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Fox News Considers Canceling Sarah Palin's Contract

Is Sarah Palin on the outs at Fox News? You betcha, says New York magazine.

According to Fox-watcher Gabriel Sherman, Palin is in the early stages of renegotiating her lucrative contract as a contributor to the network, where she earns a reported $1 million a year for occasional guest appearances on shows like “On the Record” and “Hannity.”

Palin’s current deal makes her the network’s highest-paid contributor, but she may not be for much longer. The former vice-presidential candidate, hardly known for her thick skin, is reportedly miffed at the network for not giving her appearance top billing, even though she no longer draws ratings the way she once did.


I guess shes free to run 3rd party with Ron Paul now?

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Evidently, we have some neocons among us...

Who in the hell could support someone that is in direct contrast to Liberty's message but a warmongering neocon.

Stop being suckers for fucks sake.

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Calm down...

do you want to win or do you want to be right? Building alliances is how the left took over the Democratic party. Keep an open mind. Don't freeze people in time and space. Palin is a reformer; anti-establishment. Maybe she can be educated in some ways. She wields power over the masses. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

I agree with those

who don't have a problem with Palin. She's still popular with the TEA Party and what better way to solidify the two movements then for her to latch onto RP? The Liberty Movement shouldn't be alienating anyone. We're definitely better educated and have or argument down pat. We have the power of persuassion.

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She won't go 3rd party

Her Earthquakers are taking those GOP committee seats Ron Paul asked us to take. 4 to 1.

Run 3rd Party with RP??

Wow, you guys have truly become pathetic...

I always liked Palin

The media made her into a boogie woman, and some here even fell for some of it.

Bottom line if FOX fires her, I will be even more of a fan.

One thing about Palin - time after time she has supported the Ron Paul Nation, all the way to the National Convention.

I like the way she keeps coming the way of liberty, she is definately anti-establishment.

March on Sarah


not sure why so many people here dislike her. some sound like they bought into the msm dialogue about her. fact is, she was a reformer in alaska, successfully fought the establishment gop, and was then attacked. she likes ron paul except for his foreign policy, but i feel like she could be educated. she is teaparty and has successfully campaigned for many teaparty candidates. what is there not to like? unless you are a sexist.

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Tee Vee

Most people dislike her because the tee vee tells them to. She fought hard against the GOP establishment and oil companies for her constituents. Sarah did a lot for Alaskans, and they loved her for it (until the media smeared her).


That's quite a "diss"...

Fox News chief Roger Ailes has taken to publicly dissing Palin, saying he hired her only because “she was hot and got ratings” and claiming she had “no chance” at being elected president.

She was a fad.

Her trendline has flatlined.

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...and fads are meant to fade


Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Her contract with Fox is like

Her contract with Fox is like being a crack dealer. Yeah, the money's probably nice, but product you have to sell isn't particularly healthy.

I have to wonder if that simile is perhaps a little harsh to crack cocaine.

It says her contract is in jeopardy, not canceled.

Her commentary gigs were cancelled the other day, but not her contract. Supposedly, she is playing nice and not speaking against the RNC rule changes anymore, but she is probably on her way out.