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Team pyro - very popular young Christian blog weighs in on 3rd party voting.


"There is one class of voter this post is for, and that’s the voter who isn’t a huge fan of Romney, and is not a fan of Obama, and wants to vote for anyone else more attuned to their stated political beliefs – for example, Ron Paul, or perhaps Pat Robertson, or perhaps Sara Palin – someone farther to the right with better Bona Fides than Romney.  But they know, in their heart, that this vote is a vote of conscience and not a vote which will actually cause that man to be put into office.  So when they are confronted by the objection, “A vote for [other] is a vote for Obama,” they ask the astute question, “Pray tell: why isn’t it a vote for Romney?”  DJP has dealt with this 4 years ago, but I have something it seems most people have not considered."

I haven't posted in a while, but thought this would be a great outreach/educational opportunity to the evangelical right. Since this post is in regards to what many feel on this forum I thought some could jump in to explain the point of view of those voting 3rd party and how obamney are one in the same.

Edit: Or for those in favor of their view to still shed light on your reasoning.


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