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VIDEO: Jesse Benton Wears Bullet Proof Vest to Meeting With Maine Delegation (from EPJ)

In Maine an all-Ron Paul delegation was selected in the state's caucuses, only to be stripped of their delegate slots by the RNC and replaced with Romney delegates. This needless to say is not making the grassroots Paul supporters very happy. Many blame the behind the scenes deals cut with the Romney camp by Paul campaign manger Jesse Benton for the debacle in Maine and the overall poor influence RP supporters are having at the RNC.

How concerned is Jesse that he has done wrong and that the grassroots RP people are not happy with him? It appears he wore a bullet proof to a meeting with the Maine Ron Paul displaced delegates.

An EPJ reader emails:
Jesse Benton is wearing bulletproof vest to talk to the Maine delegation? That is what one of the commenters suggests, but I thought he was just fat, until he turned around. He is wearing body armor.

Here's the link:

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Knock It Off Already

Getting a bit sickening. Get off all the BS

Two words..

Two words, guilty conscience.


have you been threatened before

i have.

didn't have much to do with guilt conscience.

The only time ...

The only time I have been threatened, it was justified.


i don't have the details, but doesn't this provide a possible

immediate explanation:


i mean people who love to theorize and demonize, at least put half your brain into it. your theories are full of holes.. as usual.

This says it all

Doug doesn't know the half of it. Benton is scared of liberty and supports Romney all the way. The objective observer can spot it a mile away.

Keepin' it real.

jessie likely sleeps in a bulletproof vest

after what he has done who could blame him for being

It's standard protocol

for security/bodyguards to wear armor when they are working in an open area like the convention floor. Secret Service does the same thing with the agents that are between their guy and the crowd. In the case where Romney came out to accept the nomination- they had all the big money donors lined up as a wall between the delegates and Mitt. They probably didn't know they were being used as human shields!

Ron doesn't have that Goldman Sachs money, and usually just has the 1 guy with him in a controlled environment where the crowd is clearly separated from Ron Paul. Going out onto the floor is a lot riskier from a security perspective; Jesse is a pretty big dude anyway, so they had him double as security. You can tell because he has his arms out and is holding back the press.


They had a clear bullet proof wall the entire length of the room in front of the convention stage. How messed up is that?

Keepin' it real.

Another revealing moment in this exchange...

Benton: We're four times as strong as 2008. We're gonna be four times as strong...

Maine Delegates: No, FORTY times stronger!

Damn "fringe." They actually WANT to win.

SteveMT's picture

Consistency when it comes to himself is where..

Benton and the Ron Paul Campaign overlap. Consistency is manifold with Ron Paul, but the consistency with Benton in other areas is lacking.

Ron Paul returns $145k back to the Treasury.
Benton returns $0 back of his $585k salary back to the Ron Paul Campaign.
No link update:

Debbie's picture

That's ridiculous, he was already wearing it because he was on

the floor with Dr. Paul and his body guard. They probably all were wearing them.


I Agree

and who is the man with the brushcut who ser ed as Ron Paul's body guard through out the campaign. He too was on the floor with Dr. Paul.

Let's lay off Jesse and wait until he explains what he was up against. I bet he could write a book.

I feel that Wead was telling the truth when he explained that once the campaign saw that the establishment would not let Paul win the popularity contest they went to plan B and that was to secure the delegates. Rather brillant I think. And we all saw how they cheated from that angle too.

The RNC only helped our cause. It showed the American people just how corrupt the system truly is and that Ron Paul has been right all along. I feel that they will now get to work to help change it.

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    Charming story about Ron's Bodyguard :D

    Submitted by moonbow on Sat, 05/19/2012

    My brother just returned from the MN Con as a delegate

    and he told me everything! He lurks at DP but doesn't comment and gave me permission to write this:

    He was a liberal since the sixties, voted for Jesse Jackson, Ralph Nader, etc. He gives me the credit for finally "breaking him down" and helping him to lift his blinders long enough to look at the truth. Now he's a Ron Paul activist and will never go back to sleep!

    He told me that at the breakfast meeting today, he walked over to Ron's bodyguard (as Dr. Paul looked on, smiling), shook his hand and thanked him for taking good care of Dr. Paul throughout the campaign. My bro told him, "I feel like I know you because you've been on almost every photo and video of Dr. Paul's!" The guy was taken aback and didn't know what to say. Probably no one has ever said that to him before.

    I told my brother that the guy was one of the babies Dr. Paul delivered. He was amazed and touched and feels this should be shared with the Paul fans.

great story

thanks for sharing :)

    thank you! ~ /w

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

One can't be too careful....

...when one leaves spook Trgyve Olson's "security" bubble to meet with the "fringe".

How many times did Benton say "cry baby" and...

"stupid" in that video.

I figured that a person atop a presidential campaign would be more well-spoken. I'm not surprised.

A poster at EPJ observed...

1. When you are a "leader" of a movement, it's good practice to say "we" when rallying your troops instead of "you".

No solider wants to hear "you" did this or will do that...they want to know the people in leadership are invested....hence "we".

Of course, maybe Benton isn't which case "you" makes perfect sense when he refers to Paul's delegates from Maine.

2. I find it interesting to see Benton's facial expressions when the one delegate/leader from Maine is telling him that he's not playing ball(not coming into the convention). When Benton's suggests/asks "Are you going to the beach?" and the delegate says "No, we are going to stay here and talk to the press" the look on Benton's face really is an incredible "tell".

If the rest of the campaign

If the rest of the campaign isnt wearing them I would be shocked. Im no Jesse fan but they use private security and for all we know they wanted everyone to wear them.

Benton would be the last guy the Romney campaign...

...would want to take out with an assassin's bullet. He's far too valuable to them.


is where he turns around

Alternative headline: Heroes Meet With Zero

Jesse looks burdened with guilt. I wonder why?