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Virgil Goode Imroves his Platform

I have been a pretty consistent Virgil Goode detractor around this site, but it appears that he has greatly improved his position under the influence of Ron Paul. Neither Gary Johnson nor Virgil Goode is the equivalent of Ron Paul in intelligence and purity of doctrine, and both have problems, but it begins to look to me as if Goode is now the more decisive antiwar candidate, and better in terms of state vs. Federal power. Both are good on civil liberties. In fairness, Gary Johnson seems to be pursuing his campaign more vigorously. Goode has greater gravity of demeanor. Johnson seems to want to empower the Federal government impose gay marriage on the states. It may be that Goode in his current state may be the choice for RP supporters.

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Virgil Goode crashes and burns hard

he starts off ok but then crashes and burns hard when questioned by gary johnson.

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Reconsidering Goode

I am reconsidering Goode.

"“I made some mistakes in the house on votes,” Goode said in his acceptance speech, “and one in particular — several but one in particular: I voted for the Patriot Act. And most in this room are very much opposed to that measure. I want to say that my association with the Constitution Party over the last three plus years has given me a better perspective of analyzing legislation from a constitutional viewpoint. And I want to say that I made a mistake in voting for this measure.”

"Goode voted against Hate Crimes legislation (roll call 469, 2005) as a congressman. He claims to be for repealing the provisions of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) that would purportedly allow the president to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without trial (in direct contravention of the Sixth Amendment). "

I'm now thinking he's made some positive changes from his earlier bad votes. After reading this article, I'm now pondering whether to support him.

Both are alright candidates.

Both are alright candidates. I think liberal RP supporters will mainly go with GJ, while the paleo-conservatives will go with Goode. A large proportion of both groups will write in Ron Paul. I don't support writing in someone who isn't running, but I would say vote for whoever you think is best out of the candidates running other than Obama and Romney.

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I support him over Johnson

My reasons are conviction. though he can improve his stand and that helps. We all know we have to look at his voting record and direct our movements accordingly. I think if we can curb our loss in homeland defense he would not be influenced by so much of the fear-mongering of neo-conservative evangelicals who are not walking in love. He needs to learn from Doctor Paul and Martin Luther King...We can not erode our Constitutional Rights for reasons of national security. I think his love for American Sovereignty and hate for UN globalism will balance out his currently poor record on civil liberties.

hmmm . . .

I wonder--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


I wonder too....

"improves his platform" =

"improves his platform" = pandering = flip flop . . . once they do that, its hard to trust.

Blessings )o(

Good point, but keep in mind

Good point, but keep in mind that politicians (Ron Paul being a unique exception) change their positions from time to time. Their positions therefore are never perfectly reliable. But to the extent that you can trust that Romney and Obama are statists supporting money-printing and unlimited police power, to that same extent you can believe Johnson's and Goode's positions are what they say they are.