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The clash of conscience - Should I stay or should I go?

You might find this information helpful in answering the question I have heard many posing now, "Should I stay or should I go". At least it is a little historical perspective for you. You may find that Ron Paul is one of the few true Republicans left in a party usurped long ago by Federalists. Here is a brief history of the the Democratic-Republican Party and where we are at today.

My rationale:
Acquiring an even damaged established apparatus such as the GOP has advantages to entering the political market as a new or less prominent entity. It also serves in displacing the competing Neocon Federalists and relegating them to the political street again as happened in the early 1800's to that same group. Take back our party and we leave them without infrastructure at the same time. That is their fear which we can help them realize if we stay focused as Paul has encouraged us to do all along by acting locally first to take back the GOP nationally.

These people will always have resources but it can do them less service without a party of now generations of followers to direct. We are taking back the debate and beginning to control the language which can then convey the message even better.

Knee-jerk rule changes show the impact we are having. Continuing the great strides already achieved in retaking the party, by force of overwhelming numbers under the power of the idea of liberty, seems the stronger alternative to abandoning it and leaving the GOP in tact to fight the forces of freedom.

Although it may be hard for some, especially the young to see, we do have incredible momentum from an historical perspective of political change.

It is important to acknowledge and enjoy accomplishments in life as you are handed set backs which inevitably come to all. It will help you find the balance you will require.

Smile today for all we have won and take a breath and find resolve in the good fight ahead! We got them playing defense and they can't play our game!!!

For the record,
I will be writing in Ron Paul this election.
I will continue to participate in the GOP with the purpose of spreading the message of liberty and kindly bringing our brothers and sisters the information they need to join the effort while exposing the forces arrayed against us for what they truly are.

See you in the trenches!

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the Clash

Stay, but don't vote GOP in Nov. Does your state take write in votes, or throw them away?

My state will take them.

My state will take them. Hoping they get counted too...

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.