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Defending Dirty Harry

by Marc Clair | September 1, 2012

[Lions of Liberty] After the shenanigans at the RNC prevented a Ron Paul nomination and the accompanying speaking spot he had rightfully earned, I figured there wasn’t much reason to tune into the Republican National Convention coverage. The rest of the dog and pony show was surely destined to be a scripted borefest full of the standard 3 by 5 card of Republican Talking Points. We were sure to hear lots of talk about “American exceptionalism”, how Obama and Obama alone is destroying America, and of course how the only solution to all of our nations’ woes was electing this Romney fella.

And then, suddenly the interwebs were abuzz with chatter about this “old man rambling on the stage”. For a moment I thought “gosh golly gee, did they actually come to their senses and allow Ron Paul to speak???”. But alas, that was nothing more than a fleeting dream, as it seemed that all the hoopla was over the RNC’s “Surprise” guest speaker, “Dirty Harry” himself, Clint Eastwood. Now Clint Eastwood is not the typical neocon you would expect to find headlining the RNC. In an interview with the Daily Mail last year, Eastwood described his political views in a way that may lead some to believe he’s more of a libertarian than a strict Republican True Believer:

‘My dad was fiscally conservative and I was influenced by that. He didn’t believe in spending more than you had because it gets you into trouble. But he was also very understanding of other people’s feelings – religious or whatever – and letting people live the lives they wanted, so he was socially a liberal.

‘And I became more of a libertarian – let’s leave everybody alone, quit screwing with everybody and don’t over-regulate. It’s about giving people a chance to live by their own decisions. And today the liberals aren’t really liberal at all because they won’t leave people alone, and a lot of the conservatives have lost their way fiscally. That’s why the UK, America, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain are all in a mess right now.

Let’s see: Don’t spend more than you take in, tolerate the beliefs of others, leaving other people alone…he certainly sounds libertarian to me. Still, from all the snippets from pundits on from both sides of the “aisle”, it sounded like the speech was a total disaster.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said that ““a great night for Mitt Romney just got sidetracked by Clint Eastwood.” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer called it “a horrible blunder.” Of course, any time the mainstream media pundits are all equally in fits over something, my interest is piqued. So I decided it was time to watch the speech for myself.

Yes, he stumbled over his words a bit and seemed a bit disjointed at times. Well there’s probably a good reason for that – unlike John Boehner’s “opinion” on voice votes, Eastwood’s speech was not scripted and not read off of a teleprompter. The Romney campaign so trusted that Mr. Eastwood would come out and give a rousing endorsement, it didn’t ask to vet the speech beforehand, as they insisted on doing to Ron Paul’s potential speech if they allowed it. And up until right before he went on stage when he asked for a chair, nobody had any idea what Eastwood was about to do.

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Eastwood's Smoking

Eastwood's Smoking Gun


Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

Nailed it!

Great speech. Great man. Clint attended a film industry event in NYC a few years ago. After the festivities he was being ushered about, and a film student tried to get his attention. He actually stopped, allowing the young man to approach. The kid just wanted to shake his hand, because he was a big fan. Clint, cool as only he could be, extended his hand and said, "Thank you, son." Class act all the way.

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My mother

A Romney voter now that Ron Paul is out, actually loved the Eastwood speech.

The best thing he did was to

The best thing he did was to remind the audience the status of all elected officials, employees.

According to Karen Kwiatkowski he caught them off guard by chucking the scripted speech he'd submitted to the RNC.

"The liveliest presentation of the four days was Eastwood’s own act on stage, a dash of honesty and fearlessness that boldly slapped the GOP establishment as evenhandedly as it slapped the Obama administration. He had an RNC vetted speech – and he chucked it. This simple act of nullification sent waves of fear and anger throughout the establishment controllers." ~ http://lewrockwell.com/kwiatkowski/kwiatkowski288.html

Also, he IS a libertarian: http://www.libertarianism.com/pop_celebrity/14

And finally, there are even some who say he pushed Ron Paul's message: http://youtu.be/9coysZXS1_4

Blessings )o(

I'm seeing mixed reports

I've read that they did not vet the speech at all, I've also read that he had a vetted speech but that he tossed it out. Does anybody have evidence that he tossed the script other than Karen Kwiatkowski's comment?

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

reedr3v's picture

I think Clair is right, that a substantial

segment of the RNC audience did respond positively to Eastwood's strikingly libertarian, antiwar points. And the others, the bulky automatons just cheer anything they assume is the official line (must be since Eastwood was a key speaker, right?)

Good reviews of the speech.


Thanks for the comments.

PS Do we know each other? only asking since you referred to me by my last name!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

reedr3v's picture

No, but the author of the article is

Marc Clair; I assumed you were the same Marc.

You assumed correctly

Was only asking since many of my friends call me by my last name - was wondering if one of my libertarian friends was lurking here without my knowledge!

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