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How can it get Much worse? LOOK!!

Well....if you are here reading this...and are under the age of 42....get ready to be forced into the military or National Service!

Take the time and read the text... Posted Jan 10th 2007, but it is amazing. If the Decider decides to call a national emergency, you will be chosen by random the way the decider decides. And there is a special section in this bill to make sure all women under 42 are included....Wow


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Just tell them your gay and they look sexy..

You wont go in...

Close Shave

I'm 44 -- older than "poor old Edgar Derby."

So it goes.

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Sorry, I thought this was the forum where the totally lame "new" TV ad just came out. Yup, it get's worse.

"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge

Universal Service act

This bill is extremely dangerous. Happily it hasn't gone anywhere yet and hopefully never will. This bill would not only re-institute the draft but would also re-institute involuntary servitude. The bill would draft everyone, male and female between the ages of 18 and 42, except those who have previously been in the military. That amounts to about 1/3 of the US population. Obviously the military does not need that many people so the rest would be put in civilian service. It's left to the president to determine the nature of the civilian service, the standards for satisfactory performance of the service, and the penalties for failure to satisfactorily perform the service. In other words 1/3 of the US population would become servants of the government. That thought should send chills down the spine of every freedom loving America.

Only Two Cosponsors

And never left "Introduced." I don't think this one went anywhere, but it is good Opposition Research for anyone who wants to run against Charlie Rangel

Life, Liberty, Property

They wont do this

The elite are not idiots. If they were to do this they would have another vietnam on their hands and thats the last thing they want. 70% of Americans are against this war and they will start a draft? I highly doubt it.

It reads prior military are exempt.

And I hope they don't exempt this exemption in case this thing somehow goes through.

Just to clarify, I'd be the first to the coast in the event of an invasion, more than willing to pay the ultimate price for the constitution.....but I've already served under Bush 41 during gulf 1....and it's been a long time since we've seen a "just war".

Even if it is a year old

it is damn scary

If you know anything about

If you know anything about Rangle then you would know that he has proposed this before. He beleives that if we get close to having a draft then maybe America will wake up!!!! wikipedia him


This Bill is DEAD

Sorry folks, you've been hoodwinked. If you click on the link there, you can also click on another link inside the page that shows the status of this bill. It was only "introduced" a year ago, and it never went anywhere.... Don't get your panties in a bunch and go screaming to the world that the draft is coming, because it isn't, so far......

NOT Hoodwinked Mr. Train

.....Bills of this sort are continuously brought up because that IS obviously the neo-con plan, written everywhere. War without end for oil and the economy as well as policing the world, will require a draft, probably under the broad general heading of *service* (by females as well?) like is in Israel.

Any post to undermine this very real threat simply because it isn't so yet, does not resonate with me. Writing my representatives and signing petitions and having the organization in place to fight it if need be is essential.

You have been on the forum for six weeks and this is your second post. I always enjoy tracking in order to see the "hot buttons" of others. You and I apparently aren't on the same "freedom train" ...however, if you 're truly for Ron Paul, that's okay. Unity in diversity.


And, the DEMOCRATS pose as ANTI-WAR?? .......yeh, right!

Charlie Rangel is as BIG a "bleeding heart liberal" as they come, and yet these DEMOCRATS want to run on a campaign of being ANTI-WAR??

There as BIG a WARMONGERS as the Republican "status-quo" are....this bill is digusting, and they ALL do it BEHIND OUR BACKS. Noone ever says, "hey, I'm running next term and this is the kind of thing I'd be supporting."

Americans better wake up. This is NOT a popularity contest as the Media wants it to be between the deceivers, enticers, hustlers, and "CFR" zealots, such as Obama & Clinton, and the Republicans.

My husband and I are staying in this campaign through thick and thin to the bitter end to open as many new eyes and minds as we can. I believe we all are committed NOW more than ever, especially in light of this Bill. Sickening.

People don't realize just how BIG a SERIOUS SITUATION we are in right now. I'd like to see some of our RADIO & TV ADS reflect this situation.....an AD educating Americans on HR393 and bringing up the HYPOCRISY of the Democrats....and the reason people are apathetic and have lost their faith in BOTH Democrats & Republicans.

And, as I said in my movie clip, "Betrayal"---

---"These men (founding fathers) cared, because they did not want OPPRESSION anymore! Over 70% of Americans are apathetic, because they ARE oppressed!"----

As a result, this kind of AD would show all Americans that RON PAUL is the ONLY candidate they can trust is...


So did it pass?

Did this bill become law? If so, where do I find out which of my Representatives and Senators voted on it?

This is how I get the Women Vote Everytime

When people tell me Ron Paul is kooky. I tell them over 4000 women put their trust in Dr. Ron Paul to deliver their baby.This is how I get the women vote every time. What other politicain can you trust with your child's life ?

From what I remember...

... this bill was written by someone who was just trying to make a point by stirring people up. If this is the bill that I am thinking of then the author actually voted against it. This was done for the purpose of waking people up to the reality of life during wartime. Judging by the responses that it is still generating I'd say that it has done just that.

Yes, everything is fine. Just go back to sleep.

Go back to sleep.

government of the people, by the people, for the people

Yep... your right

Good old Charlie is just making a point here... thats all.

before you freak out

this bill is over a year old - do some research beforeyou email your rep's

I almost sent an email out then realized the bill is old. maybe it was voted down already??

Rich in NH

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Maybe this will stimulate the women ( mother ) vote !!!

Can't imagine that any mother would be in agreement with the draft.

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Too much executive power...
What ever happened to checks and balances?

They still exist

It's just the president is the one who gets to write the checks now, and he is the only one who balances the checkbook. Nobody else in government gets to see the balance of the account.

After seening todays paper

the war drums at it again I suspect this will be passed before the elections.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

I think

they've been trying to pass a drat bill but haven't been able to yet.

This Bill is a Year old

Did it go anywhere? Was it ever voted on?

Two words: Cannon fodder.

"They never would be called upon to shoulder arms – to sleep in a trench and to be shot."

Two words: Cannon fodder.

The bill sits ready to be resurrected when the Gulf of TonkIran incident goes through. We've got two new fronts emerging and the volunteers are burning out. Sure, it's a good way to oppose the war by making kids fear the draft, but what happens when the bluff is called?

Recruiting down + Warmongering up = Draft.

Funny, I bet most of us would volunteer if there was a real threat to our home. It's empire that requires forced conscription.

Good God

Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Like them or not, it might

Like them or not, it might be worth your time thinking about using your right to own firearms.. When the time comes it may be the only thing that saves us all!

Only fools fight with eggs

Only fools are not preparing themselves and only fools fight with eggs.


Charlie Rangle believes in mandatory national service. So does John Edwards.