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Changing the GOP from the inside: Mission Impossible?

The tricks pulled at the convention were not new. We have all read about countless instances of the same disenfranchising maneuvers in the primaries and local/state conventions for months. This time, however, the GOP establishment agenda was literally on a national stage for all those with eyes to see. The stories on the front page of DP today alone makes it patently clear that liberty is definitely not part of that agenda and will not be tolerated.

There has been much discussion here on the DP about ‘changing the party from the inside’, an idea supported by Dr. Paul. At this point with the party’s new rule changes – including replacing duly elected delegates with candidate appointees – does anyone still think it is possible to fight for liberty from inside the Republican Party?

Make no mistake, those who have vowed to fight for our freedom from the inside are courageous: their continued tenacity and integrity are to be admired. Their assertion that a third party option to liberty is ineffective is evidenced by Ron Paul’s 1988 presidential bid and subsequent return to the GOP. And of course none of us sees giving up as option, either.

But if freedom fighters do actually make it through the pervasive corruption of the Republican electoral process to the inside, will they then be put on a bus like Morton Blackwell to circle indefinitely every time the powers-that-be decide to ram through more affronts to the Constitution? Will the voices of liberty be ignored on every floor vote and call for point of order when the script is already written?

I’m hoping I’m missing something about how we can restore our country to the republic our Founders envisioned, but hope seems in short order following the Tampa fiasco. The whole theme of ‘Mission Impossible’ was that in the end, the mission was always accomplished despite tremendous obstacles. DPers, you always seem to find a way...where do we go from here?

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It's like trying to change a flat tire from inside a car

while driving down the highway.

You might as well join the Gambinos and try and 'reform' them

from the inside. Yes, it is mission impossible. The harder you work the worse you will be cheated. You will jump through every hoop and then they will come up with more hoops.

Centralized political parties are inherently susceptible to corruption, and were not anticipated by the Founders when they wrote the Constitution. Here is the model I believe we should pursue going forward, with the reasons for its necessity... http://www.arneighbors.org/

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

Waste of time.

Waste of time.

Educate people to ask questions instead.

Nothing will change

for the better as long as we have a majority of the population who were "educated" by the masters and who are more concerned with reality TV than their own destinies.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

My two cents...

A third party, maybe called the Libertarian Party. Start from scratch. Bring in all the true patriots..Dr. Paul, Tom Woods, Judge Nap, etc. We can create a new "rock band" of sorts. People even got tired of the Beatles. Get my drift? I really believe most are tired of the false duopoly.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

doug wead said it best in his a-bomb interview on here

They cut off the grassroots with the new rules, and therefore they cut off thier army. We need to take over the local levels and become the entire party there, start taking thier donors, and they will die off.

I'm sure some donors will always back the corupt, but we can out do them for all the blind republican sheeple that send bank to the republicans just because they have the name republican.

We must become the local level, then the county, then state. When we control the contributions in the states, they will have nothing left.

i want the new party to be called The Party of Paul

Why not? The Constitution Party is already taken or I'd say that.


Get where you're coming from

but no movement should be about any one individual personality - it should instead highlight the principles held by those who inspire us.

Point taken; it's just that for me calling it the Party of Paul

makes me think of those priniples. What about Jeffersonian Demoacracy? It's not about Jefferson either.


Flush the Toilet

I have seen enough of the cesspool called the Republican Party. The smell of all the dishonesty, cheating, lying, and everything else that has gone on sickens me.

I was an Independent and became a Republican because of Ron Paul. I charged forward with the ambition of changing the party like many of us. I was elected a PCP in my District here in Oregon, and then witnessed first hand the Oregon RP's underhanded manner of eliminating the Alternate Delegates votes of all the Districts.

After all that has happened to Ron Paul and the Delegates at the Tampa Convention, it is to much for me to want to put my energy into thinking we can change a dinosaur. The Neanderthals that run it will eventually die out for sure, but we don't have that much time left.

