a blog post.

"I think he's wonderful and I think he's doing a good job and people should look at him — and every individual should make up their own mind!"

It sounds good, but I think it falls short of a full endorsement.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

How about a link to where you

How about a link to where you saw this report? This is the only thing Lew has on his site and it's from yesterday and it is certainly no endorsement.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

Here's some of the rest of the story...

We got slaughtered with the credentials and rules on Tuesday, Maine and Texas and several other delegations planned a walk-out on Tuesday. Not wanting to be remembered for walking out, we scheduled a walk-in on Wednesday and then held this press conference. Check out my previous posts for the wording on the press release that was read.

Check out TracesofReality for the video of the walk-in and walk-out. Here's a link to the walk-out video.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!

Show your Numbers!

I'm not that close to the republican party organization since i don't live in America and follow all things Ron Paul only via the internet. But here's my thoughts on the Grassroots and how to let them be heard.

I have read opinions since the RNC saying people should abandon the sinking republican ship, completely dispense the republican party to be independent from neocons, and even vote or campaign for Obama. Many of those being fed up with republicans were independents or democrats (lefties) just like myself before i learned about libertarians. Some say Libertarians should 'run in large numbers' from the republican party now. Well you haven't even shown your numbers yet. Let your numbers be counted by involvement not only on the ballot, that's not enough for real change. For all who can stand your ground: get involved, stay involved, show your numbers. You don't have to endorse Romney for that. You represent yourself as a concerned voice within the GOP, should you decide to do that, that's fair and necessary either way.

People have to understand and internalize that all differences between Obama and Romney are only superficial - in all things concerning liberty in its entirety (meaning social as well as economic liberty) - they are all the same. And you surely can't have only one of those liberties without the other, believe me Europeans know about that.

You may say you are either sick and tired of most republicans, or you decide to become a part of it despite of it all, and change it's course to it's original principled constitutional and libertarian roots. Ultimately, i think, Libertarians will have to have influence on both parties, because you will not get past the two-party system by ignoring it for there are too many asleep within those parties who run them. And as of now a third party will not ifluence public discussion in an enough effective way as a "take-over" of parts of the big parties would. And that's what it's all about, the Public Discussion. But either way -

- to vote or work for either Obama or Romney, i consider form my perspective as unprincipled and a real sellout (don't forget that Rand must not actually vote for Romney, even though he endorsed him).

So my advice is, whatever you do: stay true to yorself, make yourselves heard closest to the establishment and public opinion as possible to shape Discussion, compromise if necessary but never on constitutional matters, don't let yourself be corrupted or bought and certainly don't vote for one of the crooks that Romney AND Obama are!
(Vote Ron Paul if you can)

You guys are trivializing this

The important thing is not that the grass roots is trying to change a few rules back to what they were, it is the fact that these people are encouraging everyone to get involved to take over these committee positions in each state and take over the party from the bottom up in each state. Brute force, battle of attrition, however you want to characterize it. That will eventually pay off big time with real results either in totally disrupting and destroying the party, tearing it apart from the inside, or gaining total control and being able to nominate real liberty candidates in the future.

You are missing the point.

The RNC is a private corporation. They can do whatever they want from the executive branch level.

And with Rule 16 passed, the owners are in total control.

I don't see any point in fighting to take over the RNC. It ain't gonna happen.

Another party or a new party is the only solution.

Expose the RNC and go elsewhere.

I don't want any part of it.

You left an opening in your comment

you said "expose the RNC"

So perhaps you actually agree with me, or you're not a very good sophist. Anyway we are not done EXPOSING the RNC, in fact we will be absolutely relentless in EXPOSING the RNC from the inside and out. You would have us give up and disappear like a bunch of cowards. We choose to show up for this battle, instead of running away, the very least you could do for the movement would be to stfu instead of insisting on this disgraceful retreat.

Go ahead waste your resources and energy fighting this


That's exactly what they expect and believe me they are prepared for it.

I'll be doing something productive educating and enlightening people on a better future of politics outside the scope of the GOP and RNC.


How can they be private yet

How can they be private yet use tax dollars to go about their business? Doesn't make sense to me, so I think the whole private party thing falls apart if we decide it does.

How can the RNC teleprompt new party rules?

Republican National Committee Inc. (note the "Inc.")

Come on people really.

Trying to change the way of the RNC is like trying to tell AT&T to give us all free internet with our phone service.

The only way to effect a change with a corporation is stop feeding it profits by using its services.

Walk away before it is illegal to leave.

Liberty minded candidates fall outside the prospect type of the


The RNC doesn't want free markets.

They want controlled markets.

War and bank control is big money for the RNC lobbyists.

The RNC will say and do anything to achieve their ends (isn't that obvious by now?).

It's all about the profit in the end for this group.

Move on. Move on. And get over it.

I made it through this whole video

because of all the different people who spoke and because the main speaker, Luis, was so impressive and well put together. However, I am curious to know what the plan is if/when Romney and the RNC don't repeal the offensive rule(s)and don't apologize?

impressive indeed

Yes that young man from Texas delegation, very impressive. Let me know when he is running for Congress or US Senate. He definitely seems to have the right stuff.

Great job delegates! Thank

Great job delegates!

Thank you for pressing on!

Sooo.....How many times do you want

to be suckered by Romney and the RNC? Just having them repeal rule 12 or whatever means nothing.So lets say they repeal it - and you work for them and then after the election they reinstate it. Just like they did before.
Only REAL remedy is to demand the resignation of all those who voted for it. Period. Otherwise you are just asking to be stepped on again.

zero chance of them changing anything...

the goal is not to be fair... the goal is to shut out any dissenting voices...

accept reality...

wake up..

kk tnx

if you do not wake up you have 0 chance...

I said this 4 years ago.. if you do not get rid of the voting have zero can complain all day long... but that is the reality..

delegates mean nothing, your vote mean nothing...

that is reality

Four To Six Million Votes..."Run Ron Run!!"

Please consider running independent Dr. Paul...I know you said you didn't want to run third party, but in light of what your republican party did to you and us, the disenfranchised, I appeal to you on behalf of the remnant to please reconsider a third party run.

Thank you in advance..

For Liberty,