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Moving on with the future

Regardless of whether Dr.Paul wants to run third party or not, here are my views:

After Ron Paul officially lost the nomination, the site has become a mess, with more arguments than ever. But what is most important is the future of the liberty movement. After devoting his whole life to educating us about liberty, Dr. Paul has handed the liberty movement to us, the people. If we want to throw our support behind Gary or Rand or Donald Trump, so be it. My point is, Ron Paul has done so much for us (where would you be without him?); now the time has come to make our own choices. Ron isn't going to tell you who to support once he's done, he wants you to have the LIBERTY to choose.

As far as the future of the DP is concerned, this is what you have to realize. Ron Paul united us. Now it's up to our judgement as to the future. I, personally, think the debate here on the DP is healthy to this site. Convincing but not mandating others. Isn't that what liberty is? What's the point of the DP being a site where the front page becomes a growing list of the liberties Obama takes away from us?

Regardless of what you decide to do, you have to realize that the ideas of liberty are more important than the person. Which means that you will never be wrong by going back to basics and educating people at the grassroots level. That's what Ron Paul would do.

So think to yourself when making decisions: What would Ron Paul do?

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Donald Trump?


First, you need to clean your mouth up.

"After Ron Paul officially lost the nomination" - That is false.

LOL, I know what you meant, just giving you a hard time ;-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul