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The 2012 Rnc Is Proof

It's proof that we are really not given a choice and that the Republicans and Democrats are ran by the 1% who have been running are country for years......our nominees are chosen by them through there big donations and there controll over the mainstream media propaganda...are elections are rigged....are votes don't count...if we try and play by the rules and enter politics to get are voices heard rules are broken and they shut us out...this has been going on for generations and now it has been finally seen and recorded on how this happens and how We The People are slaves with no power or control on what's going on in our country and that we haven't been free or had a real president that cares since Kennedy since him they have all been puppets to the 1%.....the only way we get back the power is to educate and awake the People that are asleep from cops, to lawyers, to doctors, judges, scientist, everyone and the must important is to educate our children ourselves....cause the education system is designed to put your child asleep....post links or videos on this post that we can all use to educate people from Ben Swan to Judge Napalitino, Tom Woods, Dr. Paul even Gandi, Jefferson everything we can end this tyranny!!!!!!


Continue to do research in order to become the master you must first do research and learn read everything just like Dr. Paul...be just like him carry yourself like him and be respectful and do exactly what he did be consisent and never give up even if it takes 30years....

I truly believe it will take a civil war to get are country back hopefully I am wrong and a good honest man comes along that plays the of deceiption with the one 1% just to get in the white house and really change things to return power back to the people!!!!!!!!

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