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Armed National Guards at Local Hurricane Isaac Relief Station

It was interesting to see armed national guards directing the cars and trucks in line for ice, water, mre's and roof tarps at an old lowes parking lot here in louisiana.

Spoke with one of the guards and asked him why he was armed. He said it was just easier. I said it looks like a Police State. He brushed over the thought and said it just takes too long to check the rifles in and out going from one duty post of patrolling the streets to a disaster relief post. It takes 2 hours each to check the guns in and out, so they just skip it. He did offer to tell me they were not loaded.

He was too busy directing the cars (to line up behind each other in rows) for me to talk further. But, watching him in a camouflage uniform with a rifle slung across his back (loaded or unloaded) gave me chills for what is now considered to be the norm here in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina 7 years ago.

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National Guard

My son is helping in New Orleans even though he does not live there. He has his gun with him. When he is at his home base, he has a locker, and a place to keep the guns. However, they are in a caravan with what they can carry and help out at different locations. He can be distributing water, then help where they have flooding and flood gates not holding etc, without a homebase. I know for a fact the main reasons for guns are because of snakes and alligators, and if you live in Louisiana, you know how they are pushed inland from these storms.

Really hope that nothing happens like it did in Katrina. Hope that we learned from that mess.