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Bix Weir: If Palin Supports Ron Paul 3rd Party Candidate Game Over For Gop

It no longer matters if you like or dislike Sarah Palin, the fact of the matter is that she has the power to destroy any chance the Republicans have of winning the Presidency if she chooses to run or if she supports Ron Paul as a 3rd party candidate.

The GOP leadership knows this and they are in serious trouble. If they alienate both Ron Paul and Sarah Palin it is GAME OVER. THIS statement by Palin is a clear by the rules OR ELSE!


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If I were Ron Paul

I would at least get her on the phone to discuss possibilities. What does he have to lose?

This is laughable...

Sarah Palin is a National joke, and not any kind of political force. She has about as much credibility as "Joe the Plummer" does these days. What she either does or does not do, or says or does not say matters little to 99.9999% of the people on the planet.

If Ron Paul were to run as a 3rd-Party, we know that he would get a boost from some serious people like Jesse Ventura. But remember, Ron Paul doesn't like to say bad things about Mitt Romney. He hasn't been running for anything since April 2012, and he'll never run now. And finally, the logistics of a 3rd-Party effort at this point are insurmountable.

He doesn't want this -- as we all found out 4 months ago when he just disappeared from the scene, and walked away from his record 10,000 sized crowds.

Sarah Palin IS a dumbass and a punchline...

but she also has the attention and trust of the people Ron Paul has yet to win over: the stubborn, gullible neocon party-line Boomers. If Ron Paul runs third-party with a Palin endorsement, there goes pretty much all of Willard's votes. If Gary Johnson steps aside and endorses Ron, RP wins the election.

I don't play, I commission the league.

LOL your a joke!

She only has 3.5 that's right 3.5 million likes or followers on face book. That's about 3 times as many as Dr. Paul

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

Quality of the lead is much

Quality of the lead is much more important than quantity.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

FaceFu*ck is a CIA Site

You live in the survelliance State.

Meanwhile Tina Fey turned Palin into the clown she always was anyways.

This is do-able...

Between Ron Paul supporters inside and outside the GOP, Palinquakes and the Tea Party people, we would be unstoppable. This has me thinking... maybe the reason Gore wanted to stop the electorial college. A united front against the GOP-DNC, knowing the same people are pulling the strings for both parties. Hell, with Nepalitano, Kucinich, Johnson, Rockwell, Schiff and others he could have cabinet already picked.
I'm already thinking about making videos comparing the similarities..maybe a website.
I really hope RP plays the RNC vote video on Leno to show people how they were cheated, because the MSM won't. Then he would have to schedule 1 maybe 2 speeches at colleges around the US drawing thousands at a time, stating "Its time to move beyond the two party paradime". We get out and get the signatures or petitions to get him on the debates...Game over!!


Get Nigel Ferange over here too...!

lindalsalisbury's picture


It would be nice to have him on our side, maybe, he already is. UKIP webmaster is already showing our tapes on the convention.

The UK needs him too much. Not only, is he fighting the desert of ignorance in England, he is fighting the EU. His plate is full. I am glad we don't have that fight, however, we should join forces on the UN and NATO distroying our sovereignty.

Ron won´t run third party and palin

won´t endorse Ron Paul..

Bix is dreaming, nothing wrong with that, just has nothing to do with reality...

One major issue is that Palin

One major issue is that Palin is going to have to walk back on a lot of her positions from her 2008 campaign

That's okay!

Being a flip-flopper is the most stylish way to go in Washington these days!

Let's hope

These fools keep showing their true colors. We will eventually win if they do.

Just got this from another thread

THIS SUNDAY - TELECONFERENCE to get RON PAUL on a third party ticket!!! this is real!!! Evan alaska, I spoke with Dr. Paul this afternoon about continuing the fight by running on a third party ticket. I want to share what he said to me and let you know what needs to be done to make this happen. It can happen, but it's going to take some work. If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in: 7:pm Alaska Time 11:PM Eastern Time

Free Conference Call
Conference Dial-in Number: (530) 881-1000
Participant Access Code: 890562#

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Ron Paul is done with campaigning

Ron Paul's inner circle (someone who was onstage in Tampa) told me that he's not running third party. Forget it.

My Uncle's cousin's brother-in-law once overheard Jesse Benton


"Blah Blah"

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

ok whatever

I'm just telling you what Dr. Paul's team told me to my face. And I'm not just a random stranger to this person, either.

Do you really think they'd tell you something like that?

I man DR.Paul himself wouldn't say one way or another to anyone and here you are getting the scoop. Highly unlikely.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I use to hate Sarah Palin

But i think her eyes have been secretly opened to the light Ron Paul the last four years as she has been introduced to real federal politics.

She was as dumb as they come in 08, but so was I.

Maybe Ron Paul is her new hero?

I gotta say.. I still see a little of her still in you.

She wants power, fame and money too much, to do the right thing.

She hasn't done it to date in her life.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

People keep talking about all these third party options, whether

Ron Paul Sarah Palin or whomever.

Are any of you aware that the election is just two months away. Nothing has been planned or set up yet, no ballot access has been gained - and no thrid party candidate has come close to winning in 100 years?

If ANY third party has a chance maybe the Libertarians do. But for anyobody else - you may as well wait for Santa to run as the VP. Because thats not happening either.

When does this bus return to reality?

Perot led in the polls in '92 & Wallace almost sent the

election to House in '68.

Perot led in '92 before suspending his campaign. According to Gallup's exit polls, if everyone had voted his/her conscience, Perot would have won the popular vote, but they didn't vote for him because they didn't think he would win. Disinformation is powerful, but maybe people will get it this time.

Wallace would have sent the election to the U.S. House if California or two smaller states totaling 31 electoral votes had not voted for Nixon. Wallace said there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two major parties in '68, and that hasn't substantively changed for the present election.

Perot and Wallace each planned their campaigns WAY MORE THAN

2 months in advance.

You assume that there is no back-up plan.

Paul could be given the Libertarian or Constitution parties' ballot line in states. (The Constitution Party of Montana had Ron Paul as its Presidential candidate in 2008 against his wishes.)

Liberty state GOP parties, e.g., Maine, Nevada, Iowa, could reject putting Rmoney on their ballot lines.

Pro-Paul GOP Presidential electors can refuse to vote for Rmoney with their electoral votes.

These things have not been advertised, but it doesn't mean they haven't been planned.

Just so you know

Palin's Earthquake is filling up those committee seats Ron Paul asked you to take. Add that bit to your information.. she's definately looking at 2016. DEFINATELY.

I have supported Ron Paul for

I have supported Ron Paul for 5 years. There comes a time to realize he is no longer in the running. Look at your choices now: write in Ron Paul, throw away vote... barry, 4 more years of sewage.... willard: 8 more years of sewage.... Johnson, no chance but hey, try it... show them they lost because we voted libertarian.

Formerly rprevolutionist

You supported him? For marijuana.

So now you found another marijuana vote and you're off to that, not even caring of you'll lose,, but hey... gotta keep those marijauna connections, eh?

the gop

is done anyway...they will not win the white house again until the neocons are gone....they don't have the votes...and they know it.

Diebold electronic voting machines

Problem solved... The game is rigged and the power brokers inside the GOP know it.

The GOP will "win" elections... And by "win" I mean steal...