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Walid Phares equals (Bill Ayers + Jeremiah Wright)^2

Remember back in 2008 when Barack Obama's tenuous association with Bill Ayers, and his somewhat stronger association with Jeremiah Wright, were both scrutinized by the media, blasted by the "establishment" Right and Hillary supporters, and referenced by Sarah Palin, who accused Obama of "palling around with terrorists"?

Fast forward to 2012. Walid Phares, a man with just as scary a past as Bill Ayers if not more so, is an advisor to the Romney campaign (and not only that, he will likely gain a Cabinet seat in a Romney administration). Quite a contrast to Bill Ayers, who merely served on the same board (of a mainstream philanthropic organization) as Obama and was never hired by the Obama campaign in any capacity.

And yet Obama, for some reason, isn't whaling Romney over his ties to Phares. Perhaps Obama feels he doesn't need to (after all, Romney is already behind in the polls). Or perhaps Obama knows it'd be hypocritical of him to do so, and that Romney will merely retaliate by bringing up Ayers and Wright, and Obama doesn't want that kind of blowback. Either way, we can't count on Obama to tell the truth about this.

That's why it's our job to break the news to the country and the world! We could spread it on Facebook and make it go viral. Another thing to do would be compose chain e-mails to all your conservative (and liberal) friends, telling them it'd be hypocritical to oppose Obama because of his association with Ayers while supporting Romney who has a far closer association with a much scarier guy. Or go to town hall meetings, press conferences, etc., and ask questions like "why would Mitt Romney hire a known terrorist like Walid Phares as his 'counterterrorism' advisor?"

Eventually, let's hope the mainstream media addresses the Phares scandal. They're not going to do it of their own accord, but if we make enough noise about it, eventually they'll have to. If independent Americans fully understood who Phares is and what the implications are of Romney picking him, they'll leave Romney in droves, while even diehard conservatives would consider staying home or writing in Goode or Johnson. The GOP needs to be taught a lesson; if they want to lead the country they must first stop nominating warmongering neocons like Romney!

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I shit you not... Walid

I shit you not... Walid Phares was a professor of mine back in the day... Wow.