The revolution is now, not 10 or 15 years from now. Yes our hopes are with the young people to help make the changes, but we don't have much time left to get this country back.

It is easy to say, but I am all for a New Party with New Energy. I don't know how it can be put together, but I would find it much easier to coalesce with a New Party that will rise above the stench of the current political parties...all of them.

With a load that large, more than one flush will be required

but the GOP is circling the bowl.

The struggle with replacing the party from inside,

isn't hard. What is needed is - numbers.

There are too many people who just do not want to get involved. That's it.

Lincoln had a good quote. ... by the people, for the people.

Well, it seems just about everyone is for - for the people. But, people don't want to ... DO ... by the people. They want someone else to ... DO ... it for them.

Numbers. That's all that is needed. It actually is that simple.


I bet Ron Paul would agree.


... see my post below... the neo-cons in the Religious Rights have the numbers... the religious zeal that few can match at the grassroots level. The recently adopted Rule 16, railroaded by Boehner, also marginalizes any grassroots efforts. It's a lost cause.

Plano TX

agreed, but

the intellectual revolution is growing stronger everyday. keep spreading the libertarian message of ron paul: sound money, a new, sane foreign policy and restoring rights of the individual, starting with gutting the patriot act..

No they don't

That's why they lied, cheated to steal the nomination!!!!

Then we need numbers.

It's about getting the numbers. That's what Dr. Paul has started.

I believe he keeps on the conservative side of things so he doesn't alienate those RR's in the present because they most likely will start to come around.

The TeaGOP'rs are also affected by the rule changes. So we will have some common ground with them.

A third party could work in the future when it somehow comes together as viable. It isn't going to happen now. It's time isn't ready.

I see the goal as work that damn party and parallel the desire for an alternative strike and be ready to execute it.

That is the way I believe Dr. Paul would go.

The GOP is a lost cause...

... the party machinery is too powerful, crooked and entrenched.

Another big obstacle are these neo-con pastors with their mega-churches, who called Ron Paul an anti-Semite.

At my state convention, in our Congressional District caucus, we were overran by these religious zealots who see it as their divine calling to protect the party against what they consider to be the anti-Israel group (i.e. us). You can't fight religious zeal.

I asked many folk to attend my county convention with me and they thought I was joking, asking them to waste a Saturday pushing on a string. (Let's face it, my county convention was the most boring day I have ever spent in my entire lifetime).

However, when a neo-con pastor tells his flock to "go and fight evil, go and make a pro-life, pro-Israel stand, otherwise you would be letting God down," they come out in their thousands to defend the faith. No sacrifice is too much for them. Look how they rallied behind Santorum when the Family Council (whatever their name was) endorsed Santorum.

Nah, lost cause...

... also consider the sense of accomplishment after Reagan entered the White House. And then, what happened? The Politburo closed ranks and gave us Bush Sr., Dole (kicked Pat Buchanan out of the party), Bush Jr., McCain and Romney... just gets worse and worse. Look how they changed the rules pro-actively and retro-actively to turn the tables on us.

We can, with the momentum created by the Ron Paul movement, turn the Libertarian Party into a political force to be reckoned with. Once the Libertarian party holds 10% to 15% of the electorate support, it holds the balance of power, just like the far religious right parties in the Israeli parliament hold the balance of power, even though on their own they command a relatively small percentage of electorate support.

Stop spitting against the wind. The Libertarian Party carries none of the religious baggage (Christian-Zionism that has nothing to do with true Christianity as found in the Beatitude of Christ) of the GOP.

Plano TX

Just do what you want to do...

Wanna take the abuse in an effort to change the party... Go for it! Wanna reject the abuse and waste of your resources and channel them into something that you think helps and informs and motivates others to take action... do THAT! There is no one way to liberty. We all have our path to walk, as long as it's towards liberty it's the end goal that matters, not how you get there.

Many people found Ron Paul in different ways, what matters is now that they are here, what are they going to do to keep the ball rolling and stay on the offense and not give up the movement, over methods...

