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So you love Ron Paul?

So You Love Ron Paul? You love the Liberty Movement? You love it so much you will never vote for anyone but Ron Paul? Ron Paul or nobody right?

What will you do after this election and you write in Ron Paul? Of course it will be no surprise to you or anyone else when he doesn’t win. ( I hate to say it, but it is true) Even if every Ron Paul supporter wrote in his name he would not win.
So my question to you is this? What will you do AFTER this election? It is highly unlikely that Ron Paul will run in 2016 after all he will be 81 years old by then.
So if your motto is no one but Paul…what are you going to do? Is it really more about the man or is it about the message?

I, like you, don’t want to vote for the lesser of two evils anymore. That is why my vote will not be cast for Romney or Obama or any other candidate who does not open the Constitution and read it from time to time and understand what it means. But I am not naïve enough to believe that we will find “another Ron Paul”. He is a man that is unique and rare and exactly what was needed to cure our apathy. He is perfect in that he had a 30 year record of not compromising ever, never going against his principles, and standing alone until we were ready to stand with him. Even with as wonderful and principled as he is, he was completely shut out of the RNC and so were we. They do not care what we have to say, they don’t want to hear it, they don’t want to even think about Ron Paul’s message. For them, it is about power and money. Period. We will never change them and they have changed the rules so will never have a voice in their conventions, their platforms, their candidates ever again.

So what do we do from here? Sadly if the only reason you have in being in the Liberty movement is Ron Paul, when this election is over you will probably just go home. You will be angry, disenfranchised…you may rant and rave to your friends and family and blog or post on the internet about how everything is screwed. But you will effect no real change this way. If you were only ever in it for Ron Paul, I think you will be done. So vote however you want in the election. You don’t like Gary Johnson because you disagree with 2% of what he says, by all means right in the good doctors name. It will mean nothing and won’t be counted; but you can feel good about yourself. Well done. Now go home.

But if you REALLY want to make a difference; REALLY want to make our voice and our MESSAGE heard then I would suggest putting all our votes in one basket so to speak. Gary Johnson is not Ron Paul, but no one will ever be Ron Paul. I find it foolish and disturbing that so many in the Liberty movement are so adamant that because somebody voted one time for something they were against that they are dead to the movement, they are traitors or sell outs or whatever nice euphemism you wan t to call them. This of course is just stupid. If Ron Paul is the only standard that you use to compare others too then you will always be let down, and NO ONE, probably not even Ron Paul himself could live up to this. We have made great strides in getting liberty minded people into Congress and the Senate, but I can almost guarantee you that at some point they will vote for or against something that you disagree with . If it becomes a pattern, if it is something like voting yes on the NDAA, then I can understand the outrage. But if we are to make any headway at all we need to realize that NOBODY is Ron Paul, or ever will be again. But the message needs to stay strong. The message of small government, fiscal responsibility, personal liberty, ending wars, auditing the fed, a return to the Constitution. These are the things that are important. The other stuff is a distraction. I have seen many comments about the abortion issue and that is why they would never vote for Gary Johnson. Interestingly I have heard people more left leaning say that they agree with everything Ron Paul said except his view on abortion so that is why they would never vote for him. I thought it was stupid when the left said it and I think it’s just as stupid for people in the liberty movement say it about Gary Johnson. No matter your stance on the abortion issue, it does not matter who is in office, the current law is not going to be changed. Roe vs. Wade will not be overturned so it really is kind of a moot point. It’s a distraction plain and simple.

So what is the Liberty movement to do? How do we keep our message alive and well and GROWING in the next 4 years? How do we send a clear message to the RNC that we no longer care what they have to offer. We already know they will never hear our voice, they don’t want to hear it and they have changed the rules to silence us or any grass roots movement in the future. So what do we do? Keep trying to change the RNC? This too me, seems like a waste of time and energy and a whole lot of frustration that we don’t need. Our energy and enthusiasm could be better spent elsewhere. Somewhere where our message is welcomed and wanted. There is only one place that I see as a viable option and one that is already in place and has been struggling for membership and a voice since 1971. That is the Libertarian Party. Do we agree with EVERYTHING that the Libertarian Party believes in? Probably not. Did we believe in EVERYTHING the Republican Party stood for? Most defiantly not, but we were willing to try to work with them, because of Ron Paul. Like it or not Ron Paul is no longer in the running. So we need to get behind a party that wants to hear us, welcomes us and doesn’t mind if people don’t agree on everything. They welcome the debate.

If you are holding out for someone that you agree with on everything 100% of the time, I am sure you are going to be waiting a very long time. It’s time to start our own platform and decide what the IMPORTANT MAJOR ISSUES are, that we can ALL agree on, put our energy into that instead of squabbling like children on the petty issues we don’t agree on.

By voting for Gary Johnson do we think he will actually win the election? NO. Does Gary Johnson think he will win the election if all the Ron Paul supporters vote for him? I seriously doubt it. Will it send a very strong and loud message to the Republicans and the Democrats that we are sick and tired of the status quo? That we want and demand something better? I think it would. And with that kind of momentum think of the people we could reach with our message in the next 4 years. Just think about it for a minute. A lot of people have said that education is the key, we must educate people to the ideas of liberty, and I could not agree more. But once we do, where do they go from there? To a bunch of splintered factions in the liberty movement? Is that really going to help our cause in the long run? No..We need to be UNITED. WE NEED TO MAKE A STAND. I’ve seen many names thrown out of the person we should get behind and to be honest that is great, however we don’t have time before the election to get an entire movement behind someone nobody has ever heard of. The fact is most people know who Gary Johnson is, he is registered in all 50 states and he supports the liberty movement. This is a HUGE opportunity to make a stand and statement about us. If after the election we want to choose another person to carry the torch than great..We can vet them out and see who is the strongest candidate. But this election we need Gary Johnson. And we need the Libertarian Party.
I am sure there are those of you that will say I am not a real Ron Paul supporter or I don’t really care about the movement…might I suggest looking in the mirror. And decide if it’s your ego or your brain that makes you so opposed to people voting for Gary Johnson.
I am still broken hearted and livid is not a strong enough word to how I feel about the RNC Convention. How they treated Ron Paul, his delegates and supporters is beyond wrong. It was truly a slap in the face for all the hard work that every single one of us has put into this movement. I want to pay them back the best way I know how, and that is to vote Gary Johnson.

Call me what you will, let the hate mail begin. I may sound cranky and just a bit bitchy but its time to cut through the bullshit, quit arguing amongst ourselves and do what needs to be done. For all of our futures we need to make a UNITED STAND AND WE NEED TO DO IT NOW.


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You have many legitimate questions.

Loose lips sink ships. That is what I have learned from this board.

Discussion is essential. Coalitions across this great land is also.

It is time to consider other methods of communication, and also to work locally.

There is a reason that romney central was only active at specific times of the day, and who was permitted to participate. Otherwise, we would have known their every move.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul