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What Now? Forget POTUS, Get RP Congressional Candidates Elected!

For the next two months, more should be focused on maximizing that RP initiatives & momentum continues to grow in Congress via RP endorsed candidates.

After researching & identifying some truly RP Constitution based Congressional candidates, seriously committed to carrying on RP agenda, some are very long shots, while some others have a surprisingly realistic shot at being elected and then carrying RP agenda forward when they get to Congress.

No investment of our time/money/energy, right now, for the next two months, better assures more Constitutionalists actually becoming elected into the next Congress to continue pressing RP's agenda forward, than to support those that have the best chance of actually winning.

Here's an example of just one, who has a real shot; Dr. Art Robinson www.artforcongress.com/ron-paul who is running very close race against DeFazio in Oregon.

There's others equally qualified & electable, too, deserving of all our support. Add them here.

Whatever you've done in supporting RP has helped to awaken others, now it's time we all re-focused all that energy & momentum, over the next two months, on getting more Constitutionalists elected into Congress in November.

- Shane

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