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Grassroots Press Conference On Youtube

Here is the Youtube link for the Grassroots Press Conference held on 8/30/2012


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Here is an inspiring article

Here is an inspiring article on where we go from here. The liberty movements hour of prayer.

Matt Larson,

What do RULES have to do with it?!

Change Liberterian Party name to the~~~~LIBERTY PARTY

I THINK that they can do that. Besides, rebranding is a good idea. It would give our movement a great facelift. I'm going to call headquarters next week on this idea.


I was thinking of a new party name,

How about the PATRIOT PARTY?

Those who join and support abide by the U.S. Constitution and understand the concept of LIBERTY!

Yes, build the LIBERTY PARTY, but

the candidate CAN'T be a watered-down version of Dr. Paul. It has to be someone like Tom Woods, no less.

Ben Ginsberg was listenning with some concern

Right in front of everyone's face, the guy who was behind those rules to assure the RNC unlimited powers. You have to know You enemies in the face.

Congratulations, everyone for

Congratulations, delegates for trying your best at the national convention and your extended commitment within the GOP. Although, I don't see the GOP as the sole vehicle for attempting to restore constitutional liberty in the US, it should probably remain one of major vehicles. I'm all for a divide and conquer approach to political parties. I even support a new party initiative and using it as additional pressure on the major parties. Use both internal and external pressure until something pops.

BTW, Glen Bradley, hang in there. Lovers of constitutional liberty from NC will reward you eventually with an even better position in the future.

Longe time since you had any

say into what is goin just recently found out about the truth-----

I am tired...come on is time to speak your mind or be quiet forever...

I know few people spoke against the nazis and my grandfather in fact made a lot of money trading with those bastards...

It was very profitable to make deals with those dogs.....

I know my grandfather had the hearth in the right place cause he had a gun for a Norwegian resistance man that he kept close...

But now it feels like the ww2 all over again.....thanks to the morons in chiefs......ohh we are so thankful of your service and great learership in europe,, you could not even keep the singe currency afloat for 10 years.................
Not even 10+ years of the failed crap.......

I am glad my country voted no to that abomination.....

So let me get this straight...

The RNC breaks its own rules, acts underhandedly, steals the nomination, and then introduces new rules to ensure they can continue to do so in the future; but, we still need to support the party? Fix it?

Why not just turn our backs on them? I mean, is anyone here really going to vote for Romney if they say they're sorry or even reverse rule 16? Whatever happened to "Ron Paul or no one else"? Was that just empty rhetoric?

Disregard of the rules has to be addressed

1. Duly elected delegates were not seated
2. Rules were adopted diminishing the standing of members without the proper participation of the body
3. A minority report was ignored
4. A legitimate nomination was obstructed
5. Washington, California, Arkansas, Nebraska, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Indiana, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Virginia delegations have grievances

If state parties are unable or unwilling to address these problems, and Romney is elected, there will be no way to contest his re-election in four years.

State party leadership should call for the immediate resignation of Priebus and Sununu, and nullify fraudulently adopted rules.

Thank you grassroots delegates!!!

I'm optimistic about the future when I see all of you delegates represent us and speak on behalf of our liberty movement. We are the future. Thank you!!!

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?

9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

The best moment was when

the lady from Minnesota said this could cause Mitt Romney to lose this election. I'm shedding tears of joy! That is great news.

Be a part of the solution and abandon the criminal RNC & GOP.

Is an apology from Romney going to resolve what happened at the convention?

Why didn't Romney stand up to this at the convention and call out the RNC?

Why didn't Rand call this out at the convention?

Anyone that is going along to get along is already too far gone to be of any help to the solution.

Get it. The RNC Corporation is profit driven just like any other corporation. Run by top attorneys and professional PR personnel.

They are not going anywhere unless the foundation falls through the bottom and walks.

Just walk people. Walk. Anyone that thinks the RNC will rectify this (without a deceptive plan) is a fool plain and simple.


Which major party do you suggest we walk to and take over? Right now, I see no other EFFECTIVE game than working within the GOP.

We were 10x stronger than 2008. Take a couple months off, then let's get back to work at the local level inside our county GOP.

I like your username, but I have no idea what you are not


By supporting and working with the RNC you are effectively supporting criminals.

If working within the RNC/GOP means openly protesting and exposing the RNC/GOP, that might be productive.

But voting for or canvassing for Romney and Ryan just because they are GOP Nominees should not even be considered.

This is plain and simple: reward those that commit crimes, and they will continue to commit crimes. Sending a vote for Romney/Ryan is in effect condoning and supporting the actions of Romney, Ryan and the RNC.

I think you are smarter than that.

these are real people--

not talking heads--

this is genuine; those who mock them: could you have done better?

I say, "good job!"--

I may not feel exactly the same way; I don't feel loyalty to the GOP--

but these people are actually doing something about a grievance, not just complaining in private--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I can't see "working" with RNC people who are deranged~~

I'm sorry, but I work for law enforcement. That's like saying I'm going to work with the criminal who raped me, so I can convince him to be fair. It's not going to happen.

Once TRUST has been broken, and with noticeable HATRED towards the grassroots by literally the majority of these hardcore members who are all Rinos, it's just not realistic to do try and "convince" them to understand us. The RINOS are completely IRRATIONAL!

