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Will Romney's name even be on the Maine ballot?

I was curious if the Maine GOP was going to submit Romney or Ron Paul's name to the Supervisor of elections office. I know the Maine GOP members are pretty upset with Romney. What happens if the Maine GOP votes to send Ron Paul's name instead? I don't think there is a law against it. Not that I could find anyway. Have you Maine GOP members decided yet? I realize there may be a GOP rule that says it has to be the RNC nominee but I have seen so many rules changed lately or ignored so could it happen.

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news report from Maine

Just said other were 35 to 45 rp supporters out of 70 at today's top meeting. What happened?

I haven't got any updates

I haven't got any updates yet, but I'd keep checking here throughout the day. http://bangordailynews.com/politics/



Anyone know the process?