It's not about some altruistic attempt to

change or help the GOP, this is about getting inside and gumming up the works, thwarting it's agenda in every possible way, slowing it down, harassing it, protesting from the inside, kicking it in gut, eventually destroying it as a viable party in the US if it can't be forced to do our bidding. The alternative is to what? just walk away and let the GOP continue it's brutal agenda unchecked? Go to a third party that can be totally ignored? come on, we're off to an epic start with the disruption Ron Paul supporters were able to cause and we should continue to do so. More people are going to wake up, numbers are growing.



What are you talking about?

We've almost done it!!! Do you realize that we won 12 and they had to cheat us to 6 ? Imagine what happens next year?

Wow what a spine you have

You are correct:

Strength is sapped right now. Finding it hard to see the glass half full, but thank you for keeping up the optimism for those of us who are disheartened.

Dr. Paul is a True Statesman

Dr. Paul is a true Statesman. He is unmatched.

However, prior to this election, he discussed 3rd party and that it could someday win. He also suggested for this election to take Republican seats, to employ delegate strategy.

Like anybody else, Ron Paul is not infalable. One must study position and opposition, and make the best choice(s) possible. PTB has money beyond imagination, that is what we were/are up against.

"Parties" are clubs. When a liberty candidate is known, we will pull all of our resources together to promote that candidate.

Don't worry so much about party, or you can stay where you are comfortable and could make a difference. The most important thing to do is to spread the message of "Liberty", so that others will understand. Whether they are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or other, hopefully they will realize and vote for the person and not the party. Of course, local and state are what needs to be concentrated on.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I agree that there will be no changing..

of either party from the inside. It is all a big hoax anyway. What is not a hoax and may be the starting point for a real change back to constitutional government may be the looming financial bombshell about to go off in our backyards that will make the great depression look like "just a bad day at the office." Ron said it...make no doubts about it...it is coming no matter what and I believe this will be the end of the elitists oligarchs that have controlled this country from top down for so many decades.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

Kathleen Gee's picture

You speak of the GOP like it's alive. It's a PAPER TIGER.

"The GOP" is literally a sheaf of papers in a filing cabinet in whatever state in which it was incorporated. It's a fake legal entity. It's not actually alive.

According to the sheaf of papers, there are certain positions of power in The GOP, like "precinct committeeman," "district delegate," "state chair," etc. Right now, the butts in most of those seats are neo-cons. The butts in the higher-up seats are corporatists and power-brokers.

The big fat flabby white butts in the seats at the top are progressive corruptocrats.

It is the butts in the seats that determine the character of any organization. If you want a different GOP, you just put different people in it.

It really and truly is exactly that simple.

Helping Liberty candidates, crowdfunding campaigns, and entrepreneurs get the publicity they deserve.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

It should be that simple

but it isn't, or there would have been a brokered convention last week. Ron Paul was not nominated because of the myriad of tactics used by the GOP to force their agenda on the citizenry. Having covered local politics in the news business I can assure you that dirty tactics are also used in towns, villages and counties every year, by both parties. The DPers involved in community politics can attest to this.

The 'butts in the seats' are just as hard to replace on the local level as they are on the national stage.

I am not referring to the GOP

as a legitimate entity. The Demo party is the same crap. I am referring to the elitist oligarchs who control both parties and the election (system). Until the "railroad magnates" so to speak, no longer control the banks, economy, elections, and no longer have the ability to keep the slaves on the plantation..nothing will change. Force, I fear to say having spent years in the Marines and have participated in wars from Vietnam to Panama, may be the only choice available to the slaves.
Having said that...I do not advocate force. Let me repeat for my FIB dossier...No force. (sic)

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

What do you think the Grand Old Party is?

It's it's members. If the majority of it's local members are committed to liberty, freedom and independance then you have a healthy local political system. Liberty is also infectious.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.


financial collapse would stop the well-funded chain of party corruption...but will it also serve as yet another excuse to remove even more of our liberties to 'restore order'?