It is only the normal Republicans in our states WHO ARE NOT ACTIVELY INVOLVED RINOS that we can "trust". They are the only ones perhaps that we can encourage to get involved now.

I'm open to discussion and other options. I'm wondering if we need a completely different strategy overall to do this.

I hope that ALL THE DELEGATES from all those states got everyone's email addresses for communication, plus their phone numbers for conference calls, which will be much safer than emailing. You can rent huge conference rooms to dial into at minimal charges. Some means of communication must be organized.

You work for law enforcement.

You work for law enforcement. Law enforcement does many underhanded work with them. Law enforcement busts down people's doors for drug raids and hauls people off, breaking up families over victim-less "crimes" and you work with them. Law enforcement confiscates peoples property without any trial for suspected crimes and for drug possession, or just carrying large sums of cash and you work with them.

Undoubtedly there are many, many good people that work in law enforcement and make policy in law enforcement, but there are some bad apples in law enforcement and you work with them. So why is it so different for those working toward liberty to work with the GOP and the RNC?

Victoria~~read NULLIFICATION by Tom Woods`

I don't know if you were referring to my post or not, but working for a Sheriff's Department has nothing to do with choosing to work with the GOP. It's a job. That's all it is. Furthermore, it's NOT the Federal government, BIG difference.

I've dealt with the "local" RINOS, and they stick together as a group, regurgitate everything they hear on Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News. They are truly brainwashed, and it would take a huge change in the country for these people to wake up. Ron says it will be an "economic crisis" revolving around the dollar devaluation. I can only hope for that, because I'd rather see the nation wake up than to have my cafe latte, if you know what I mean.

You saw the GOPr's yelling in our delegates' faces, when they had already walked out that first time. Repeat offenders, people who are sheeple, people who follow the herd, have the least potential of change. Have you ever tried talking wtih them one on one? It's a dead end street.

However, the "public" is where it's at. They are the ones we can make some headway with.

Spinning wheels with the GOP is not where it's at. It's idealistic to dream that we can do that. Not gonna happen. Money is the root, power is the root of all their evil~~throw in the FED Reserve money printers, lobbyists, etc., and you have an irreversable elixir.

Anyway, probably the best route out of this mess is NULLIFICATION. Read the book by Tom Woods.

Do what every profit driven corporation fears most. WALK!

If a corporation fails to deliver an honest product, don't "buy" their service any longer.

Don't forget the RNC is a privately owned corporation built by attorneys, lobbyists and professional Public Relations personnel.

Don't be fooled by the cute little elephant.

Poor delusional people..

"This is my party.. I will not be kicked out!"

blah blah blah, all I see is irrational people trying to join the mafia and turn it into a charity. Simply insane.


what these people did took courage--

did it take courage for *you* to laugh at them?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

DP members from the video

Steve Dickson and one of the fish sisters!

Front page!!!

All of you are an inspiration. Thank you all!!!!!



Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

the guy that spoke Spanish

was great. he should run for office in texas.

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Rand Paul 2016

His name is Lui LaRotta...

And he's a great person. Google him for some awesome pics with Jeremy Blosser from Texas. Texas stood strong with Maine. Check out the full video our our walk out! I'm in the blue shirt and gold tie in the cowboy hat standing near Ashley Ryan from Maine and then Jeremy Blosser from Texas. Those two people are a huge asset to the Liberty Movement.

You should be able to get to the video from that link. I'm on my mobile.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!

The guy that said this is our party?

Unintelligent individual is all I have to say.

Anyone that will maintain a part of a party that is clearly criminal is criminal by accessory.

An apology from Romney will serve no purpose and will never come. Don't expect it.

See what is in front of you and decide if it is a party you want to be a part of.

Excellent comments by individuals.....BUT

I don't think they were told about the rule change, as Doug Weade said which means that the RNC can have a TOPS-DOWN CONTROL, and that means it doesn't matter how many people get "involved" in his state or others, as we will have no more control, and if the elections aren't honest, we have no control. Here is Doug's quote:

"The first version of Romney Rules, called for the nominee, himself, to pick all of the delegates in any state where he won the primary. This was what Romney wanted...

And they got something more. Something bigger. They got the right for the RNC to change the rules right up to the next convention. Which gives them time to purge existing members and reshape the RNC to its purposes. It also allows them to change the results, if someone other than Romney wins a given state.

In fact, they didn’t wait. They began using this power in Tampa to purge the floor of Ron Paul delegates."

So, I just don't see any point at all in "working" with the RNC in the future. I do see a point in developing a stronger 3rd party, or a stronger Liberterian Party. It needs to be much, much bigger, more well-funded, more billionaires in it, etc. etc. etc. THEN, we might have a chance at defeating these elitists.

ONE LAST THING~~unless this nation of sheeple can get control of the Presidential Voting Tabulation machine that Goldman Sachs & Balderton Capital took over & moved to Spain, we are sunk in any friggin' national election in the future!

That must be talked about, too.

Oh and you think when you

Oh and you think when you form that magical third party with the funding of billionaires, lets say Ross Perot, then the GOP is just going to magically step aside and allow you to sidestep their legal advantages to ballot access, debate access, finance access, etc. Think again.