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How would Dr. Paul running 3rd Party fix anything?

Its proven the votes were rigged in state after state. TPTB would still deflate our #s to show us "our true #s". Romney would drop his A-Bomb of something probably racist. We would look like the idiots for following Dr. Paul because people don't fact check and take this two party system at their word.

Dr.Paul if he chooses to. I will vote for him. But he better come out swinging. Its the final round and no more passive Paul. He better knock them on their ass

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It wouldn't. It would destroy everything we accomplished

That is precisely why there is a concerted campaign going on right now to convince people that third party is actually a valid idea.

There is a war going on for your mind.

But Ralph Nader proved quite marvelously that there is no voice allowed to third party candidates.

So while Paul has repeatedly asked his supporters to stick with the GOP there are detractors who can't wait to stab Paul in the back lurking in every corner of the Internet.

Just getting into the debates

Just getting into the debates would be reason enough.

It would keep the message

Going all the way up to election day.
Even If he didn't win at least we still had a strong message with strong support.
We have to get in the debates that's the only way we can push the est off script and be forced to talk about monetary policy along with foreign policy.
Without our pressure they will continue to talk about things that dont really matter.

I understand the principle of

I understand the principle of it. 2000+ people voted for Dr. Paul in my county. So diebold tells me.......
How in the hell could I possibly prove that it wasn't 4000+.

Our votes will be given to Romney and enough of us will be counted as to make up the difference that Romney needed to have to heat Obama. You can bet your ass on that.

To get pure hatred towards our movement the elections will be rigged so close as to it will come down just like 2000. One state will decide. And it will be so close as our votes will be tallied to "screw Romney" fashion.

Paul 11%
Right it down. He who counts the votes people... he who counts them


Disenfranchised Democrats, Republicans, Indy's, the r3VOLution - HE WILL HAVE SUPPORT.

It doesn't matter what rigging they do. RP running on whatever ticket will strengthen our determination to spread the message of Liberty prior to November election. Our voices MUST be heard to give Americans a solid and honest choice.

What happens after that, the r3VOLution will continue, but most importantly, will grow!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Inject real issues. Maybe even win.

We could get him on the ballot if he announced it soon. I would go door to door every day. I still have 900 slimjims.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

I get that. But how can a man

I get that. But how can a man get elected if the voting machine says no