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Why Peter Schiff & Sheriff Mack Should Reconsider Wasting Vote on Romney


I’ve enjoyed the work these two have done for the Liberty movement, so I’m going to skip the typical tirade coming from many in the Liberty movement, over their decision to vote for Romney. I’m just going to explain to them that they’re not doing the country any service by voting Romney.

Sheriff Mack will be voting in Texas. Texas will go Republican, no doubt about it. Just look at Texas’ voting history. Sheriff Mack justifies his decision to vote Romney, because Obama is the greater threat to our country. He says “If I was to write in Ron Paul or vote for a third party this time, I could not live with that. Why would I do that? So I could brag that I voted my conscience?” Well what else are you going to brag about? That your vote had any impact on the results? There are not enough Liberty folk in Texas compromising their principles to make a difference in Texas’ election result, fortunately.

What Sheriff Mack should have considered first, was

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Schiff isn't voting for Romney

He told me to my face in Tampa that he's voting for Gary Johnson.

The video attached seems to

The video attached seems to suggest otherwise. Who's "the dizzle"? Maybe you have more cred? :)