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PR Nightmare for a Ron Paul Delegate regarding Todd Akin

I was an RNC delegate from Missouri pledged to Congressman Ron Paul. At a state delegation breakfast a reporter from Roll Call asked me my thoughts on Todd Akin.

I have never been interviewed by the media relating to politics until attending this convention. I definitely learned my lesson. I always call those guys bad names on TV when they dodge questions. Now I feel their pain.

Roll Call’s article definitely does not communicate my position on this issue. I asked Roll Call for a chance to respond but I have not heard back. So, this is my response.

1. I DO NOT support Todd Akin. He supports the arrest and indefinite detention of American citizens without a trial if they might be planning a "belligerent act". (NDAA sections 1021 & 1022) He voted for it and the president signed it. Most Americans aren't even aware of this. Romney also said he would have signed it. I don't support Claire either.

2. I do not support Todd Akin's position on abortion. I'm deeply opposed to late term abortions. In case of rape prior to the third trimester I think this subject deserves a debate. I definitely support use of the morning after pill or an extra shot of estrogen in all cases of rape.

3. There absolutely is evidence that high levels of stress can prevent fertilization. There is definitely a connection between rape and stress. However, I do not believe this happens regularly, just that it is a POSSIBILITY.

4. Even if an egg is fertilized, stress most certainly can lead to miscarriage.

5. Instances where stress from rape is the primary cause of non-fertilization or miscarriage are RARE. These rare occurrences are hardly sufficient to base any abortion policy on.

Unfortunately, much of the above details were conveniently left out of the article.

Aaron Chandler,

The article can be found here:


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