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Statement of trust and support for Ron Paul

As mentioned in the other topic about running third party, Ron Paul seems to be unsure whether he still has the full support of the grassroots.

I think it is time to demonstrate our trust and support for him, so if you agree with my post you can show it here.

It's time to forget all the things that happened during the campaign, stop the division and unite. We don't know exactly what was going on regarding Jesse Benton and the Romney endorsement by Rand Paul. It can hurt a man seeing all the slaughtering of his family members, even more if it is not justified. So we need to stop the suspicions, the hatred and let the love speak.
Yes, many of us may not like what we have seen there. However, we can respect Rand and Jesse personally and we are grateful for everything they have done for our cause, the same as we are grateful to Ron. Everything else is just not of our business and we can trust Ron to make and having made the right decisions concerning all these things. We need not to agree with everything the members of the Paul family do to respect them and love them for the people they are.

We still support you as we always have, Dr. Paul.
And if it is your will to make a third party run for the presidency, we are behind you. If not and you just want to take your deserved retirement, we are also behind you.

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